Trending Bollywood Hairstyles 2022

A trendy hairstyle can change your whole look. Want to achieve that? Try these trending Bollywood hairstyles of 2022 for inspiration.

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Hi peeps! As we all know hair is one of the most important aspects of beauty. Growing up we were all subjected to constant oiling of our scalp and hair and this tradition has now taken over the world by storm. This obsession with luscious tresses is not something new or revolutionary. From thick, shiny hair in our favorite movies to long, gorgeous hair in fairy tales like Rapunzel, they are the ultimate portrayals of beauty.

While the hair stylists at Bollywood have been busy innovating new hairdos, let’s be real, we were having days where we were just too exhausted to brush our hair and create something unique so we opted for a ponytail or a bun. However, post Covid it is all about experimenting and stepping up the hair game.

Top Trends of 2022

With the change in timeline comes the need to try something new and different. It’s no different with hairstyles, especially not when Bollywood celebs are constantly serving impeccable inspiration. Want to try something refreshing or simply find a way to transform a boring ponytail? You are in the right place as we have compiled the best of trending hairstyles of 2022 flaunted by Bollywood celebs.

Top 10 Trending Bollywood Hairstyles



All thanks to social media, our beloved 2000s hair has gained some serious momentum in the beauty scene. These trending Bollywood hairstyles are fun, quirky and full of life. Besides, there is no fear of messing things up, it’s all a part of the look. Perfect for days when you are in a hurry, like when you have spent too much time picking an outfit for a concert that you totally forgot about your hair. Millennial and Gen Z, both of them are currently loving this trend. It’s about time you and I also try it, don’t you think?

90s Supermodel Blowout


Looks like this year was a reminiscent of retro trends. We go back in time to the best of hairstyles – the OG 90s blow-dry. Also known as the 90s big hair, this hairdo is officially back with a bang! This blow-dry takes efforts, time and screams ‘rich’. It is bouncy and youthful without looking too structured or overdone due to which it is perfect for a party or a date. The key to ace this hairstyle is blow-drying small sections of hair and use a round brush to add the volume.

Accessorize Up


There is something extra about hair accessories, isn’t it? There is something for every occasion – from desi events to western ones. And thankfully, accessorized tresses are one of the most trending Bollywood hairstyles right now. All you need is the confidence to pull them off. For occasions like brunch or a picnic, whip a ponytail, add bandana and you are all set to go. Need an inspiration for a desi wedding? Take a hint from Sonam. Braid your hair as usual, add some delicate pearls all over and you are ready to shine.

Half Up Half Down Hairdo


Having a bad hair day, running out of time and want to keep your hair off the face? Half up, have down is the perfect solution for this problem. That’s why we love trending Bollywood hairstyles – there’s something for everyone. This hairdo is comfortable yet elegant and can be worn on any occasion – when you are just chilling at home or when you are going out with your besties for lunch. There is something for everyone, one can just put a bun or braid the front section of hair and put a small ponytail in the back, it all depends on the type of look you are trying to achieve.

Hollywood Waves


Natural waves are so passé which is why the B-town ladies love this glamourous hairdo. This season we go big or go home. This is one of those trending Bollywood hairstyles that is perfect for all the family events or birthdays. Straight hair can be boring and that is why this voluminous, sculpted hair is here. From A-listers like Tabu to Nora, all love this iconic style. Don’t forget to use heat protection when achieving these flawless waves. Just for how clean and retro this hairdo looks, it has to be my personal fave!

Braided Ponytail


We can all collectively admit that although ponytails are boring, they are the simplest and the least time-consuming hairdos out there. But what if I say that we can put our regular ponytail to rest and give it a fresh spin? All you have to do is combine the ponytail with braid. Rope braid, French braid, 3 strand braid, fishtail braid, Dutch braid, bubble braid – the options are endless. This is perfect for summers and will most likely become the new go-to hairdo for college. Take a cue from Ananya Pandey and Sonakshi Sinha who are killing the variations of the same hairstyle!

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Pulled Back Hair


Unsurprisingly, this is B-town’s all-time favorite hairdo and is considered a classic. It is sophisticated, elegant and can pretty much be paired with anything, ranging from gowns to pantsuits. This is characterized by a partition and pinning of a small section of hair behind the ear. Don’t forget to use serum and setting spray to reduce frizz and tame baby hairs.

Natural Textured Hair


I personally believe textured hair is underrated. We are flooded with images of celebs donning straight hair but there is nothing more beautiful than watching women embrace their natural textured hair. Managing big curly hair can be daunting but look at how effortlessly Taapsee and Sanya flaunt their gorgeous hair. Tight or loose curls is completely your choice. This is perfect for photo shoots, weddings and receptions.

Long Bangs


Trending Bollywood hairstyles are getting more and more glam every year. This is perhaps the most flattering hairstyle for almost all face types and texture. It helps frame our face and add definition. Whether you are going for side bangs, curtain bangs or wispy fringes, you are covered! Moreover, these bangs will only add charm to any hairstyle you do – from ponytails to buns. This hairdo is suitable for every day, fests or even a date. Look at Janhvi for inspo on how to style bangs but if you want to pin them up, look no further. Jacqueline has got you!

Side Pulled Back


Last but not the least, we have this variation of the basic pulled back hair where you part your hair and pin only one half of the partition. This hairdo can be a little tricky to handle as there is one side of hair that is constantly on your face. However, if you master it, you can leave a mark. For a western event use embellished pins or clips to seal the deal. In case it is for a desi event, tuck a rose to reflect sheer delicacy. Don the hairdo at weddings, parties and dinner events.

Rest assured, we don’t need the regular, boring hairstyles when we have these new, fresh looks to try out. These Indian hairdos are goals for 2022, so try them out and let us know which one is your favorite in the comment section below! Now, excuse me while I go try some of these trending Bollywood hairstyles myself. Until next time, find us on our Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures donning your favorite hairstyle!

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