Top Nail Artists to Follow on Instagram

Looking for the hottest, chicest nail art designs? So take inspo from our list of top nail artists to follow on Instagram. 

Featured nail art by Miss Pop

Nail trends have followed a series of succession. The art form isn’t going to wane off anytime soon, as seen in a continuous sequence of artistry by top nail artists on Instagram. They are keen to encourage creativity and express their individuality. Hang Nguyen and Bentina Goldstein, both minimalist lovers, yet constantly adding new life to classic ideas. Or whether it’s gaining major insight into nail trends by DryByLondon

Instagram is brimming with nail designs, and honestly, it can be overwhelming. Whether you are searching for minimal designs or super bright prints, scroll through our list of top nail artists to follow on Instagram.


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15 Top Nail Artists to Follow for Major Nail Inspo

We have rounded up a selection of the top nail artists to follow on Instagram. These will keep you at the top of the trends any day. So let’s start!

1. Hang Nguyen

On the speed dial of many, including Kate Hudson- we mean Hang Nguyen knows her job.  The L.A based nail artist allows her minimal signature art to do the talking. Pop culture and art lovers will love Hang Nguyen’s nail art designs. She is best loved for her super-fine brushwork. French manicure to minimalist art to single accent nails, find it all on her feed.


Check Hang’s IG here.

2. Bentina Goldstein

Nail art designs on Instagram are usually ultra-long nail designs. But, Bentina Goldstein’s short and round-shaped nails are a good break. Usually, designs for longer nail tips cannot be executed on shorter nails, so Bentina’s minimalist nail art is refreshing. From French manis to fine lines, and tiny minimal designs, you’ll find all that and more on her account. It’s no surprise that she’s on every list of most top nail artists on Instagram.


View Bentina’s page here.

3. Alicia Torrello

This New York-based manicurist is also one of the most searched top nail artists on Instagram. Alicia Toreello’s account is a good respite from all the intricate nail art designs that are hard to execute. Simply put, her designs are bold and graphic, but doable. All you need is the right tools and a little patience.


Follow Alicia here.

4. Park Eun Kyung

South Korean-based nail artist, Park Eun Kyung’s 3-D creations are simply awesome. It can be safe that Kyung’s LED, wire, and glass manicures changed the nail art world. Also, present in most of Park Eunkyung’s nail designs is her use of nail accessories such as pearls, brightly-hued sugar, and jewelry. Unistella jewelry is one of her many famous designs. If you love bold designs, accent nails, and holographic art, then she is one of the best nail artists to follow.

Park_Eun_Kyung's_top nail artists

Check out Park Eun’s account here.

5. DryBy London

All your favorite nail trends are in one place on DryBy London’s page. Their minimal, pared-down, clean, and sophisticated designs are worth following. Another reason to follow their page is the gorgeous bridal designs.


Discover DryBy London’s account here.

6. Madeline Poole

The OG of all nail artists, Madeline Poole has been a part of Global Color Ambassador since 2014. She is a master when it comes to experimenting with hues. Her color theory is precise and comes alive in all of her nail art designs.


View Madeline’s IG here.

7. Paintbucket

This account is a dream if you are looking for nail art inspiration. They offer the best nail art and trendiest nail designs for you to take ideas from.


Check Madeline’s account.

8. Bel Fountain

L.A. based nail artist, Bel Fountain feed ranges from graffiti nails to 3D art. Her tagline, “Life is too short for boring nails,” is perfect as her page is anything but simple.  If you are looking for unique, special designs, you know who to follow.


Follow Bel Fountain here.

9. Mei Kawajiri

New York-based artist Mei Kawajiri never stops experimenting. Her creations are out of the ordinary. Her statement nails included depictions of typography and jewel-toned squares embossed with transparent tips. Mei’s fresh designs are beloved to star kids like Bella Hadid and Justine Skye.

Mei gives a DIY approach to her nail art designs and fans love her for that. Known for her whimsical and anime designs, follow her page for more inspiration.


Check Mei’s work here.

10. Miss Pop

Having worked for top designer shows like Oscar de la Renta and Moschino, Miss Pop’s nail designs are out-of-the-ordinary. Her brightly colored manicure is a regular on the runway of Moschino. This NYC-based nail artist creates amazing trends that are unique every season. Lately, she has found a new love of doing hand art that goes beyond the fingers.


Discover Miss Pop’s IG here.

11. Jessica Washick

Another popular Instagram nail artist you can follow is Jessica Washick. Bright paint colors and geometric designs for nails are her signature style. Check out her account if you are into mixing colors, but aren’t sure how to match them.


Here’s Jessica’s IG account.

12. Britney Tokyo

Working for the likes of celebs like Kim Kardashian West, Ariana Grande, and Hailey Beiber, the nail art by Britney Tokyo is tasteful. A TV actress in Japan before venturing into nail art, Tokyo’s page is a wonderland. She not only specializes in acrylic designs in bold colors, but also in mixed media art, textures, nail jewelry, and graphic arts.


See Britney’s account here.

13. Canishiea J. Sams

Making to our list of top nail artists on Instagram is Canishiea J. Sams page. Her feed is a limitless scroll of swirls, geometric art, and dotted designs. Her nail designs are mostly almond-shaped and short.


Check out Canishiea’s work here.

14. Cassandre Marie

Her feed is all about feminine, soft design. One scroll through her account and you’ll get a visual display of eye-pleasing aesthetic. Marie specializes in geometric designs and clean art that feel modern yet timeless.


Follow Cassandre here.

15. Sophie Harris-Greensl ade

The UK-based Sophie Harris took up illustration in college. She specializes in floral, plaid patterns, and gem designs. Her signature style is clean, yet intricate hand-painted designs. The manicurist also has a faux nail range in collaboration with Boots. Her beautiful ideas find follow hits instantly as she isn’t afraid to take risks and break the rules.


View Sophie’s page here.

These are the best names in the nail art world on Instagram. If you’re looking for inspiration for a new design, then have a look at the unique designs these top nail artists have to offer. Jazz up your fingers and don’t forget to shower your love by sharing your beautiful nail art on Instagram by tagging us @shilpaahujadotcom!

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