Unique Indian Names for Boys with Meanings

Finding a unique name for your baby can be a daunting task. That’s why I’ve made my own list of unique Indian names for boys. Check them out!

baby-boy-unique-indian-names-for-boys-hindu-with-meaningsHey everyone! If your family has just been blessed with a newborn baby, congrats! Baby naming is always a dilemma for parents, because everyone wants something unique. And of course, you want to choose a name with a meaning that matches your baby’s personality. Which makes it all the more difficult to choose the perfect baby name because their personalities are just not developed yet! And who wants to listen to their baby grow up and question the name choice!

If you choose something that imparts important values to the child, or something that talks about your own beliefs and ethics, that’s a great idea. And it’ll be something your kid will be proud of! So, after brainstorming, and thinking up all the Hindi and Sanskrit words in my vocabulary, I’ve selected a few that would make great baby names. I have made them up myself, so I’m sure at least most of them are unique.

So here are my recommendations for the Hindu baby boy names:
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Unique Indian Names for Boys


Literally meaning each one, Pratyek stands for the Utopian society that’s above caste, religion, and family background. It represents the every man  the ideal global citizen. And this modernity makes it top my list of Indian names for boys!


Ashwet combines two Sanskrit words – “ashwa” meaning horse, and “shwet” meaning white. White horses have a big place in the Hindu mythology, but Ashwet refers particularly to one of the horses that drew the solar deity, Surya’s chariot.


Literally translating to hard work, Parishram is a name idea for those parents who believe that hard work is above all else when it comes to success. While a lot of baby names represent gods or prayers, Parishram stands for the belief that God helps those who help themselves, and also want their child growing up with this philosophy.


Swarnakshar joins two words – “swarn” meaning gold, and “akshar” meaning alphabet, to mean ‘The Golden Letter’. This name inspired visions of historic temples with names of gods and goddesses engraved in gold on the temple walls. In the contemporary times, the ones to get their names engraved in gold are martyrs, heroes and donors who become immortal through their great deeds. So choose this name to raise a hero!


Shasan translates to reign. If you think your child is born to rule like a king, this is the name for him! History has witnessed both good and bad kings, and the name Shasan will forever remind your child the importance of good leadership and responsibility.


He who has no match, Adwitiya translates to matchless or unique. This unisex Hindu name is for your child if you believe he (or she) is really like no one else.


Mishrit takes “mishri”, meaning crystallized sugar block and also directly translates to mixed. So the deeper meaning of Mishrit can be sweet or sweetened. This is an apt name for someone who gets along well with everyone. It’s also great for a soft-spoken or well-mannered kid.


Swarang is a unique baby name that joins “swa” meaning self, and “rang” meaning color. It translates to ‘one’s own color’. This name represents the idea of rising above racism (directly relating to skin-color), but also has a second deeper meaning. ‘Rang’ is often used in the connotation of personality. So Swarang means unique personality or self-confidence.

So did you like this small but creative list of unique Indian names for boys? Which name is your favorite? If you’d like to add to this list, suggest your own creative name below!
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