Types of Indo Western Dresses for Men to Actually Look HOT in

From Indowestern sherwanis to dhoti suits, from casual to formal, here are all types of Indo western dresses for men to know about before you go shopping.

embroidered sheer shirt

Hey handsome! Indo western wear is the kind of Indian fashion that uses cuts, silhouettes, fabrics and/or decorative elements that have their roots in the west. Whether you’re going to a wedding or festival function, Indo western dresses for men are a great idea when you want to try an experimental, unique look. Indian fashion styles have been evolving for centuries, with influences coming in from Bollywood, famous personalities and modern lifestyles. So it’s no surprise that the western world has influenced our ethnic fashion too.

For the Indian man, ethnic wear was the go-to style to wear before colonization happened. In the post-independence era, western wear kept evolving to become the daily wear choice for every guy, whereas Indian ethnic dresses got reduced to special occasions like weddings, religious functions, dress code parties and festivals. While the metropolitan desi guy loves his dose of traditional Indian wear, there’s always a desire to try new, different styles that make a statement. And that’s where Indo western dresses come into play.

kimono kurta rohit bal 34

Loads of Indian fashion designers get inspired by their world travels, western history, modern western runway style and pop culture. In women’s Indian wear collections, it’s really easy to spot western elements, like feathers, ruffles, gown silhouettes and lace fabrics, etc. However, in menswear, the western inspiration can sometimes be so subtle that it’s not easy to identify.

In the post-independence era western wear kept evolving to become the daily wear choice for every guy, whereas Indian ethnic dresses got reduced to being worn for special occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies, college farewells, dress code parties and festivals. While the metropolitan desi guy loves his dose of traditional Indian wear, there’s always a desire to try new different styles every now and then, which make a statement. And that’s where Indo-western outfits come into play.

rohit bal cape kurta

Types of Indo Western Dresses for Men Every Guy Should Try

The popularity of Indo western clothing for men has risen a lot in the last decade, as the everyman’s interest in fashion has come up, too. And now it’s common for people to even host parties that have Indo-western dress code. Sadly, there aren’t too many ideas for Indo western dresses for men if you’re looking online or in your local stores.

Most shops and boutiques only offer asymmetric sherwanis if you ask for Indo western dresses for men. And some of the options are so bad they’ll actually make you look like a fashion disaster instead of a trendsetter. But there’s a lot more to explore in this genre. From casual to formal, there are countless styles in Indo western outfits for men that you can try that will actually look good.

So let’s check them all out, so that you have tons of options for your next party.

1. Indo-Western Suit

embellished tuxedo

A mishmash of sherwani and business suit, this is one of the first go-to choices to consider when looking for men’s Indowestern dresses. An Indo western suit is cut and stitched like a regular men’s suit, but has Indian style embroidery or embellishments on the jacket. Botanical motifs like birds,flowers, garden scenes, or leaves are common on lapels, shoulders, hemline or sleeves. For a formal occasion like a black-tie event, you can also go for an embroidered tuxedo. Or if you want some bling, go for a sequined suit.

2. Indo-Western Sherwani

trouser sherwani manish malhotra

Indo western sherwanis can be of many styles. You can either try an asymmetric sherwani that has a geometric cut, or a double-breasted lapel. Or you can go for a front-slit sherwani that shows off your abs. Pair it with skinny trousers or jodhpurs/chooridar pants. Indo western sherwanis are a great idea for a very formal occasion like your engagement or your cousin’s wedding.

3. Kurta + Jeans

kurta with jeans

This is the simplest in this list of Indo western dresses for men if you have nothing else to wear. Just pair up your fave kurta with your super-cool jeans to get a flavor of both east and west.

4. Embroidered Jacket + Jeans/Trousers

different types of indo western dresses for men jacket mm
Manish Malhotra

You can spot embroidered jackets in every Indian fashion designers’ menswear collections. The trendiest ones are tuxedo jackets (satin lapels) and velvet jackets with zardozi on sleeves. Try one in a classic color like wine, burgundy, sapphire, navy or amethyst, and pair it with skinny trousers. Or add a scarf and kurta underneath.

5. Front-Open Bundhgala/Embroidered Jacket


Wanna show off your toned abs? Go for a beautiful bundhgala that has a front-open design. Pair it with skinny pants or formal trousers. Colors like ivory, beige and olive are great for occasions like college farewells, functions, wedding sangeet and mehendi functions. If you feel it’s too risqué, go for a sheer embroidered shirt underneath it.

6. Dhoti Suit

dhori suit srk manish

Want something that’s really a head-turner? Go for a dhoti-suit and make a statement. This outfit is just a pair of dhotis paired with a matching suit jacket. The suit jacket could be embroidered or plain. You can, of course, just wear any jacket you already have with matching dhoti, and be Indo-western party ready. This outfit is also a good idea for a religious ceremony, traditional office function or your phere.

embroidered dhoti suit anju modi

7. Embroidered Zipper or Bomber Jacket

rohit-bal (18)

This Indo western outfit is a designer favorite. A western smart casual jacket can instantly give an ethnic look with a bit of desi embroidery on the front or all over. This is a slightly less formal look – great for your roka, your college farewell, sister’s or brother’s wedding or your wedding reception. Black and red is a hot fave color combo, but you can also try navy with gold.

8. Mandarin Collar Suit with Kurta

kurta suit

This is one of the types of Indo western dresses for men that’s a great mix of casual and formal, east and west with an oriental spin. Just take your regular Mandarin collar suit and wear it over a kurta. Opt for a simple kurta or one with chikan work. The Chinese collar adds the perf formal touch, nice for your friend’s wedding or a festival function like Diwali.

patiala pants bundhgaaa

9. Sheer Kurta

There’s not much “western” about this Indo western outfit, except the brazen fabric. A sheer kurta can be completely see-through or have sheer sleeves. Wear it over a regular ol’ chooridar pants and pair it with a matching dupatta. Great outfit for small festivals like rakhi, karwachauth or uttarayan. You can also wear a sheer kurta with jodhpur pants and a front open cotton jacket.

sheer kurta manish malhotra 2

10. Skinny Jeans + Bundhgala

Want to mix and match your existing clothes? Just create a cool statement by wearing just a bundhgala jacket over a pair of your favorite trendy cropped skinny jeans. This is one of the types of Indo western dresses for men that would be great for a friend’s engagement or family function.

11. Nehru Jacket + Jeans

Now this is something you’ll definitely be able to scourge from your dad’s closet! And it’s also something many men already commonly wear. Choose a pair of dark denims to give a more formal look, and go for lighter, everyday denims for a super casual look.

12. Asymmetric Kurta + Dhoti

asymmetric bundhgala tarun tahiliani

Here’s one of the types of Indo western dresses for men that will draw many stares! A kurta with a shawl-inspired draping or asymmetric cut has western influences. This gives a great look for any occasion where you wanna look unique and Insta-ready! Pair it with dhoti pants to really make a runway-style statement. Or if you want to keep things casual, just pair it with your good ol’ jeans.

13. Suit Jacket + Jodhpurs/Pajamas

chooridar or pajama suit rohit bal 2

Just like dhoti suit, this is another mish-mash of Indian and western styles. If dhoti suits are too fussy and traditional for you, try this outfit. Pair a simple, cotton suit jacket with jodhpur/chooridar pants. Or go for simple cotton pajamas with it. Add a pair of slippers, jootis or even Oxford shoes with it. For a more party-ready look, go for an embroidered or silk jacket.This would be a cool outfit idea for an Indo western party at your office, your brother’s phere or your cousin’s engagement.

14. Embroidered Button-Up Shirt or Overcoat

types of types of Indo western dresses for men embroidered coat

Now this is one of the types of Indo western dresses for men that  will require a real brazen sense of style to pull off. For this idea, you’ll need a specially designed outfit. No wonder we’ve only seen this type of Indo western outfit only on Ranveer Singh! So if you’re a style icon, this is something for you!

An embroidered button-up is a great idea to show off desi fashion styles on a western garment. A sheer shirt would be the perf idea to create an outfit people remember for years! For an added oomph in cold weather, add a matching overcoat. Pair it with black trousers and loafers.

15. Open Sherwani Jacket Over Tuxedo/Suit

embroidered overcoat rohit bal

Want to mix and match your existing formal outfits? Pick a heavily embroidered bundhgala jacket or sherwani, and wear it as an overcoat over a tuxedo or suit. Go for the same color family or shade so that it looks like one well put-together outfit. Add on some jewelry to give a royal look. This is a beautiful ensemble that would make any guy look like royalty. Go for this outfit on your engagement ceremony or wedding sangeet/ cocktail party.

16. Caped Kurta

rohit bal cape kurta

Capes are a western fashion garment that people first started wearing in medieval Europe. Combine it with an Indian garment that’s been worn since around the same time. It is one of the types of Indo western dresses for men that’ll look very cool and photogenic! This is something you can even DIY at home, by choosing a matching shawl or dupatta. You can either pin up a wide shawl along the collar of the kurta, or get it sewn by a tailor. Go for a fringed dupatta or a beautiful tassled one.

Types-of-Indo-western-dresses-for-men-groom wedding sherwani
Illustrated by: Nandhini M.

So these are most of the types of types of Indo western dresses for men on runways and on celebs. I hope these ideas were helpful. Which one of these outfits have you already tried? And which one s on your wishlist for your next party? Lemme know below! And I’d love to see your outfit, so do tag me on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom and I’ll be sure to like your pic!

Muaah <3

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