Types of Mascara and Mascara Wands: A COMPLETE Guide

From mascara primer to comb-shaped mascara brush, this article will give you a complete insight about the different types of mascara and its wands. Here’s our guide for all your lash needs to keep you on *point* all day, every day during self-quarantine!


Hello gorgeous! I hope this post finds you in great spirits. Clearly, the Coronavirus outbreak may have disorganized your normal functions. But we wish to encourage you not to let the situation get the better of you. Instead, take this time to pull yourself together and focus on the finer things. To throw in some relief, we have decided to continue with our fashion and beauty review segment.

This post is especially for those who have been requesting us to do a special edition on mascaras. So we’ve created a complete guide to answer every question you ever had about this Holy Grail beauty product.


Below I have categorized all the types of mascara and different mascara wands, also touched upon how to select the best one for yourself.

Different Types of Mascara

Here are the 9 different types of mascara. Along with describing each type, I have suggested which one is ideal for your lash type. Thank us later! BTW, these are also called different types of mascara formulas. Let’s go!

Different Types of Mascara Makeup products eyes

1. Mascara Primer

The mascara primer is ideal for everyone. This formula works like an actual primer for your lashes, providing the ideal base to achieve perfect lashes. It primes, condition, and lengthen lashes, providing a strong foundation for the mascara. The result is fuller and longer lashes without a clumpy effect. This is ideal for those who love a full face of makeup for parties or weddings, or for beauty bloggers.


2. Volumizing Mascara

Thick, fluttery lashes look beautiful and that is what we try to achieve while doing our eyes using mascara. No matter how short, thin, or straight your lashes are; volumizing mascara is the answer. This type of mascara consists of a waxier formula to add volume to your lash hairs. Lots of different types of mascara brands have good options in this one.

L’Oreal Paris

3. Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is one of the most popular types of mascara. It is ideal for anyone, but can benefit those with sensitive or watery eyes. If your eyes are prone to irritation or if you’re heavily into any physical activity, you will need mascara that works through the sweaty hours. This will also be the best mascara for rain-shower dances and pool parties. Whatever your case is, the waterproof formula will protect against smudginess.

Let me share a quick tip for best use of the mascara. First coat your lashes with regular mascara before following up with the waterproof product. Doing this step will make the removal step a lot easier. Also, the budge-free formulation won’t be in contact with your actual lashes.

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4. Fiber Mascara

Fiber mascara is perfect for short, thin, and sparse eye lashes. It typically consists of a dual system – a white fiber primer to lengthen fibers of lashes and a black cream for the final touch-up. One word of caution: during the removal process, be careful with the fibers as they may come loose and affect the eyes. So gently cleanse the area, keeping your eyes closed as you wipe off. This is the best mascara for short lashes.


5. Clump-free Mascara

Clump-free mascara is ideal for anyone including those with dense lashes. The results of the mascara will more or less depend on how you use it. By that very fact, the thicker the coats used, the more likely you are going to be left with clumpy eyelashes. If you wish to achieve light, separated lashes, select mascara infused with silk extracts including a silicon brush for extra spidery lashes. These types of mascara are also a good option if you like creating different mascara looks.


6. Natural Mascara

The natural mascara has vegan friendly ingredients. It is free from parabens, petroleum, and derivatives. Clearly it is free from harmful additives, which makes it ideal for anyone. The RMS Beauty Mascara is a great example of a paraben-free product. The creamy formula comes with a combo of organic plant waxes and raw minerals to provide perfect shape to lashes.

RMS beauty

7. Bottom Lash Mascara

Raise your hand if you struggle to coat your bottom lashes precisely without smudging. Count me in, too. But thank God for some brands like Pixi who have created miniature bristles to meet this need. It features a long, thin brush that coats the lashes without any contact with the skin. Yes, another beauty product we never thought we needed.


8. Tubing Mascara

The tubing mascara is ideal for short, thin, and thick lashes. It is similar to the functions of fiber mascara. This type of mascara features small cones around single individual lash hair to lengthen the lashes. But unlike the fiber formulas, this one doesn’t flake off after application.


9. Conditioning Mascara

If you’re looking to grow your lashes naturally, then these types of mascara will be ideal for you. They are loaded with nourishing ingredients that stimulate lash growth, such as biotin, plant cell extracts, and amino acids. Such active ingredients also work to strengthen your lashes over time. One example that’s often touted as the best conditioning mascara by makeup artists is Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara. It contains provitamin B5 and serine which stimulate growth and prevent breakage. Plus, it claims to curl even the straightest and shortest lashes.

Benefit Cosmetics

19 Types of Mascara Wands

Now that you know all about the different the types of mascara, here is a round-up of different types of mascara wands.

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different Types-of-mascara-wands names
Illustrated by: Nandhini M.

1. Traditional Shaped Wands

Do you know traditional mascara consist of two types? They are traditional shaped bristle and traditional shaped plastic. Here’s how differently each of these wands work.

The traditional shaped bristle offers volume, thickness, and fluttery eye lashes. Many prefer this one over the traditional plastic ones because it is gentle on sensitive types. However, it may leave a clumpy finish upon application.

Charlotte Tilbury

Traditional shaped plastic offers better definition and volume, compared to a traditional shaped bristle mascara.


2. Skinny Wands

Do you have shorter lashes? Then you probably already know how several lengthening mascaras don’t work all the time. This is why skinny bristle works the best for you because the thin brush ensures a seamless coating from roots to ends making the lash appear longer and well-defined. I recommend this one when you wish to focus on extending your natural lashes alone.

NYX Cosmetics

3. Thick Wands

I suggest a thicker wand when you wish to increase your lash volume. You may look up for thick brushed mascara with dense bristles like the Full Fat Lashes Mascara by Charlotte Tilbury. This type of large wands gathers a lot of the formula, which then gets evenly distributed from the base to the ends for building volume.

Charlotte Tilbury

4. Tapered Wands

Tapered wands offer a lot of volume at the root and thin out towards the ends. They are ideal for fluttering up your lashes, while keeping each strand separate. A great tip for application is to use the wand horizontally, and then position the brush vertically for individual coating. This type of brush features a tiny tip and a thicker base, which is perfect for working through the lash line all the way to the lower lashes. For example, Doll Lash Mascara by Lancôme evenly coats each lash without weighing them down.


5. Curved Wands

If your lashes are stubbornly straight, then you definitely need a curved wand to coat your lashes from root to ends. All the more, it leaves a curled finish as you cover the lash with the product. For long-lasting results, use an eyelash curler before mascara application. I recommend using a waterproof formula to prevent a clumpy finish. One of the mascaras with a curved wand is Black Magic by Eyeko as it enhances the outline of your lash line to guarantee coverage. The curved features of the brush evenly coat the natural outline to add dimension to your lashes.

Eyeko Black Magic

6. Ball Tip Mascara Wands

Yes, the ball-shaped wands don’t look like your traditional brushes. They were designed in a peculiar shape to reach out to the root of your lashes which a traditional brush can’t do. This will prevent the mascara from getting smudged around your eyelids. Also, the ball-tipped brush offers a precise application from root to tip. You can try Phenomen Eyes Renewal Mascara by Givenchy as the product keeps your lashes well-defined.


7. Bubble Wands

Do you wish to use formula that offers more curl than volume? Then bubble mascara is the one for you. The shape of this mascara wand coats lashes at three points upon application. One tip while using a bubble mascara is to wiggle the brush as you stroke the lash upward and ensure all lashes are well-coated.


8. S-Shaped Wands

If coat upon coats of mascara is your go-to, try out an S-shaped wand. These types of mascara wands are perfect for a smooth application and can allow you to apply several coats without leaving a clumpy effect.


9. Hourglass Wands

Hourglass wands are best for creating a faux false lash effect. It coats each lash evenly and offers a uniformed finish. Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara features an hourglass brush that offers volume while the shape curves your lashes.

Too Faced

10. Pointed Wands

Pointed wands are ideal for lengthening lashes. The mascara offers a 2-in-1 feature. Apply the mascara normally using the brush, then twist the wand, and make use of the tips to give your lashes an extra lengthening effect.


11. Triangle Wands

Triangle wands are best for lengthening your eyes. The L’Oréal False Lash Sculpt Mascara has an unusual triangle-shaped bristle that gives your eyes a subtle effect while the mini line of bristles in the middle tightens the upper waterline.


12. Comb

This is a mascara brush designed like a comb. This is ideal for short, thick lashes. If your eye lashes are thin and short, the comb bristle will help coat each lash without leaving a clumpy effect. Try the Maybelline Falsies Washable Mascara for lifting your lashes from the root. It is ophthalmologist tested and hence makes for a great buy.


13. Cone Wands

Cone wands are perfect for drawing out your corner lashes. The inner and outer corners of our eyelids are often neglected, or most mascara wands are unable to reach out. But these types of mascara brushes ensure that all the lashes get well-coat with its skinny tips. Try the bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara to give your eyes the desired effect.


14. Rectangle Wands

Rectangle wands are best for lengthening and volumizing lashes. This type of brush grabs and coats every corner of the eyelids while the short, rectangle bristles will lengthen your lashes to create better volume. The Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara comes with a rectangle wand to curve your way to every lash. It will offer volume-boosting, lengthening, and conditioning benefits to give you the most defined lashes ever. No matter what your lash type is, this innovative brush will have your beauty game sorted.


15. Inverted Wands

If you have a small eye, then the inverted wands will be perfect as they widen the eyes. This wand is designed in a way to grab the root of the lashes with its smaller bristles while widening as you pull the lashes outwards. You can use the Max Factor Glamour Extension 3-in-1 Mascara if creating volume and length is your thing.


16. Bendy Wands

Bendy wands provide a boost of volume without leaving a clumpy effect. This is the reason why the 90 degree bendable brush is an eye-opener (literally). The bendy wands offer great volume with precision, meaning you don’t have to coat the lashes several times.


17. Jumbo Wands

Want serious thickened, fluffy lashes? Try the jumbo sized wands that will give your lashes the desired volume. What’s more? One stroke of mascara is enough to get dream-like lashes. Also if you are blessed with voluminous lashes, you will get an amazing result with these types of mascara.

Bobbi Brown

18. Miniature Wands

Don’t like ignoring your bottom lashes? Try the miniature wand version. Like most of us, if you are not a pro at applying lashes at the bottom, invest in a tiny version. Not only that – this mascara coats lashes evenly but also provides a long lasting effect without smudging.


19. Spiral Wands

Spiral wands offer the best curly, dramatic effect. It has a spiral brush feature that works similar to a bubble shaped wand to lift lashes minus the volume.


So that was our complete breakdown of types of mascara and mascara wand types that you needed to know of! Share us your thoughts and your favorite brand by tweeting us at @shilpa1ahuja. We would love hearing from you. And if you have a new personal favorite, show us its results on Instagram by tagging us @shilpaahujadotcom!

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