Trendy Nail Colors for 2019: Shilpa’s Top 9 Nail Polish Picks

From reds to nudes, from O.P.I. to Dior, Shilpa Ahuja has rounded up the 9 most popular & trendy nail colors for 2019 that every fashionista needs to try!

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Hey gorgeous! Wearing nail polish is a stress-buster. Just like art, painting nails is like filling in a coloring book. And that’s why a girl can never have too many nail polishes!

Trendy Nail Colors for 2019

So I checked out the latest collections of all the best nail polish brands to forecast trendy nail colors for 2019. Actually, I was expecting just the boring old shades we’ve written about every year. ‘Cause how many colors can there really be that we haven’t yet seen? But I was actually surprised to see so many new shades that I really wanted to try! The beautiful colors made me remember why I love nail polish so much. From nudes to greens, 2019 is gonna be seeing new shades in every color.

Let’s check out all 9 trending nail polish colors for 2019!

Barely There Pink

All sorts of pinks are back in fashion in 2019. Nude pink, shell and barely-there-pink are the top trendy nail colors for 2019. This shade is somewhere between white and petal pink, so it’s a great option for office as well as day dates. Go for a cool blush tone, or try a warm, nude-pink color. Powder pink is also one of the top fashion color trends for Spring 2019.


Juniper is a great new shade of nail polish we’re seeing in 2019. This is one of the most popular nail polish colors among the top brands, since we’re not seeing it yet in drugstore brands. Juniper is a grey-ish cloudy shade of blue, which can be perfect for both summer and fall, especially for office or casual wear.

Living Coral

Living coral is 2019’s Pantone color of the year, and beauty brands have caught up as well, ’cause we’re seeing it all over the nail polish collections of brands like O.P.I., Butter London, Chanel, and more. Warm, living coral is undoubtedly one of the hot and trendy nail colors for 2019. Perfect for your spring summer date needs, or parties.


Forget mint and forest! 2019 is the year of seafoam, seaweed, dusty-mint and fern. Green is a huge statement in itself when worn on nails. And seafoam is the best and most popular pick for 2019, since it’s very unique! This can be a cool shade to wear to office, or just casually with street style outfits.

Dark Spice

This deeper shade of wine with a hint of brown is one of my favorite trendy nail colors for 2019 and I’m already wearing it this month. While dark spice red is a great option for fall and winter 2019, it can also work in spring/summer parties or night-outs as an alternative to chocolate or black. In fact, the best way to wear it is to use it in minimal nail art, just as a thin line or half-moon, along with nude or white space. So spice up your nails!

Deep & Warm Fuchsia

Hot pink and this shade of deep, warm fuchsia pink is one of the best nail colors for 2019, as we spotted it in the collections of all the major nail brands and designer collections. This is the perfect pick-me-up nail shade, be it for parties or just a weekend chillin’ at home!

Iced Mocha

Mocha has a warm, deep brown shade, but when you have an iced mocha, sitting for an hour, it kind of gets mellowed down, becoming more diluted. This kind of a shade has less warm tones, somewhere between a latte, mocha and nude brown. Personally, I’m loving this shade – it’s extremely wearable for any occasion and will suit most skin tones. In fact, on very dark skin and very light skin tones, it’ll stand out even more! This color will also go perfectly with head-to-toe-neutrals, which is one of the top fashion trends for SS19.

Cloudy Grey

Cloudy grey shade is back as one of the trendy nail colors for 2019, and we can’t complain ’cause it’s such a timeless shade. Try both the cool and warm versions of cloudy grey color. And try it with a mix of matte and glossy or glittery on the same nail for a subtle, but chic nail art effect!

Dusty Gold

Forget the bold silvers, moon golds and yellow gold! This year is all about being understated and the same is true for metallics. So we’re seeing a lot of bronze, brownish-gold shades and this particular shade is what I’m calling “dusty-gold”. Again, seen in the collections of all major nail polish brands, it’s hot and trendy for 2019! Perf for weddings and parties.

So I hope you found this list of trendy nail colors for 2019 helpful. Which shade are you most excited to try? And are you already wearing any of these? Lemme know below! I’d love to see these shades on your nails, so don’t forget to tag me in your manicure pic on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom.

Muaah <3

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