From clear shoes to handbags, see-through accessories made waves in Spring 2018 collections. Check out the transparent fashion trend we’re loving this year!

Transparent FashionHey beautiful! Spring summer may not be rainy seasons, but the fashion weeks are letting us predict this. The transparent fashion trend is gonna be a thing in 2018! We saw transparent jackets, coats, skirts and tops in the designer collections from the Spring 2018 collections. But transparent accessories were even more eye catching! From handbags to jewelry to shoes, they were all super-hot! So, why are fashion designers notching the transparency up this season? Well, designers come up with weird stuff and fashion can get surreal!

Transparent fashion isn’t a new thing. We have seen celebs sporting them this year. From Rihanna to Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian to Kendall Jenner. In fact, Kim Kardashian even tried a transparent dress!

transparent-fashion-accessories-celebs-kim-kardashian-kendall-jenner-rihannaBut we never thought that transparent fashion would become a runway thing! From Chanel to Emporio Armani to Oscar de la Renta, we saw transparent accessories trending in so many of the Spring 2018 runway collections.

Transparent Fashion Accessories Trend

We went through all the designer collections from Spring Summer 2018! And while the SlubTeam is sweating it out by researching for SlubAnalytics, we uncovered this transparent accessories trend. Let’s check out!

1. Transparent Handbags

Now everyone will know what’s exactly inside a girl’s bag! Transparent bags rocked the SS18 runways. From clear tote bags with handles to sling ones, they were all trendy! From Chanel to Emporio Armani to Maison Margiela, many big designers made a case for transparent bags. I won’t mind carrying them on the rainy days. Oh! Chennai weather is treating with rains these days and while commuting, these clear see through handbags are gonna be a savior. Though I’ll have to sell myself to afford that Chanel bag (*makes saddest face*), so Zara and Forever 21, when are you coming up with even cuter ones?!

transparent-fashion-accessories-handbags-chanel-maison-margiela2. Transparent Jewelry

See-through jewelry is a trend! Personally, I’m not a fan of them. But it’s not like designers care about my opinion! Anyway! I’m here to report about the trends; I don’t make them (I stole this line from Shilpa’s Fall 2017 fashion trends video)! So, we saw transparent beaded multi-layered bracelet by Chanel, water-drop-inspired earrings, dangle earrings by Emporio Armani.

transparent-fashion-accessories-jewelry-chanel-emporio-armani-bracelets-earrings3. Transparent Shoes

Transparent shoes are getting the right attention this season. We’ve been seeing transparent heels since the Fall 2015  collections! But the Spring 2018 collections were overflooded with them. We saw transparent booties, thigh high boots, chunky heels, pumps and stilettoes.

Well, but clear plastic doesn’t allow the skin to breathe and the verdict from the fashionistas is in – it gets all sweaty inside. Maybe these shoes are good to wear for an hour or so! But fashion isn’t about comfort, is it?!

transparent-fashion-accessories-thigh-high-boots-chunky-heels-pumps-chanelAre you gonna try transparent fashion accessories? What’s your take on it? Let us know! Tweet @shilpa1ahuja!

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