9 Unique and Beautiful Trends in Nail Art for 2017

From minimalistic to sparkly to theme-based nails, trends in nail art wow us every season.Take a look at the latest trends for 2017.

nail-art-trends-2017-latest-top-best-designsHey beautiful! The latest trends in nail art are here! After taking a look at the newest shades by all our favorite nail artists and nail polish brands like Sally Hansen, O.P.I., Butter, Essie, etc. We have created this list of 9 trends that we predict will take center-stage in 2017. Take a look!


9 Latest Trends in Nail Art

1. Theme Based Nail Art

Follow the party themes not just in outfits but also on your nails, too. I am liking the theme-based nail art as it perfectly tunes in with the occasion. If you are going for a tuxedo party, then try the nail art by O.P.I. And if going for a wedding, try the green nail art design we picked up in Nails Mag. From letters to quirky shapes to floral themes, theme based nail art is gonna be a big hit this year.

2. Minimalistic Nail Art

The top trends in nail art for 2017 are all about minimalism. You can paint all the nails with same color and just make vertical lines or circles with different colors and show off your simple, beautiful nail art.

3. Texture Effect Nail Art

The texture effect in nail art is booming this season. Create a texture effect on the nails like marble, metallic, wooden by using two or more colors. Add the glam factor with metallic shades.

4. Nail Art with Negative Space

Leave some part of the nail without the nail paint to play with negative and positive spaces. This trend was a huge hit last year too. We saw nail art with tiny negative spaces last year, but this year we’re seeing that a major part of nail is left unpainted, giving way to more negative space. I love the smiley nail art by Sally Hansen.

5. Two Toned Designs

Two-toned nail art is very trendy this season. Use two different tones of same color or two different colors to rock this trend. Check out the nail art by Sally Hansen in which two different colors are used – peach is used in the middle and silver at the cuticles.

6. Wavy Nail Art Designs

Wavy nail art trend involves creating the illusion of waves. Try using different colors and be careful not to make it look messy. Stick to two color families and pair them with neutrals. Use cool color palettes in sea blues and green for the summers.

7. Dash of Glitter/ Minimally Embellished

Get party ready this season with minimalistic glittery nail art. Too much of glitter is out this season. Just add a dash of it to the nail art to look trendy. If you want to try this trend in a simpler way, then put on small beads or embellishments to just one nail.

8. Asymmetric Nail Art

We have been seeing the asymmetric nail art in many seasons and is still a trend! Apply a different nail paint to each nail and do minimal nail art on just one nail to follow this trend. You can either choose tones of same color or two contrasting colors for a bold look.

9. Geometric Nail Art

We have been seeing the geometric nail art trend for the past few seasons and is making its way into the list of hottest trends in nail art this season, too. Geometric shapes like square, triangle and circles are trendy.

So, these are the latest trends in nail art for 2017. Which trend are you gonna try this season? Do let us know in comments below!
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