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Shahana shirin asked

Hii Shilpa!! How r u?? My name is Shahana n I am living in Dubai. I want to know 2 things about my hair. First one is hair cutting.Commonly I am doing either layer cut or step cut. But now I need a different look.So can you help me on this??My face is heart shape. The second thing is hair colouring.I want to colour my hair.I need the shade of dark brown, but not that much shining.Which one you will suggest?I need the exact colour.My colour is brown.So which one will suits for me?

Shilpa Ahuja answered

Hi Shahana,

How are you and thanks for writing in!

Step cut is totally out and so I’m glad you decided to change it! This year is all about either no layers or very subtle – just 1-2 layers. If you have shorter hair, go for a lob, or maybe an asymmetric lob which is shorter in the front and longer at the back.


If you have too many split ends, go for a cut with subtle, uneven layers all over, like I got recently.

shilpa-ahuja-washing hair baking soda experiment results

For colors, my top favorites in dark browns these days are dark chocolate brown, chocolate cherry brown, ash caramel and cocoa auburn. However, be warned that every brand has a slightly different hair color chart. So instead of saying the exact shade, take a picture with you of the shade you want to the salon and get your stylist’s advice on how it’ll suit you. Since you didn’t tell me what your skin tone’s like, I gave the most popular ideas I’m seeing these days on celebs.

Here they are:

The trendiest hair coloring techniques to try these days are balayage, flamboyage and subtle ombre balayage (can we call it sombrayage?) Someone needed to give this one a name! Here’s how these look:

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