ULTIMATE Riverdale Trivia Quiz: Are You a ShilpaAhuja-Approved Fan?

So, you spent your hours binge-watching every episode of Riverdale, and you think you know all the secrets? Take our Riverdale Trivia Quiz to test your knowledge!

riverdale trivia quiz ultimate-riverdale-fan-quiz-tv-series-girly-fun-questions-season-2Hey gorgeous! Ever since the Archie Comics inspired TV series, Riverdale, started airing, I’ve been hooked. Sure, not every episode is great, and some things are downright annoying about storylines and dialogue, at least I watch every episode with interest and (desperate) curiosity! And that’s why I thought this girly TV series needs a quiz of its own here on ShilpaAhuja.com.

And not just any beginner quiz about what’re the parents’ names or who’s dating who, but the ultimate Riverdale Trivia quiz – the one that tells about how serious a fan you are! Maybe you’ve watched all the episodes together in a couple of all-nighters. Or maybe you wait for every episode and watch it as soon as it’s aired. But do you know every detail about the less-occurring characters? Can you tell the non-canon terms from those used on the show? This Riverdale Trivia Quiz will test your knowledge beyond the basic Bughead/Varchie fandom, and beyond how hot you think Hiram Lodge or Cheryl is. This quiz will reveal it all – how much do you really know Riverdale facts!

So are you ready?!

(If you cannot view the quiz, please click here.)

So did you enjoy taking my quiz? What’s your score and result? Comment below! Would you like more such quizzes from me? What should be the next quiz about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, or tweet us @shilpa1ahuja!

Muaah 🙂

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