What Are Underlights & How to Rock the Hidden Highlights Trend

From celebrities to runway models, under lights have been super popular. Find out here the coolest ways to wear the latest underlights hair color trend!

underlights hair underlights-hair-rainbow-hair-latest-hair-coloring-hidden-technique-womenHey beautiful! Hair coloring techniques work the best in making hair look more voluminous and gives an instant face transformation. But every time we hit the salon, we get confused with a lot of options available in hair colors and techniques. So, we’re gonna help you gorgeous ladies out there with all the different types of hair coloring techniques and what suits you best! We’ve already written about highlights, lowlights, balayage and ombre hair and ideas on how to choose what and here we are with the concept of underlights trend.

So, let’s find out all about the trend of underlights here!

What are Underlights

This is known as secret strand coloring technique. Underlights, as the name suggests,  have colored layers or strands hidden below the top layers. Underlights are perfect for those who don’t want to show off their hair color very often and keep ’em hidden until the perf time comes to expose them!


What’s the Difference between Underlights, Highlights and Lowlights

All coloring techniques add a little bit of interest and depth and hue to your hair. Lowlights involve coloring strands of the hair darker than the present color. Whereas, in highlights it’s contrary. It involves coloring strands of hair lighter than the base shade.

For example, if you have blonde hair and go for cherry red or auburn, then they are called lowlights. And if opted for platinum, they are known as highlights. Underlights are a trend in which the hidden hair is colored or dyed and can be seen only when the hair is half up or tied to a bun, etc.


What is Right for You: Highlights or Underlights?

If you’re looking for a drastic transformation then go for highlights or lowlights. They also help you get a sunkissed look and mimic the look of voluminous hair. On the other hand, underlights work as your own little secrets in which just the hidden hair is colored and you can show off only when you want to! So if you want a big makeover, go for highlights, else try the underlights. Underlights are also a great way if you want to experiment with crazy hair colors like green or bright rainbow without changing your look or drawing stares at your office!

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differences-between-underlights-lowlights-latest-trends-womenTrends in Hidden Highlights Hair Color

Hidden highlights look mesmerizing! A full spectrum of the rainbow colors is super trendy. Apart from that, try light pastels like ash grey, pink, pop colors like blue and neons like pink and green.

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Ideas for Underlights Hair

1. Peekaboo Hair Colors

Peekaboo hair colors are the ones in which the color is applied underneath the hair showing only at the tips or when pulled up. Integrate colors of your choice to rock this trend. Be it short, long, curly or frizzy hair, this trend is gonna win hearts.

peek-a-boo-hair- olor-technique-rainbow-colors-women-hair-styling-idea
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2. Rainbow Hair Underneath

This trend is most popular amongst the underlights coloring technique. In this, a full or partial rainbow spectrum is dyed on the hair giving the rainbow effect. The colourful hair looks super cool when the hair’s up or when the hair is partly side-braided. Other great hairstyles to show it off are half-up, half up bun and micro buns.

@rianimal_, @ivoryrosehair

3. Rainbow Tips Hair

Rainbow tips hair is for someone who wants to get that colorful look but keep it very very subtle. In this case, just the tips of the hair are rainbow colored giving a cool look. If you want, you can color them starting from the roots and if you’re hesitant to do, so just coloring at the tips would do wonder. This trend is great both for long and short hair.


4. Short Rainbow Hair

Be more playful with the underlights trend. No matter what length, color or texture of hair you have, the options to try in this coloring technique are endless. Great shade combinations to try are pink and red, green and blue, rose gold and blonde.

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5. Blonde Hair with Color Underneath

For blonde hair, the rainbow spectrum colors would look amazing as the color of the hair is light and hence bright colors would pop up. Go for colors like red, blue, green, yellow – of course, all the rainbow color. And apart from that try the neons and pastels too. Also get some celeb-inspired ideas here: Blonde Hair with Lowlights: 21 Chic Ideas

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6. Brown Hair with Color Underneath

Rainbow hair for brunettes may seem tricky but it’s absolutely possible and looks amazing with dark colored hair too. For brown hair try the unicorn colors like purple, bright pink, teal, etc.

For more ideas, check out 35 Celeb-Inspired Highlights for Brown Hair


7. Black and Rainbow Hair

The new year is around the corner, so why not try something out-of-the-box! Chunky colors may be a big decision for black locks but it pays off when you try the french braid and helps you get the edgy look.

@rubydevine, @mikoeuvy

How to Dye Your Hair Rainbow at Home

  1. Start off with chopping the split ends and get a clean, healthy base for the hair.
  2. Then, bleach your hair which is essential as you need to lighten up your hair for the colors to pop up well.
  3. Don’t forget to condition your hair after bleach otherwise the hair will become frizzy.
  4. By now you would have chosen the colors you want and so get started with them.
  5. Placement is important. Choose the inner layers you want colored. Apply the desired colors, wait for 40 minutes and later wash off with cold water.
  6. You’re done with the super-cool look!

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How to Rock Rainbow Hairstyles

The only way to show off your underlights hair is by rocking cool rainbow styles. Underlights work well when we try different types of hairstyles, which include half up, side-swept back, braids, side ponytail and curls. Micro-braids, messy buns and bombshell waves are also worth giving a try. Show off your hidden hair color in style with different types of trendy hairstyles.


So, this is all about the under lights hair trend and different ideas for it. Which idea are you loving or gonna get done for the coming new year? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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