Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

Choosing Valentine’s day gifts for your man ain’t that difficult. Discover our list of cool valentines gifts for men and surprise him!

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Hey, beautiful! Valentine’s day is round the corner and you’ve probably already made plans with your partner. Also, you would be excited to gift your boyfriend/husband something he loves! Have you planned what to gift your man on Valentine’s day? If you’re still trying to figure out what to gift, then here’s our list of Valentine’s day gifts for your man.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Art Lover

If he’s an artist or an art lover, gift him a sketch pad or watercolor pad / a brush set or a Wacom drawing tablet. Oh! Also ask him to make a sketch of you, too!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Music Lover

You can make Valentine’s day for him as amazing as possible by gifting the latest state-of-the-art headphones, speakers or subscription for a music streaming app.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Tech Toys for the Techie

Guys and tech toys are made for each other! Gift him a drone, a game, XBOX, Virtual Reality Sets or a Smart watch – basically whatever tech thing is latest in the market, grab it for him.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Caffine Lover

If he loves his coffee too much, then gift him a cappuccino or Espresso maker. You can also gift him a personalized travel coffee mug or exotic or gourmet coffees!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Photography Enthusiast

If your man is a photographer or a photo enthusiast, gift him a cool new lens – for DSLR. Also,  home studio equipment such as tripod, studio lights, backdrops are a cool idea! Or gift him a Polaroid camera.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Tattoo Enthusiast

If he’s a tattoo person, buy him gift cards to a tattoo studio or if you want to make it more personal, choose a new design for him. You, too, can get a tattoo for yourself along with him!

valentines day gift for your man tattoo artist art studio inked
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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Movie, Sitcom & Book Lover

If your man loves sitcoms or movies, then subscribe for Netflix or Hotstar. If he loves reading, gift him books or buy him an e-book. If he likes live shows, get him concert tickets or stand-up comedy show passes.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Trendy Must-Haves

Style your man this Valentine’s day by gifting him a trendy jacket like a patchwork or embroidered velvet jacket. Gift him a pair of sexy sunglasses from his favorite brand. Also, backpacks are in this season. So, that would make an amazing Valentine’s day gift for him. If your man loves to experiment, go for a trendy men’s bag.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Gym Lover

Buy your man matching gym accessories like socks, gloves, headband, cap and so on. Be his stylist and let your man look like a fashion pro when he goes to work out! You can also gift him a fitness band, gym bag or a protein shake pack. If he’s a cycling lover, Go pro camera would be an ideal gift.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Beauty Products and Grooming

Guys don’t admit it but they, too, are beauty conscious! So, buy him a shaving kit, a foot massager or a men’s at-home facial kit. Perfumes too make best Valentine’s day gift for guys.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man – Priceless Things To Do

If you want to gift him something priceless and make it really special, you can plan an itinerary for his next vacation or take him to a spa parlor or give him a massage yourself!

The Guy’s Pro Tip for Gifting

Men hate surprises, So, ask him before gifting anything, especially if its something expensive, or make sure its returnable. An artificial surprise is better than a real one. He may just end up suggesting what he needs, and will save you the trouble of selecting.

So, thats our list of cool Valentine’s day gifts for men. Which one did you love the most? What would you go for Valentine’s day gifts for your man? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Valentine’s day in advance! 🙂

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