13 Trending Nail Polish Colors for Fall 2020/ Winter 2021

From Butter London to Chanel, from crepe to darkest purple, we have the roundup of 13 trending nail polish colors for Fall-Winter 20-21 to help you to find the latest color trends and shades.

Trending Nail Polish Colors for Fall 2020 Winter 2021

The year went by too quickly with the arrival of the pandemic, changing everyone’s practical life to virtual, bringing us to the end of the year with winters approaching way too soon. And we’re already hearing the ringing of festive bells.

Festivals bring enthusiasm and hope of distraction from all the situations around. Dressing up in new outfits, new makeup looks, and surely the latest nail enamels are the current mood.

Nail polish or nail art is something admired by all the girls and even the boys presently. To encourage this form of art we have rounded up a few top brands and their newly launched, trending nail polish colors of Autumn Winter 2020-21.

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Sally Hansen
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13 Trending Nail Polish Colors for Fall Winter 20-21

Every season, we wonder what new shades the nail polish industry will introduce, as we feel we have already seen it all. Yet, every season it surprises us, making us rediscover sticking old tones and brilliant new hues. Awed as we are, we really can’t wait to try some of this season’s trending nail polish colors (#4 for example). In 2021, we’ll be seeing a mix of deep rich shades and minimal pastels, and so there is something for everyone.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s discover all the up-to-the-minute shades in the market.

1. Crepe

The color can be described as a tinge of pink added to white. A very formal and sophisticated, expensive-looking shade, crepe is soothing to the eyes and is a top trend for Fall 2020. It seems that the craze for the pastel color is not going away any time soon.  

From 2019-2020, the demand for this shade has not seen any downfall, and all the top brands like Butter London, Chanel, Smith & Cult, Essie are showcasing this tint in their trending nail polish colors palette this year too.

The color can be an awesome match for formal attire or a party wear look. It’s also a wedding friendly hue. This versatile color can be a win-win for all sorts of outfits. 

crepe-powder-pink-trending nail polish dolors-formals

2. Coral Red

The bright pinkish orangish-red color, coral red is very popular in  lipsticks too. In fact, it’s very old in the category of nail paints as well but is back this season.

Of course, coral red is great for any day but when it comes to a special occasion or a celebration like Christmas or New Year’s party, this color is a great new choice.

One of the most popular colors for Fall 2020, red is loved by all, and taking it to a little paler side and giving it the coral tint makes it unique. Brands like Sephora, Smith & Cult, Chanel, L’Oreal, Masaba have this color in their Fall-Winter collections.

coral-red-orangish-trending nail polish colors-christmas

3. Darkest Purple

Not violet, not amethyst, nor eggplant – the hottest purple in town is the deepest, darkest purple. You name the brand and you see it there. From Chanel to Sephora, O.P.I to Smith and Cult, all the brands have this shade in common this season.

A versatile color for all occasions, casuals or formals, we’re loving these darker tones of purple. The eggplant shade from the previous year received so much love that it further turned out to be a darker, deep amethyst shade for this season.

Also, with Halloween coming up, dark comes into the picture. So why not go with these trending nail polish colors for Fall 2020!

darkest-purple-trending nail polish colors-eggplant

4. Hydrangea

This gorgeous bluish purple shade is somewhat closer to periwinkle, but with a warmer tint. A beautiful pastel, hydrangea is one of the newest trending nail polish colors to hit designer collections this year.

Perfect for casual wear, this would be great to uplift our moods while working from home during the chilly winters. It’ll also be a great companion for those virtual girls’ nights.

Brands like Sally Hansen have this hue in three different shades for Fall 2020, joining the queue we also have Essie and Butter London.

hydrangea-light-blue-trending nail polish colors-flower-formal

5. Iced Mocha

Here is a beverage loved by all and so is the color. And this pale new shade of iced mocha is super rich and lovely, plus we’re seeing a few variations in it too. Hence, brands like O.P.I, Butter London, Sally Hansen, Sephora, and Smith & Cult came up with these trending nail polish colors of the season.

The neutral color tone is fascinating and very much used for makeup. One of my favorite colors that I love to wear, mocha is mostly worn by girls for an executive formal look. This color will give an elegant look when worn with your first date outfit, too.

iced-mocha-coffee-trending nail polish colors-formal

6. Ink Blue

Darker tones are great for wintertime and make your hands look prettier. The colors are also very popular in nail art.

Ink blue is similar to the navy, with a more purple tint. It’s a great idea for workwear or office parties. But you can also wear it for dates or weddings. Mix it with white for your winter wonderland nail art designs.

One of the most trending nail polish colors, we’re seeing ink blue in the collection of brands like Maybelline, Sephora, Essie, O.P.I, and Sally Hansen.

ink-blue-trending nail polish colors-weddings

7. Neon Pink

The amount of this shade available in most of the brands and the popularity of the same compared to previous years is something noticeable. This bright hot pink is a universal classic, which is a part of every girl’s wardrobe.

From the times of Hannah Montana to classic old Barbie, this color has always been the favorite of many fashionable girls. Neons, be it in yellow, blue, or green or holographic shades give a completely new look every time you wear them.

Also this is a classic color for nail art trends. Most of the top brands like Dior, Essie, Butter London, Smith & Cult, Chanel have this color in trend.

neon-pink-trending nail polish colors-pinkish

8. Old Coin

A very old phrase says, “All that glitters, is not gold.” But I would say all that glitters on my nails can be gold. This fascinating new color seems to have resurfaced from the pictures of old coins in our history books. The sparkles added to it are the cherry on the cake.

Diwali and Christmas are arriving soon, the golden color we all know is the color of festivals and weddings. Hence, this is one of the trending nail polish colors for the season to look out for in top brands like Butter London, L’Oreal, Smith & Cult, and Sephora.

old-coin-glitter-trending nail polish colors-golden

9. Orchid

The flower of décor, or head-bands, orchid is such a gorgeous and feminine shade. The pinkish-purple hue with the addition of white makes it stand out of all. In fact, the orchid has even emerged as a very rich-looking shade since it adorned the biggest currency note in India! Wearing it with formal, casual, or even party wear is a great idea.

Famous brands like Dolce Gabbana, Christian Dior, Smith & Cult, L’Oreal, Butter London, etc. have this shade in their trending nail polish colors collections for this winter.

orchid-flower-party-wear-trending nail polish colors-pinkish-purple

10. Pewter

We’ll always love black on our nails, but adding shimmer to the color makes it a little different from the regular shiny or matte nail enamels. Famous brands like Smith & Cult, L’Oreal, Sephora, and Lakme have this color trending for Fall-Winter.

pewter-sparkle-trending nail polish colors-black-glitter

11. Sangria

The red wine drink from Spain and Portugal with the dark maroon hue is a cocktail that can make people go gaga over its color. It is one of those classic colors that we are seeing making a comeback from vintage times of queens and kings, the Mughals, and the Persian rulers.

It is my favorite color of the season for any event, be it formal, casual, a concert, or even for a party. Sangria would even work well with mustard or gold in nail art.

sangria-portuges-christmas-party-trending nail polish colors-wine

12. Seaweed

Here’s a pastel twist to olive that is the new classy choice for nails. It can work well with any look for formals, office wear, or conferences. The hue will be in trend for the season ahead in brands like Sally Hansen, Sephora, Maybelline, and Nails Inc.

seaweed-grass-trending nail polish colors-olive-green

13. Steel

Steel or a deep silver-tone gives a beaming effect and is very popular for nail art these days. The color is adorable in all forms matte, shine, or glitter. Steel nails seem to bring back the 60s space-age fashion trend, giving our manicure a futuristic look!

Hence, looking at the increasing demand for the color in the market made the top brands to come up with this color as the new trending tint of the Fall-Winter 2020. Brands like O.P.I, Butter London, Sally Hansen, Smith & Cult, etc. are a few of the brands showcasing this color for the coming season.

steel-glitter-trending nail polish colors-silver-glitter

This brings us to the end of our list of trending nail polish colors. Tell us about your fave nail colors in the comments below! And share your new mani pics with us by tagging us on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom.

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