Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas for All the Tattoo Lovers to Get Inspired!

From popular themes to meanings and tattoo ideas, discover the latest different tattoo styles in trash polka tattoo to get inked!

Trash Polka Tattoo-ideas-designs-black-red-color-themesHey gorgeous! Since the moment they got popularized, trash polka tattoos have been out of the box and unique from the normal tattoo styles. This tattoo style is like a collage with a combination of different ideas. And the final result is just wow!! I know there are loads of tattoo lovers around the world who wanna keep exploring new designs and ideas. So if you’re in search of styles, ideas and what part to get inked, then here you are! Let’s take a look at the trash polka tattoo designs with meanings and what part of the body to get them on!

What is Trash Polka

According to Wiki, trash polka is a tattoo style created by the artists Simone Pfaff and Volke Merschky in Wurzburg in Germany. Trash means ‘garbage’ and polka means ‘the dance’ and by combining these two concepts, they came up with a unique style. The tattoos can be a combination of nature, realistic images, lettering and symbols to create a theme colored in just red and black.

Trash Polka Art

Trash polka art is a painterly tattoo style created by the artists in different designs. Tattoo art is characterized by its realistic looking elements from nature to elements and portraits. This style of art is a modern, mash-up style that mixes words, symbols, paint splatters and graphics.

Trash Polka Tattoo Trend

Trash polka tattoo style is a really unique trend amongst all the tattoo trends. These tattoos can be big or small, but the larger ones are more popular right now. Owing to their unique color scheme of black and red, they are easily spotted even from afar and this is the main reason for their popularity. Their themes range from love to strength to wisdom, so you can get what’s most meaningful to you and suits your personality. Trash polka style is a new unusual trend that can be inked on different places on your body.

Popular Themes in Trash Polka Tattoos

It’s always better to choose a theme that is not just popular but also meaningful. Something that means a lot to you and really speaks a lot about you. So try, some of the popular themes in trash polka tattoos, like nature, elements, floral, skull and anchor inspired.

trash-polka-tattoo-designs-themes-on-nature-elements-ideas-2018Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas

From flowers to realistic to skulls, here are many ideas for trash polka tattoos to choose from. Let’s take a look!

1. Trash Polka Skull

The skull is a symbol of danger and death. It’s definitely not for everyone. But if you wanna get it inked, get it done on the chest, thighs, sleeves and at the back. It’s certainly a dark tattoo idea for the fearless!

black-and-red-tattoos-style-fashion-ideas-trash-polka-art-skull-designs-20182. Trash Polka Sleeve

Trash polka sleeve tattoos are yet another way to try this theme. Getting inked on your arm shows your enthusiasm and willingness to bring change to your life. Great idea to go for a full sleeve or even a half-sleeved tattoo.

trash-polka-sleeve-art-design-red-black-color-trends-20183. Realistic Trash Polka

The realistic trash polka is a painterly tattoo style created by artists that looks very realistic. And they bring the realistic trash polka art in such a way that it uses a combination of nature, flowers, symbols, music and much more.

realistic-trash-polka-tattoo-ideas4. Trash Polka Lettering

Trash polka lettering style is not going out of fashion anytime soon. Before getting lettering inked, it’s very important that you choose the right body part to get it done. You can express yourself through these tattoos as they are very clear and specific. Best place to get tattoed is on your wrist.

black-and-red-tattoos-lettering-style-fashion-ideas-trash-polka-tattoo5. Trash Polka Flower Tattoo

The flower tattoo is a timeless fashion trend. Black ink is uncommon for flowers but not in trash polka. As these flowers, birds, streaks and some smudges of colors add an extra effect to the entire tattoo design. Try roses, poppies, lilies, tulips or even a mixed bouquet of flowers.

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trash-polka-tatto-art-flower-style-ideas-trends-ink-2018Where to Get Trash Polka Tattoos

Trash polka is a good idea for on many different areas like arm, shoulder, sides or even chest. If you’re planning for a large tattoo, back or arm are the best ideas. And the best part is that you can add a lot of details and meaning to your tattoo design. So if you’re thinking where to get your trash polka tattoos inked, here I have come up with some popular places in the body parts to get than done!

1. Trash Polka Arm Tattoo

Arm tattoos are extremely popular amongst all genders. And it’s one of the best places to get the trash polka tattoo done. Arm tattoos can be done right from the shoulder to the wrist or just the upper arm length. Also, you can easily hide or show off your tattoo by easily wearing a full-sleeved or sleeveless top.

arm-tattoo-trash-polka-design-art-trend2. Black & Red on Hand

The combination of black and red tattoos look great on all skin types. The hand is the best place to express your feelings as well your inner strength. There are a number of designs to try from minimal to large to get inked on hand. red-and-black-trash-polka-arm-tattoo-pinterest

3. Trash Polka Leg Tattoo

To make your tattoo look more outstanding, get it inked on your legs. It’s a great place to show off your tattoo. There are so many designs that you can get tattooed, from large to medium to small intricate ones. Get your favorite one inked in trash polka art.

leg-designs-trash-polka-tattoo-art-markovsky-bird-style-ideas-20184. Trash Polka Foot Tattoo

The foot is another popular place to get your tattoo done. In fact, it’s one of the perfect places to exhibit your design. But select a design such that it’s not very painful for you when you get inked!

foot-tattoo-art-design-red-and-black-color-inked-markovsky-bow-key-designs-20185. Trash Polka on Shoulder

Goes without thinking! Nature tattoos on the shoulder are all-time favorite amongst people who don’t wanna experiment too much. You can combine nature with other ideas like animals or letters.

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trash-polka-arm-design-nature-animals-markovsky-style-20186. Trash Polka Rib Tattoo

There is no doubt that trash polka rib tattoos are really very sexy! And the trash polka rib tattoo describes the fact that the wearer went through a lot of pain! So it talks about your resilience and strength.

rib-tattoo-art-primitive-tattoo-trash-polka-design-20187. Trash Polka Back Tattoo

Though it’s very tough to get this and the procedure to get inked at the back of your body is quite painful, but the end result is always superb. The back is also the perfect place to try large tattoos, so try themes like sceneries, realistic animals or a large skull.

trash-polka-tattoo-design-at-the-back-markovsky-eyes-inked-20188. Red & Black Tattoo on Chest

Not everyone can get it done on the chest. But one who’s getting it done has to go through the severe pain! And the tattoo themes that are done on chest attracts a lot of attention and evokes strong emotions. So go for themes that are very personal like names, love, motivation or ambition.

So those were the trash polka tattoos in different designs to get inked. Which design did you like the most? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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