Types of Haircuts for Girls That Never Go Out of Style

From the 90s Rachel cut to the asymmetric bob style, there are different types of haircuts for girls that everyone needs to know about. Keep this list handy when you go for your next salon visit!


It is extremely boring to have the same haircut for months together. And when you are at the salon looking for a makeover, it is important to know what the different types of hairstyles there are! Many times it happens that we are the salon and we don’t know which cut exactly we are looking for. Sometimes we may know the style but don’t know what it’s called! So, here are all the different types of haircuts for girls.

12 Different Types of Haircuts for Girls

1. Rachel Cut


The character Rachel has been super popular ever since the TV series Friends was aired. Not only the character and fashion but also her hair in the first season became the talk of the town. It is basically a layered bouncy long bob. This haircut was seen in the 90s but it is still popular as Rachel cut even now! You can go for this cut when you want to add more volume to your hair and try a short but not too short.

2. Bob Cut


If you’re looking for a short hairstyle, then bob cut should be your go-to style. Typically, in this cut, the hair is cut above the jawline. It is a good makeover for people with long hair if they’re bored of the length. Even in the bob cut, there are many different types like a bob with uneven bangs, long bob, asymmetric bob and bob with eyebrow length bangs.

3. Crew Cut

kristen stewart pixie cut types of haircuts for girls

Earlier, crew cut was strictly restricted to only men, but for a few years now we’ve been seeing this cut even in the list of types of haircuts for girls! So here you go, ladies, if you are looking for a bold makeover, then chop off those extra locks. Celebrity Kristen Stewart rocked the crew cut.

4. Pixie


A short hairstyle in which the hair is cropped in layers is a pixie cut. It can be cut in a few ways – blunt bangs, uneven bangs and gradient style. A pixie cut is a very bold look and a complete transformation for one with long hair. It can be styled in many ways like tousled, backcombed, spikes and bedhead style.

5. Linda Cut


The Linda cut is one of the most popular hairstyles of the 90s. It is named after the 90s supermodel Linda Evangelista. This cut is more like a grown-out pixie cut. In this hairstyle, the hair at the back and sides are short, and the ones in the front are slightly longer and sort of unevenly cut.

6. Asymmetric/ High Low Bob


Bob hairstyle helps to get a tomboy look. In case you feel that bob is too short, then you can go for high low bob cut. The hair at the back can be short and the front can be long giving the feel of medium length hair. This trend is also ruling the runways. Also, you can try different hair colors for a unique and trendy look. Or go for an asymmetric bob in which one side is longer than the other.

7. Lob Cut


This a is a variant of bob cut. A lob is a long bob! In this haircut, the locks end just above the shoulders. This hairstyle is versatile and works on any face shape. In lob cut, you can try different styles like baby bangs, subtle or long layers and blunt lob. Blunt lob cut of Jennifer Lopez in Met Gala 2018 is a really lovely one!

1 bella-hadid-bob-short-hairstyles-that-never-go-out-of-fashion

8. Razor Cut


Razor cut is slightly different from scissor cutting. In this, the end result is edgier, messier and more textured. In this type of cut straight edge razor is used. It works well for straight or slightly wavy hair. You can either go for asymmetric razor cut, tousled shoulder length or razor cut with fringes. It looks more natural and grown out.

9. U Cut


U cut is a classy and evergreen haircut in types of haircuts for girls. This type of cut has a more rounded edge at the back. It works well for any length of hair, especially long hair.

10. Layered


This is one of the types of haircuts that has never gone out of fashion. We’ve seen many changes in the layered hairstyle over the years. The current trend in this type of hairstyle is just one or two layers. We’ve seen this hairstyle in the Spring 2018 collections of Chloe, Elie Saab and Balmain. This type of cut works best for medium and long hair.

A layered cut is also a good idea if you wanna get rid of unhealthy looking or split-ends. Just go for uneven layers and chop off the split ends! This haircut also works perfectly with balayage highlights to give a naturally sun-kissed look.

11. Princess Diana Cut


Princess Diana is one of the greatest style icons of all the time. And her hair is worth noting and including in the types of haircuts for girls. It is a flipped out pixie-cut. A pixie cut with more volume!

12. Bangs


Baby bangs and eyebrow length bangs are the two popular cuts in bangs haircut. In this a few locks of hair fall on the forehead. Great for any length of hair.

So, these are the types of haircuts for girls. Which haircut are you gonna try at your next visit to the salon? Do let us know by commenting below or by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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