Unique and Beautiful Tattoos for You to Try!

Looking for some tattoo inspiration? Here are unique and beautiful tattoos for you to get inked!

latest-unique-and-beautiful-tattoos-art-designs-ink-body-tattoo-winter-2017Hey tattoo lover! I personally love tattoos. Not all-over-the-body kind but yes, I do like the subtle types!

How to Select the Right Tattoo for Yourself

Floral, geometric, textual, abstract, photorealistic – there’s so much to choose from. The tattoo design selection is always a tough task, as there’s always too much choice. Whether its your first time getting one or you need a unique design for your next tattoo- it’s always a great idea to choose a one that shows your passion, personality and love.

Latest Trends in Tattoos

Currently we’re seeing really small tattoos, no more than a centimeter long. Geometric shapes are also in. And more and more women are considering unique and beautiful tattoos in spots like ankles and waist, or choosing to get bracelet tattoos.

Let’s take a look of the unique and beautiful tattoos that may inspire you to get inked (if you don’t have done so already)!

Latest Unique and Beautiful Tattoos for Women

#1 Geometric Tattoos

Stars, Cube and Diamond Tattoos

Stars are wonderful and inspirational. People widely use this design, as it symbolizes trust and hope. If you wanna get inked with these, then you can try on the sides of fingers, feet, wrist and neck. All these places would be a great option for star tattoos, diamond and cubes.


#2 Nature Inspiration

Flora – Flower and Leaf Tattoos

Roses, tulips and lilies are amongst the most commonly used designs. Roses are beautiful flowers. Whether you get it colored or inked in black, it’ll always stand for love, passion and beauty. Flowers, either single or clustered, look really classy. Flower tattoos are great for shoulders, back of your neck or to side of your hip.

If you don’t wanna try flowers, you can go for other nature elements for unique and beautiful tattoos, like leaves or trees. Leaf tattoos can be far more interesting than I earlier imagined them to be, specially fall leaves. I personally feel that leaf tattoos are very appealing, specifically colored leaves. Above the ankle would be a great option to get inked with these leaf designs.


Fauna – Butterfly, Bat, and Feather, Tattoos
Feathers are also commonly used in tattoos. They can be inked on different parts of the body. Try the back of your neck, forearm and side or back of your legs. With so many tattoo options available, select one with a nice meaning to it! You can also go for other options like bat, cat, butterfly or dragonfly tattoos.


#3 Exotic Tattoos

Exotic tattoos can be of ancient civilizations, architecture, historic monuments or tribes. Tribal designs can be subtle or statement. They make for great conversation starters, and suit all age groups. These tribal designs always carry a message with various shapes – sun, lion, geometrical shape and many more. If you want your tattoo to be simple then go with a single design. Great option to get done on your arms, shoulders and neck.

#4 Travel Design Tattoos

Small tattoos look very cute and elegant. Here are some cute travel inspired ones for the ones who wanna go for small designs. These designs are great to get inked on your wrist, side of your palm, side of your fingers, neck and your legs.

#5 Inspirational & Text Tattoos

Personally, I feel that textual tattoos are one of the best tattoo designs you can get! If yor’re getting inked for a single word or a sentence, look for something that you want to share with the world. Select something that gives you strength and motivation. Get it inked on side of your legs and fingers.

#6 Personal Tattoos

Personal tattoos may include anything that you are close to, or that represents your personality or interests. It takes some serious guts to be able to share your true feelings with the world. So put your best side out there!

So did you like these unique and beautiful tattoos? Which one would you go for? Lemme know! Comment below!

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