Unique and Bold Lipstick Shades You Should Try in 2016

From the yellows to pop blues to pastel greens, we have chosen the unique and bold lipstick shades that are totally out of the box and worth trying in 2016!

Image Credit: Dior

Hey bold and beautiful! Bored of trying the usual lipstick colors like poppy pink or the red fox? Having a tough time choosing new lipstick shades because you have all the basics in your dresser already? Here we are to break your liptick rut!

2016 is all about new, unique and bold lipstick shades. Gone are the days of just buying and trying the pinks and reds. This season, it’s all about what you haven’t tried before! Take a sneak peak of these our of the box colors which may feel weird at the first glance, but will definitely make everyone look back at you and stare at your beautiful bold lips.

Bold Lipstick Shades: Pop Pastels

The It-shades in pastels for 2016 are daffodil yellow, periwinkle, mint green and sky blue. The pastel colors do not pop out much on clothes, yet they give a different and special look when worn on lips. These lipstick colors add their own uniqueness, and can work from casual outings to parties. They can be worn for a friend’s bacholerette party or a BBQ Party. I am looking forward to try the periwinkle purple shade by Dior.

 Bold Lipstick Shades: Bright & Dark Lipsticks


The hottest dark and bright lipstick shades in 2016 include deep sea blue, raven, mahogany and eggplant. The dark bold colors like coal black or blackberry are great for parties, and would add on to your dazzling gowns and party outfits. I am in love with the marble lipstick by Illamasqua which is a combo of pink and purple.

Bold Lipstick Shades as Seen on Celebrities

Celebs are, of course, some of the first to try on new trends. These unique and bold lipsticks are seen on a number of celebrities. Loved by everyone? Of course not. Different? Yes, definitely. It’s all about personal choice. And making a statement!

Dior also introduced some really cool new shades this summer. Have a look at these Dior lipsticks from the Spring Summer 2016 magazine.


And we’ve already been seeing a lot of this new bold lipstick trend on Instagram, here’s one of our faves:

Wear these lip colors with neutral, light-shaded eyeshadow, or with matching smokey eyes. Hope you are also eager to try these new colors and make your pals jealous with your unique, stylish look!

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