Different Types of Tops to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts usually symbolize formal dressing, but different tops bring about different looks. Here are some fashionable tops to wear with a pencil skirt.

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Pencil skirts have been essential since before the time women started wearing pants to work. They make a strong statement in terms of independence and confidence, and women everywhere are upgrading the way they’re worn according to the fashion of the day. You would say all you need is a shirt and a suit jacket to complete the look, but there is more. Women have now empowered themselves in fields that require more than just a suit. So this article is for us to conquer a pencil skirt to wear it in more ways than just one or two!

Here’s a ‘how to’ on different tops to wear with a pencil skirt to rock this year.

Tops to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

1. Tees with Pencil Skirts

Styling a tee with a pencil skirt is one way to ease tension. It brings about a balanced calm in your dressing yet keeping you looking polished. Tees can be anything from graphic printed to short sleeves, elbow sleeved to full sleeves, V-necks or round-necks and even polo tees with pencil skirts make great semi-formal or casual outfits.

With more casual skirts like denim, pair a graphic or loose casual tee. Pair cute off-shoulder tees and fitted tees with your formal looking skirts to balance the look.

Tees with Pencil Skirts

2. Blouses with Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirt with polyester blouses is like cherry on the icing. They make a great combination no matter what color. But you can also team up blouses in other fabrics depending on the skirt and the weather.

Prints and solids make great combos, too. Pair a printed pencil skirt with a matching solid-colored blouse. Or if you want to pull off an all monotone, make sure the tints and shades match well.

Blouses with Pencil Skirts

3. Shirts with Pencil Skirts

The ever classic shirt with the pencil skirt. Nothing can ever go wrong with this combination. Make sure you find the right shirt and you don’t always have to be traditional as shirts are getting daring with asymmetrical details, back opens, embellished and so much more. So, go a little further in teaming up the good old pencil skirt with something modern too. You can also roll up the sleeves for a semi-formal look!

Shirts with Pencil Skirts

4. Jackets with Pencil Skirts

Jackets have taken a new stand in our wardrobes and are a great pairing for pencil skirts. Make it a point to invest in a good set of summer and winter jackets that will work well with all your clothes and colors. Jackets don’t just have to be used as an outer layer. Pair shirt jackets that act as the first layer with your pencil skirts, and add a belt and your favorite shoes for a chic look!

Jackets with Pencil Skirts

5. Sweaters with Pencil Skirts

Sweaters with pencil skirts are for the cozy days. They make a great team if worn right. Let them loose on your waist for a more casual look or tuck a skinny sweater in to make it formal. They are comfortable work buddies on heavy winter days. Throw on a winter jacket and high boots and get to work in style.

Sweaters with pencil Skirts

6. Assorted Tops That Can Be Worn with a Pencil Skirt

These tops work well for all the other times you need a pencil skirt but don’t want to end up looking serious. Crop tops, sweat shirts, sheer tops, bralettes, body suits and mix and match lace tops and great for fun times and parties where you wanna wear your pencil skirt in an experimental way. After-work-drinks perhaps? Accessorize well and take your confidence along.

Assorted Tops with Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts come to the rescue in so many different situations. That is why knowing about the different types of tops to wear with a pencil skirt helps. Let me know if you found this article interesting and useful. Post your comments below on how you would wear your pencil skirt!

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