Two Finger Ring Trend is the New Way to Upgrade Your Street Style

Two finger ring trend is currently ruling the fashion jewelry world. Check them out and get shopping ideas for the latest two finger rings here! We’ve covered all budgets. 

Two Finger Ring two-finger-rings-trend-latest-jewelry-trend
Image credits: @dior via Instagram

Hey! Rings have always been one of the favorite jewelry pieces for women. From oval cut rings to pear-shaped to clustered band, the trends in rings that come up every season are endless. And this year we have the two finger ring!

Also known as a double ring, we are seeing these rings on runways and celebrities. Knuckle rings were super popular in 2015-16. But they look cluttered and this season rings just got a modern update. A simple ring that covers two fingers – that’s it!

Also, multi-finger rings were the #7 trend in our fashion jewelry style for 2018! We saw Dior logo double finger ring on their Instagram and look at how trendy it is (pic above)!

Moving to celebrities, Rihanna was seen wearing a simple plain two finger ring. She also gives us ideas on how two finger rings can be paired with other rings. She paired it with a broad rhinestone ring and multiple knuckle rings. If you wanna go minimal, then hust a two finger ring would rock!

rihanna-rings-above-the-knuckle-ringsThe two finger rings look good on almost any type of outfit. And yeah, perfect for those romantic dinner nights and prom parties. In case you’re looking to buy one, then we’ve two finger ring shopping ideas here! I know you can’t resist shopping after taking a look at them.

Two Finger Ring Shopping Ideas

Geometric Two Finger Rings

Geometric designs are getting trendy in almost everything you name. From geometric sunglasses to bags to furniture, there’s hardly a thing whose shape has not been adapted to geometric lines and curves. And so they are in the two finger ring trend too! From circular to rectangular to parallelogram shaped, the options are many that it makes us go weak in the knees!

latest-two-finger-ring-trend-square-shpeRectangle Double Finger Ring, $129

geometric-shaped-two-finger-rings-latest-trendCubic zirconia geometric two finger ring, $145

Open Two Finger Rings

In this type, the ring is in the shape of a semi-circle with the top part of it being open! If you are a logo lover and love anything that has bold logos on them, then choose an open two finger ring with a huge logo on it. The minimalistic open two finger rings with studs or rhinestones or pointed ends also look super trendy!open-two-finger-rings-without-compartment-latest-trends
                   Roberto Cavalli Designer Rings, Goldtone Metal Two Fingers Ring, $255

Saint Laurent studded two-finger ring – Metallic, $345

Single Compartment Two Finger Rings

While double compartment rings look cool, you can upgrade your style statement by choosing a single compartment one! From curved to pointed to twisted, choose any design you like and rock your college parties!

two-finger-ring-latest-2018-jewelry-trends$1-100 two finger ring – Grey,$246 


Maison Margiela Fine Jewellery White Gold Two-Finger Twisted Ring, $1400

two-finger-ring-trend-latest-2018Rachel Rachel Roy Gold-Tone Two-Finger Polished Ring, $28

Apart from these, fringes, leaf-shaped and rhinestone ones are something you could opt for and make a style quotient of you own!

star ring double latest jewelryLynn Ban Sterling Silver Lightening Bolt Ring with Diamonds, $2201

latest-jewelry-trend-ring-two-finger-trend-2018, Multi-finger Tiger Ring MLT S, $640

two-finger-ring-witjout-compartment-altest-2018-trendy-ringsBernard Delettrez Designer Rings, Two Fingers Shooting Star 9K White Gold Ring w/Diamonds, $5060

leaf-shaped-two-finger-ring-latest-jewelry-trendBernard Delettrez Designer Rings, Two Fingers Bronze Leafy Ring, $315




‘Saturn Stunner’ Swarovski crystal hoop two finger ring, $190

two-finger-rings-latest-trend-2018-jewelry-trendsSaint Laurent studded two-finger ring – Metallic $210

hinge-ring-double0finger-latest-trends-2018The “L” Ring With Hinges, $744

two-finger-studded-pointed-rhinestone-ring-latestTwo Finger Diamond Ring, $1229

So, this is all about the latest two finger ring trend! Which one are you looking to buy asap? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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