9 Trending Beauty Styles & Summer Makeup on Instagram: Yay or Nay?

From M.A.C to Dior, from multi-lined eyeliner to lower lash extensions, discover the latest trending beauty styles and Instagram makeup in real life, and see whether they’re wearable or not!

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Hey gorgeous! Season after season we see makeup trends keep changing on the runways alongside the fashion trends. But are the runways still the only place to source fresh ideas? Absolutely not! We are seeing new trends popping up every single day on Instagram, too! From hyper glossy eyeshadow to lower lash extensions, this season IG beauty accounts have had so many latest trending beauty styles to offer.

So if you’re out of ideas and in need of inspiration for a girl’s day out or a wedding, Instagram and the various trends hashtags come into play! But are they wearable in real life, or meant for pretty (or sometimes ugly) Instagram pictures only? We find out! Let’s take a look at the trending beauty styles and makeup on Instagram!

Trending Beauty Styles on Instagram

1. Multi-Lined Eyeliner



Multilined eyeliner isn’t exactly a new trend, but last month, we saw it on Instagram account of Dior. Layering these different colored eyeliners is a just fun trend to try this season. Whether you want to add a little edge or make a bold color statement, it depends on you, on how to adjust the color and the thickness of the line that goes well with your personal style.

To make it really wearable, you can just make use of two different colors rather being too colorful and pair with nude makeup. Best opted to use for the night parties and birthdays for a unique style.

instagram-beauty-style-fashion-designer-dior- multi-lined- eyeliner-trending-makeup

2. Hyper Glossy Eyeshadow


In search of something wet and wild? Then here you are! It’s an easy peasy trend with less effort and high impact look. But we’re skeptical of wearing this glossy eyeshadow during summers or during sweaty summer activities like BBQ parties, pool parties or at the beach. ‘Cause this glossy eyeshadow will just mess up your total makeup if you got sweaty. But yeah, try during the winter season or when you’re indoors. Whether colored or clear, the hyper-glossy eyeshadow look will be great for parties & weddings.


3. Eyeshadow Without the Liner



Liner is an absolute basic makeup item. We’re so used to seeing eyeshadow with eyeliner that we don’t even call it a finished look unless it has liner. Some women don’t even step out of the house without the liner. But here’s a new trend to try. You might just love it, as it just softens your eye makeup look paired with nude or bold lipstick, and it’s a handy trick to simplify your makeup routine.


4. Lower Lash Extensions


For past few years, upper lash extensions have been common for enhancing eyes. But this season, we saw lower lash extensions are blowing up on Instagram. Shilpa strongly hates this trend, as she says lower lashes 200-300% longer than natural ones will look too unnatural, scary and it’s a bad look. Personally, I feel that fashion doesn’t always need to look natural and it’s a trend worth a try!

designer-mac- lower-lash- extension-instagram-beauty-makeup

5. Yellow Eyeshadow


A shade that many women never opted for years thinking that it does nothing to their skin tone and their look. But suddenly yellow color eyeshadow has come up as a trend, all thanks to Kylie Jenner wearing it in this picture. A pale yellow actually looks summery and neutral, and really anyone can try this. Great idea and I would always say yay to go for this trend with light color or nude lipsticks and nude makeup.

instagram-beauty-style-fashion-beauty-makeup-celeb-kylie-jenner- yellow-shadow
Kylie Jenner

6. Brow Touching Lashes

thumps down-thumps-up-trending-beauty-style-icon-yay-nay-50%

How long is too long? Can lashes work if they go all the way up to the brows? Sounds interesting! It feels good about getting those long lashes done, they may make your eyes look bold or will they look too odd? We definitely don’t recommend to use these long false lashes for your daily life. Instead, you can wear it for photo shoots, parties and bridal wedding paired with a dewy makeup.

instagram-beauty-style-fashion-makeup-maybelline-brow touching-lashes

7. Liner at the Crease


Who says liner always needs to be worn at the lash line? Can’t it fly up? We’re liking this one that goes almost mid-way between your eyelashes and your eyebrow. This trend made a big splash on the runways of the last year. But this season we’re seeing it’s trendy on Instagram and a must try one! There are different ways you try this eye makeup. Well, that depends on how light or heavy you want your eye makeup to be! For a night out, pair with shimmer and metallics!


8. Vagina Nails

thumps down-thumps-up-trending-beauty-style-icon-yay-nay-7%

Female sex organ on nails? Are you serious? Yes, we are seeing this as a trend all over Instagram. Never did we imagine that this would ever become a trend. But yes, vagina nails are taking over Instagram beauty bloggers. Whereas I’ll always say no to this trend. ‘Cause getting a vagina drawn on your nails seems eye-catchy but not at all classy. Can we be more sophisticated, ladies?

instagram-beauty-style-fashion-polish-msconcepcion - vagina-nails
msconcepcion via Instagram

So those were the trending beauty styles and summer makeup from Instagram. Which trend is your favorite and which is not? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!


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