Types of Makeup, Different Products & Types of Cosmetics

There are so many different types of makeup products – brushes, lip, eye makeup products, bases – you name it. You can read about them all here in our SlubWords makeup dictionary below, from face makeup products to lip cosmetics to eye makeup products – it’s all here. 

Types of Makeup, Different Products & Types of Cosmetics

Blush (N.) [bluh-sh] A makeup product that comes in powder, liquid, gel or cream form and is used on the cheeks to add pink or redness is called blush.


Body glitter (N.) [baw-dee gli-tuhr] Glitter that is used on body parts is called body glitter, which usually comes in metallic shades like silver or gold, in tiny bottles and is used on neck, arms, face, etc.


Bronzer (N.) [bron-zuhr] A makeup product that comes in powder, liquid or cream form and is used on the face to add tan is called bronzer. Usually, the wearer chooses a bronzer that’s two shades darker than their natural skintone, and wears it on the forehead, on the sides of the nose, under the cheekbones and near the jawline to mimic sun-kissed tan.


Brow gel (N.) [bra-oh jel] A makeup gel product that is used on the eyebrows to set them in place after filling, shaping and combing them is called brow gel.


Concealer (N.) [kuhn-see-luhr] A heavy coverage product that is used to hide the skin’s pigmentation, dark circles, redness, acne or other imperfections is called concealer.

bobbi-brown- concealer-beauty-makeup-glossary-terminology-fashion
Bobbi Brown

Eyeliner (N.) [ahy-lahy-nuhr] A makeup product that comes in gel or liquid form and is used on the waterline or lashline of the eyes to darken or give shape is called eyeliner. Eyeliners are mostly black, but also come in various other colors.


Eyeshadow (N.) [ahy-sha-do] A makeup product that comes in liquid, powder or cream form and is used on the eyelids to add color, depth and/or shine on them is called an eyeshadow.


Eyeshadow brush (N.) [ahy-sha-do bruh-sh] Eyeshadow brush is a small brush with rounded edges used for applying eye makeup. Eyeshadow brushes can be flat, used for eyeshadow application, or fluffy type, used for blending the eyeshadow.

Retract Dual-Tip Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow primer (N.) [ahy-sha-do prahy-muhr] A creamy makeup product that is used on the eyelids before wearing eyeshadow to create a base is called eyeshadow primer. It helps for the eyeshadow to come out as more pigmented and stay on for longer.

Milani Eyeshadow Primer Nude

Face Powder (N.) [fay-s pao-duhr] A powder to match the wearer’s skin tone that is used all over the face or on certain areas to give a matte finish or to set concealer or foundation is called face powder.


Foundation (N.) [fa-un-day-shuh-n] A creamy, liquid or powder product that is used on the face or body to give an even complexion and somewhat cover the imperfections is called foundation. Foundation is selected based on the wearer’s natural skintone, and applied evenly, with an aim to mimic their skin.


Lip gloss (N.) [lip glaws] A liquid or gel makeup product that is applied on the lips to add shine is called lip gloss. Gloss may be worn over lipstick or just by itself.


Lip pencil (N.) [lip pen-sil] A pencil that is used to line and sometimes fill in the lips to create definition and/or change their shape is called lip pencil. Lip pencils are soft and come in various colors to match lipstick colors or lips’ natural colors.


Lipstick (N.) [lip-stik] A lip makeup product that comes as a cream or liquid in a tube, to be applied on the lips to add color, shine and/or definition is called a lipstick.

Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick/0.12 oz.

Makeup primer (N.) [may-kuhp prahy-muhr] A liquid or cream-based makeup product that is worn on the face before applying any other makeup to create a base is called makeup primer. Makeup primer helps to build up other makeup like foundation easily, last longer and give a better, smoother finish.


Mascara (N.) [mas-kar-a] A gel-based makeup product that comes in a tube with a wand attached to its cap, and is applied on the eyelashes to make them look thicker, longer and darker is called mascara.


Smokey eye palette (N.) [smo-kee ahy-pal-it] A makeup product that has a set of eyeshadows in different colors or different shades of the same color, which can be used to create the illusion of shadows and high-points on the eyelids is called a smokey eye palette. They usually have one or more dark colors like black or chocolate brown that can be blended with the lighter colors to create shadows on the outer corners of the lids.

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