11 Trendy Tops for Women from Fall Winter 2018 Collections

Wanna know what’s latest in tops this year? Well, check out the latest 11 trendy tops from the Fall Winter 2018 collections here!

2018-latest-top-trends-for-women-dolce-gabbanaHey beautiful! I love watching fashion shows every season to know what’s trending and what’s new in style. And this year after going through all the fashion shows from the Fall Winter 2018 collections, I have already made my shopping list to buy the latest fall tops. Yes, they were super-trendy and chic this year. From newest drool-worthy tops to the old tops style from past season, we’ve rounded off latest 11 women’s fashion tops for you! Let’s check out!

Women’s Trendy Tops for 2018

1. 3D Tops

This year, your tops are gonna take extra space in your closet. Welcome, three dimensional tops! From poofy tops to shoulders to exaggerated necklines, these tops will steal the show for sure. The 3D tops are a big thing right now as we also even saw them in the latest dress styles for Fall 2018. I would love to see this trend taking over the accessories, too! Imagine a 3D novelty shoe or a handbag for parties. I’m already dreaming!

2. Tops with Built-in Bra

Who doesn’t hate wearing a bra?! Designers have come up with this super-hot trend. We saw built in bras, peplum, 3D and other styles of tops. These stylish clothes for women are feminine and chic that work well for parties and as casual wear. Don them with high waist pants and skirts for a drool-worthy look!

3. Bustier on Top

It’s the year of bustiers. Cinched in waist is in trend. If you love flowy tops, time to upgrade your wardrobe. Bustiers were worn on dresses, too! In tops, we saw plain, printed and leather bustiers. In fact, Versace 2018 collection had a number of looks with bustiers. No wonder, it made to top 3 trends of the season!

4. Asymmetric Zippers/ Buttons

Asymmetric zippers and buttons in coats and jackets are nothing new. But this year we’re seeing this style in tops, too! The zippers or the buttons are on the side are surely eye-catching. Unlike jackets, this trend won’t be uncomfortable with tops.

5. Holographic Tops

Designers are eyeing the 90s fashion this year! Holographic fashion has taken over the fashion world. The runways were filled with holographic looks. From accessories to dresses, and now with trendy tops, we can’t stop admiring them. A perfect outfit for parties with the shine of a 90s CD!

6. Statement Button Up Shirts

2018 is the year of button up shirts. We saw a zillion ways to style them in the runway collections. From embellished to belted to half unbuttoned, the style of the pretty shirts is to die for. White button up shirts will rule the fall season as we saw them in maximum designers collections. Also, try wearing jewelry with your crisp button up shirts to steal the show. Wear cuff bracelets and chokers over your button up shirt.

7. Mixed Media

I personally loved this trend. While watching fashion shows this year, I was in all awe of the tops that used different fabrics. Like tee shirt with lace, sheer with leather, fringes with wool, denim with cotton and cute shirts in denim. From Balmain to Versace to Louis Vuitton, many designers came up with this trend and I’m surely gonna try them.

8. Loose Half Sleeves

Comfy loose half sleeved tops are in. In 2018 dress styles, too, we saw this cool trend. When you remove your outerwear, these cute tops will grab all the attention over full sleeves. Trendy tops with loose half sleeves included tee shirts, leather, metallic, sheer, and fur tops.

9. Extra Long Tops

2017 was the year of high-low tops but in 2018, cute tops for women include extra long tops that are over the knee. This style draws a fine line between dresses and tops. On a first look, these tops may look like dresses. However, on a closer look, you’ll realize these tops cannot be worn without pants. We saw unique styles like gownesque tops, asymmetric, slit, fringes and shirt style tops.

10. Full Poofy Sleeves

Trendy women’s tops with poofy sleeves surely create a statement. From peasant to extra long sleeves, this style is perfect for work and casual outings. We saw poofy sleeves on button up shirts, printed tops, striped tops amongst others. The exaggerated sleeved tops were paired with skirts and matching pants.

11. Leather Tops

Leather tops are still in. In fact, we saw plenty of trendy cute tops in leather this year. From classic button up shirts to bralette tops to embellished ones, these tops are a must-try for Fall 2018. Pair them with leather skirts, pants or denim!

What’s Still In?

Here are the trendy tops that are still in from the previous seasons. Check out!

1. Bold sheer tops are still in. Designers won’t stop making them. Ugh!
2. Denim tops are so in fashion. Pair these trendy shirts with matching denim skirts, jeans or trousers.
3. Metallics are very much in. From embellishments to sequins to bold colors like burgundy, no need to throw ’em out yet!
4. Pussy bow is back this season. So, are tiered sleeves and turtlenecks.
5. Transparent or PVC tops are still recommended.
6. Slouchy tops are so so in. Is it only me who’s happy to try this trendy fashion?!

trendy tops tops-styles-still-in-for-fall-winter-2018-fashion-trendsWhat’s Out?

Here are the tops that are so out of fashion!

1. We didn’t see many loose crop tops, other than those with built in bra.
2. Peplums are a big NO-NO, unless they’re futuristic and 3D!
3. Mesh tops are out. Aww! It was a short-lived trend. I would love to see them back in the coming seasons!
4. Extra long tee-shirts are still out of style.
5. One sleeved tops are a passé.

fall-winter-2018-fw18-tops-trends-out-fashionSo, these were the top 11 trendy tops style for 2018. Which one did you like the most? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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  1. I think fall is a spell when a woman can look modern and fashionable by putting a minimum effort. You are not bound to wear a western outfit to look fashionable. You can look beautiful and stylish simply by wearing a traditional cloth that represents your culture and identity. It is true that a modern cloth makes a youngster feel confident. Obviously, it is convenient and has the ability to extract the feelings of comfort from a youth effortlessly. Don’t get confused between traditional and modern attire. Choose the best boutique in your locality to find the right outfit capable of giving the notification to others that you are coming from a polished background.

  2. Hi sahana mam, I m so happy tat I can Know latest correct fashion trends by you, can u post a blog or tell me bout what type of tops to wear for blue , dark blue , light blue and black and distressed type of jeans ?


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