Popular Music Artists and Their Top Hits You Can Get into

Wanna know who are the coolest music stars to follow right now? Here’s our list of the popular music artists & their top songs. Because what’s better than adding more music to your feed?

Top: Doja Cat, Lewis Capaldi, Ariana Grande; Bottom: Blackpink, Camila Cabello, BTS

We may disagree on few things but agree that variety in music is everything. Be it a pop lover, or rock crooner – our choices are as spiced up and packed with all kinds of content. With so many inspiring artists coming up, we’re constantly spoiled for choice. As exaggerated as it sounds, I know you’re with me on this one.

Take my case, for instance, I am moody when it comes to my song selections. Some days I lean towards the hip-hop/rap genre or contemporary soul, or even a mellow country, so it depends. But whatever my playlist is, it simply makes me feel all the feels. Some of my faves go by the name of Rita Ora, Billie Eilish, and Dua Lipa, but I have tried to be as much inclusive with my list below.

On that note, take a look at my pick of popular music artists and their top hits. You may be familiar with some music artists already but unfamiliar with few things about them. We bet you’d be surprised, so let’s start!


Most Popular Music Artists Right Now

My lists of music artists and their top hits may give you an unexpected detour of emotions, but trust me this read will be worthwhile. So let’s start!

1. BTS

There were boy bands that came and conquered. Every generation has one. At present, the biggest boy band is undoubtedly the K-pop group sensation BTS. The seven member-RM, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope have a growing ARMY (Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth) of dedicated fans all over the world. Releasing chart-topping hits and breaking records with each album, BTS is a force to be reckoned with. Debuting with their hit single, “No More Dream” in 2013, they have earned consistent top spots on Billboard charts.

I am not exactly a K-pop fan, but I know for a fact that popular music artists from Korea are huge globally. It is a growing community and there are a decent number of BTS and Blackpink followers from the place I come from, so this one is for them.

P.S: The BTS fans call themselves the ARMY.

Fun Facts: Dynamite (2020), an all-out there disco-pop single got them the long-deserved Grammy nomination in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. The now Grammy-nominated single holds a special place for the group not only because it was their first song done entirely in English but it also hit the no.1 spot on Billboard Hot 100. RM stated-“When things were difficult and frustrating for us, this was a sort of ray of light, a sip of sweet water.”

Popular Earworms – Dynamite, Boy with Luv ft. Halsey, Blue & Grey, Life Goes on.

Best Boyband

2. Blackpink

Let me be partial towards K-pop stans and introduce another leading Korean girl group, Blackpink. Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé have been part of the group since 2016. Signing with mega K-pop label, YG Entertainment, the girls have since then been releasing chart-topping hits. In 2019, they became the first female K-pop group to perform at Coachella. On Oct 2nd, 2020, Blackpink released their debut full studio album, titled ‘The Album with eight songs. The album drew a whopping 333.3 million streams in roughly a week. So, yes, this K-pop female act is a big deal.

Fun Facts: Blackpink was on the coveted cover of Elle’s October edition last year in 2020. The response was record-breaking. In Elle’s 75 year history, this cover is the most liked with over 353,000 likes on Instagram. Also, they racked up 8.2 million views and counting on YouTube for Song Association, a game. If you’ve not been introduced to the girl group, then this is a good place to start or catch their documentary, Blackpink: Light up the Sky on Netflix.

Popular Earworms- Bet you Wanna ft. Cardi B, Ice Cream ft. Selena Gomez, Lovesick Girls, Kill this Love, Kiss, and Makeup ft. Dua Lipa.


3. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is one of the most influential female pop stars over the last few years. She’s been delivering chart-hits consistently and now, the world is celebrating her engagement with luxury realtor Dalton Gomez. Her previous albums Thank U, Next and Sweetener are excerpts of her life swept in authenticity. Positions, her newest and sixth album also offers lyrical brilliance with the singer’s R&B influences.

Fun Facts: Do you know the singer had the top three slots in 2019 Billboard Hot 100 for the songs- ‘7 Rings,’ ‘Break up with your Girlfriend, I’m Bored’ and ‘Thank U, Next?’ No popular music artists reached that spot since the Beatles in 1964. The same year, she became the second most followed celeb on Instagram after football favorite star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Popular Earworms: Positions, 34+35,7 Rings, Thank U, Next.


4. Harry Styles

Harry Styles was already a pop sensation by the age of 16 when he was discovered on The X Factor being a part of a group that later became One Direction. The band achieved massive success but later decided to go on a hiatus. Styles came out with his solo debut in 2017. Sign of the Times, a lyrical piano ballad went off topping the charts. Very much the It boy, but it is his boyish personality that every gal absolutely adores. This pin-up boy has gotten popular than ever with his second solo album “Fine Line,” already on top of the music charts.

Fun Facts: He has about 40 tattoos including a matching tattoo with Ed Sheeran. Bet you didn’t know that!

Popular Earworms: Treat People with Kindness, Watermelon Sugar, Golden, Falling, Sign of the Times, Fine Line.

Best male pop star

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5. Selena Gomez

She is only 28, but the singer and producer have already faced a lot of challenges. From her much-publicized breakup to life-saving surgery, while balancing her music, film, and humanitarian projects.  Gomez’s third studio Rare released in 2020.

After staying off the spotlight prior to the release of the album, Selena has returned stronger with quality music while acquiring the No.1 position on the Billboard 2020 of popular music artists. The album Rare with 13 songs opens about her mental health issues and self-growth amidst her public breakup. At the 2020 Teen Vogue Summit, the singer was the keynote speaker. “The whole theme of my last album was a lot of self-discovery, a lot of being OK, being alone and being vulnerable, being OK with not looking like everything else, like everyone else.”

Ahead of the new release, Gomez got a cute little tattoo below her right ear to memorialize the album. On a chat with Lulu Garcia-Navarro in 2020, Selena detailed why she got the tattoo and what “rare” meant for her. She explained, “The word has meant so much more to me than just a title of a song. We live in a time where everything is based on your looks and social media and there are so many different channels telling people what they should look like, and how they should do this, and that. And I want to represent a person that is just saying, ‘You are who are: you’re unique and you’re rare.”  

Fun Facts: Always known to be outspoken with her fans, we bet there may be things that may still surprise you about Selena. For instance, she doesn’t have an Instagram app on her phone in spite of having been one of the most-followed celebs at one point on the social media platform. And when she does have to share something with her fans, she does it through someone else’s phone.

Popular Earworms: De Una Vez, Feel me, Rare, Lose you to love me, Look at her now, Boyfriend, Taki Taki.

best female singer

6. Lewis  Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi’s journey has been quite a fascinating one. His active participation on social media catapulted him to fame since the beginning. He was discovered on SoundCloud by his manager. For the uninitiated, SloudCloud helps young artists without any label to release their music and have it heard by listeners for free. This was his first taste to success. And the rest you know is history.

The Scottish singer-songwriter was nominated for the Critics Choice Award 2019 Brit Awards. His hit single, ‘Someone You Loved,’ topped the UK Singles Chart in March 2019, for straight seven weeks. It also reached the number spot on US Billboard Hot 100 and got nominated for the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards for Song of the Year and 2020 Brit Award for Song of the Year. In 2020, he also won the Brit Award for Best New Artist. His other hits include Before You Go, Hold Me While You Wait, and Bruises.

Fun Facts: Fans love him because he is so relatable and down to earth. He once took to Twitter to share his Grammy experience of being mistaken as a seat filler. This was his post: “A lady at the Grammys has just come up and offered to take my seat because she thought I was one of the people who sits in the chairs to fill them when someone gets up to use the bathroom.”

Popular Earworms: Someone You Loved, Before You Go, Hold Me While You Wait.


7. Camila Cabello

The American and Cuban singer reflects and maintains the outlook of a youth icon. A quick reflection on her music career re-establishes that she is in every way the pop sensation of the moment. The petite 23-year-old singer-songwriter has a billion streams on music platforms. With hits like ‘Havana’ and ‘Senorita’ Cabello has a massive following of loyal fans. She won a slew of imminent accolades including five American Music Awards, two Latin Grammy Awards, and one Billboard Music Award.

Fun Facts: Well the fact that she and Shawn Mendes are still dating is a sweet thought. Mendes mentions that no matter how many love songs he writes for Camilla, they will never describe their connection accurately. “I don’t think I’ll be able to write songs that really do it justice that can really capture the things and the feelings with her.”

Popular Earworms: Senorita ft. Shawn Mendes, Liar, Havana ft. Young Thug, Bad Things ft. Machine Gun Kelly.


8. Dua Lipa

Lipa has entertained her fans through her music and live performances. Her latest single, Don’t Start Now, has inspired many and earned a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Song, 2021. Over the past years, Dua Lipa has released a number of hit songs like New Rules, Blow your Mind, Hotter than Hell, and IDGAF. In 2019, she treated her Indian fans with a concert in Mumbai followed by a Bollywood after-party. Post the lockdown, the singer has spent a good amount of time with Anwar Hadid, her boyfriend in England.

Fun Facts: According to an enthusiast fan speculation, it was indicated that the singer may be expecting a baby. The confusion started a few weeks ago when Lipa posted a selfie on Instagram with a series of emojis including a bottle, teddy bear, pacifier, and an angel. She later deleted the post as it misled her fans. During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel recently, the artist dismissed the rumors.

Popular Earworms: Don’t Start Now, New Rules, Levitating ft. DaBaby, Blow your Mind, Hotter than Hell, and IDGAF.


9. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish achieved pop stardom even before she turned 17. Do you know her first album songs that were streamed a billion times and swept the Grammy Awards were actually homemade songs written with her brother? Quite amazing, isn’t it? Well, she has not only sold-out concerts, appeared on talk shows, but also have a huge fan following on Instagram, 15 million and counting. Her striking, unique style is also a big hit amongst fans. They love her signature dead eye look, bright hair colors, and all-baggy silhouette.

Fun Facts: Her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. Her name Billie was taken from her maternal grandfather, William, who passed away a few months after she was born.

Popular Earworms:  Everything I wanted, No time to die, Ocean eyes, Bad boy, When the Party’s Over.


10. Doja Cat

Wrapping up our list of popular music artists is Doja Cat. Born as Amalaratna Dlamini, the LA-based singer was an instant hit on SoundCloud by the age of 17. She was signed to RCA Records in 2012. Her first music video, ‘So High,’ was a massive hit with over 30 million views. In November 2019, her second album, Hot Pink was released with good reviews.

Her remix song ‘Say So’ with Nicki Minaj debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2020. With over 2.5 million Instagram followers who love her spontaneous songs, Doja has created quite a name for herself. The “Mooo!” rapper has also landed in controversial tweets. If you aren’t aware of Doja, then here are fun facts about her.

Fun Facts: She was born to a Jewish-American mom and South African dad who also gave her the name Amalaratna Dlamini. Her stage name choice, Doja, was inspired by her love of weed and one of her cats. The singer gets nostalgic with 90s cartoons and rain.

Popular Earworms:  Like that ft. Gucci Mane, Say so, Best Friend ft. Saweetie, Say so.

This wraps up our list of popular music artists. And for some next-level inception, we have added their top and latest hits.


List of Music Categories & Popular Music Artists 2020-2021


Billie Eilish-Everything I Wanted

Dua Lipa- Don’t Start Now

Justin Beiber-Yummy

Taylor Swift- Cardigan


Robert Glasper, Meshell Ndegeocello & Gabriella Wilson, songwriters (Robert Glasper Featuring H.E.R. & Meshell Ndegeocello)-Better Than I Imagined

Denisia Andrews, Beyoncé, Stephen Bray, Shawn Carter, Brittany Coney, Derek James Dixie, Akil King, Kim “Kaydence” Krysiuk & Rickie “Caso” Tice, songwriters (Beyoncé)-Black Parade

Sam Barsh, Stacey Barthe, Sonyae Elise, Olu Fann, Akil King, Josh Lopez, Kaveh Rastegar & Benedetto Rotondi, songwriters (Tiana Major9 & EARTHGANG)-Collide


Dominique Jones, Noah Pettigrew & Rai’shaun Williams, songwriters (Lil Baby)-The Bigger Picture

Larrance Dopson, Samuel Gloade, Rodrick Moore, Adarius Moragne, Eric Sloan & Khirye Anthony Tyler, songwriters (Roddy Ricch)
-The Box

Beyoncé, Shawn Carter, Brittany Hazzard, Derrick Milano, Terius Nash, Megan Pete, Bobby Session Jr., Jordan Kyle Lanier Thorpe & Anthony White, songwriters (Megan Thee Stallion Featuring Beyoncé)-Savage


Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby & Miranda Lambert, songwriters (Miranda Lambert)-Bluebird

Maren Morris, Jimmy Robbins & Laura Veltz, songwriters (Maren Morris)-The Bones

Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby & Lori McKenna, songwriters (The High women)-Crowded Table


Adrianne Lenker, songwriter (Big Thief)-Not

Fiona Apple, songwriter (Fiona Apple)-Shameika

Brittany Howard, songwriter (Brittany Howard)- Stay High

More Songs by Popular Music Artists to Tune in to Right Now

1. Bebe Rexha-Baby, I’m Jealous ft. Doja Cat

2. Gwen Stefani- Let me Reintroduce Myself

3. Hailee Steinfeld-Afterlife

4. Maroon 5- Memories

5. Ed Sheeran- Put it All on Me

6. Justin Beiber- Holy ft. Chance the Rapper

7. John Legend- Wild ft. Gary Clark Jr

8. Annie Marie- Problems

9. Little Mix- Woman Like Me

10. Shawn Mendes- Monster

11. Demi Lovato- I love me

12. Lauv- 2021 ft. Conana Gray

13. Zara Larson- Talk about Love ft. Young Thug

14. Halsey-Be Kind ft. Marshmello

15. Chance the Rapper-The Return

16. Rita Ora- New Look

17. Ava Max-My Head & My Heart

18. Doja Cat- Best Friend ft. Saweetie, Say so

19. Jason Derulo-Take you Dancing

20. Zayn- Vibes

21. French Montana – Hot Boy Bling ft. Jack Harlow & Lil Durk

22. Billie Eilish-The World’s a Little Blurry

23. Taylor Swift- Right Where You Left Me

24. The Weeknd- Save your Tears

25. Tiesto-The Business

26. Miley Cyrus- Plastic Hearts

27. Jason Derulo-Take you Dancing

28. Mabel- Don’t Call me Up

29. The Chainsmokers-Kills you Slowly

30. Khalid- Saturday Nights

31. Kane Brown- Heaven

32. Brett Young- Lady

33. Normani-Motivation

34. Katy Perry- Not the End of the World

35. P!nk- One too Many

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