Basic Types of Outerwear for Winter

Winter weather is unpredictable and it’s important we choose the right outerwear. Here are basic types of outerwear for winter in your wardrobe!


Whether you’re traveling to a cold country for your masters or moving north to visit your family, you’ll need to know about the major types of outerwear. There are so many different types of coats and jackets for winter. It’s important to pack well with regards to the weather. So, we decided to create this basic guidebook on types of outerwear you should own in your closet.

We see new trends with each passing year! Stuff these basic outerwears in your wardrobe and stay stylish even in the worst of winters!

So, let’s check out the basic types of outerwear for winter.

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Types of Outerwear for Winter: Types of Coats and Jackets Every Girl Needs

1. Parka

A parka or anorak is a quilted coat with a hood, often lined with fur or faux fur. Parkas are great for harsh weather conditions like when it’s too windy. The quilted or fur material keep you warm from the extreme weather. The fur gives extra protection to your ears and head. Parka is a must-have in different types of outerwear for winter.


Roberto Cavalli

2. Vest

A vest is a sleeveless garment usually worn over a shirt or a sweater. It’s a great option for adding a cool statement, especially during fall. You can sport it with a full-sleeved shirt during early fall months. You can wear them over sweaters when the temperature is low.


3. Hoodie

Hoodies keep you warm and make great casual pairings with jeans. They can be worn as outerwear and indoors too.

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The Harvard Shop

4. Trench Coats

Trench Coat or trenches are quite essential for the winter. British designer Thomas Burberry first invented the trench coat for military men to protect from wind and rain. They repel raindrops but it’s not a good idea to wear it during extremely cold weather. These are best worn during the transition weathers like spring or fall. Trench coats are a timeless winter wardrobe essential which every girl needs to have.

Burberry London

Burberry London

5. Jackets

Usually, hip or waist-length outerwear are termed jackets. They can be of different materials like wool, leather, cotton, denim or fur. There are different types of jackets like cropped jackets, bomber jackets, quilted jackets and many more. Jackets can be worn in transition seasons like early fall or late summer. You can pair them with jeans, dress or a skirt. You can also pair them with a scarf on the windy evenings!



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6. Coats

Coats or overcoats are longer than jackets and are usually knee-length or ankle-length. Trendy winter coats for women, too, come in different materials like wool, fur, cotton, brocade or polyester. Coats usually are on the top of the list when you think about types of outerwear in winter. Coats are perfect for the cold winters because their length protects from the wind. Wool coats are good for the late fall season, whereas down or fur coats are necessary for the harsh winters.

A good coat is a must-have in your closet and you will be wearing it over and over again in the biting cold. If you’re experiencing snow for the first time, then spend ample amount of time in choosing the right one!!

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Harris Wharf

So, which types of outerwear for winter do you already have in your closet? And which ones will be your next buy? I hope this guide was helpful to you all! Comment below!

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1 Comment

  1. Divya Sadana

    August 24, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    Fantastic article, I have just moved to Canada, and am planning to expand my winter wardrobe. keep up the great work!

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