Top Lipstick Brands in India to Add to your Vanity Bag Right Now!

From matte lipstick to moisturizing ones, from luxury to premium, here are the top 16 lipstick brands available in India and why we love them!

best lipstick brands india loreal lakme

From our very first movie date nights to those family ceremonies and glamorous parties, we need to put on a great lipstick to look like the queen of them all. So honestly, next time a guy asks you what is something you can’t live without, it’s definitely not you bro — it’s my lipstick!

So today, let us focus on the best lipstick brands you can shop right away! On a particularly sweltering summer day — even when you’ve layered on the primer and translucent powder — makeup can feel sticky, heavy, and it melts. But as always, a swipe of lipstick can be just the pick-up your face needs.

Lay the neutral beige and moody winter shades to rest until next season, and shimmie your way to the nearest pool (or video-chat) with high-shine lipstick formulas, sheer glosses, and pigmented mattes to complement the tropical prints and candy pastels in your wardrobe. Whether you’ve got an interview or a laid-back sun downer on the calendar, these lip colors will have your pout ready for all of it.

16 Top Lipstick Brands in India

We’ve rounded up the most popular lipstick brandsto add to your makeup routine.

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Russian red lips

Let’s look at the top 16 lipstick brands in India you can add into your vanity right now!

1. Dior

glossy lips

Dior is one of the most famous a high-end luxury brands in the world, and it offers many lip collections. I absolutely love the shine this lipstick brand gives.

You can get up to 16 hours of comfort and elegant lip color without streaking or drying out lips. This lasting lipstick formula features a myriad of colors in iconic reds, vibrant corals, alluring pinks, romantic rosewoods, and bold, unexpected mattes. It’s enriched with hydrating mango butter which makes it a bit close to nature, while it also creates the pout lips effect you want.

Dior lipstick makes the lips look fuller, plump, and juicy without the addition of lip gloss over it. Dior is a unique lipstick brand to choose with a touch of personal luxury. Next time, you put Dior lipstick, people would definitely call you beauty with brains!

Start by lining the lips with Dior Contour. For perfectly even results, apply lipstick with the Backstage Lip Brush working from the center of the lips outwards. For a bolder finish, apply the lipstick directly on your lips.

makeup,all season looks

Pricing and where to find

Nude Stix pricing for Dior is from ₹ 2600-3500

You can purchase these at Sephora outlets in India. You can also buy them online on

2. M.A.C

makeup bold look

This is one of the lipstick brands that stands out on the runway. It simmers on the street, MAC lipstick is a favorite of many, including makeup artists. When it comes to lipsticks, it’s always the classics everyone reaches out to more often than not. Attractive packaging, Instagram hype, and popular brand ambassadors cannot outrun a good formula. So it has all the good qualities you will need to buy a lipstick from this brand.

That’s why M.A.C Cosmetics has a high value when it comes to creating classic, timeless shades that are all about long-lasting benefits. They also have outstanding pigments. Ruby Woo, for example, is one of the most famous shades in this brand of lipsticks. Interestingly, it is Rihanna’s go-to shade. So why not grab a M.A.C. lipstick for yourself or maybe gift your best friend on her birthday. Wouldn’t that be a great idea?


Pricing and availability

M.A.C: ₹800-2500 (also available in MAC mini)

It is available in all M.A.C stores at malls like Select Citywalk & DLF Promenade (New Delhi), Palladium (Mumbai), Phoenix Market City (Chennai). Online on Nykaa, Myntra, and

3. L’Oreal Paris

Oh so ladies, who hasn’t used this lipstick brand for buying cosmetics, almost everyone reading this article must have! A collection of good shades, good quality. L’Oreal is one of the world’s leading lipstick brands, not just in lipsticks in fact, but also in their range of cosmetics.

I purchased Maple Mocha after checking the swatches online. The color was mild as I preferred. Good for office use. Interestingly, it will go well with Indian skin tone.

loreal lipstick,makeup

It’s a go-to lipstick brand for all kinds of lipsticks available that you wish to add in your closet, like the moisturizing lipsticks, satin and sheer lipsticks, matte lipstick, cream lipsticks, pearl frosted lipstick, and even a gloss lipstick. These lipsticks are long-wearing and transfer-resistant, which makes them a great choice to add to your makeup vanity.

Pricing and availability

L’Oreal Paris: ₹550-949

Available in all cosmetic stores, and online at Nykaa, Myntra, Amazon and

4. Chanel

Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things classy and fabulous.” This is one of the top lipstick brands, which ensures you look both classy and fabulous! Different shades are available that suit almost every Indian skin tone. A customer review recently who purchased Chanel lipstick from Sephora said, “So much pigmented and gives the best finishing and really long-lasting. Chanel rocks!! Lots of love to this brand.” It is one brand every girl wants to have in her vanity at least once in a lifetime.

chanel lipstick ,luxe brand

Pricing and availability

Chanel: ₹3345 per lipstick

Available in Sephora outlets in Palladium Mumbai, DLF Saket New Delhi. Also available online at

5. Revlon

colours to try lipstick

Want to glam up with red wine lips for a party? Here’s your answer! Revlon one of the oldest lipstick brands, with good price ranges. Unbeatable texture makes it the best, especially with a few darker shades that are available look fabulous on all kinds of skin tones. Available easily in all sorts of stores and has great shades to offer along with its long-lasting effects for people going and working out most the time.

Pricing and availability

Revlon: ₹699-1250

So it is easily available online on Nykaa, Myntra, Amazon, and Revlon stores.

6. YSL

lipstick shades,makeup

This famous brand has recently entered the India market and is not yet available very widely. It is an enormously great lipstick brand and has various shade options to buy from. Fairly fine price range and available at select outlets.

It glides on your lips like never before; the texture remains the same throughout the day and gives an amazing shine to your lips. Take your glow to another level, let your inner spirit radiate with the Eco glitter lip finishes. Not only the lipstick looks beautiful but it is beautiful inside out as well.

Pricing and availability

YSL: ₹1950

Availability: YSL stores and Nykaa

You can order online or walk-in at the selected store and add it in your vanity bag soon.

7. Bobbi Brown

day look lipsticks

Expensive but a very luxe lipstick brand. And yet, remember that it’s worth it all. This soft rose color is one of my absolute favorites! I can wear it as an everyday look! The morning coffee or even at a dinner party, you put this lipstick and you will outshine everyone. The uniqueness is because of its very versatile shades and soft texture. The packaging is beyond AMAZING. It is of very great quality. Definitely! Well worth every penny.

Very pretty on all women but especially women of color! In fact, Bobbi Brown has one of the best formulas on the market! I could never suspect that I would be paying for a high-end lipstick like Bobbi Brown but it is totally worth it! Very pigmented and fairly long-lasting.

Pricing and availability

Bobbi brown: ₹1900- ₹3700

Available at Bobbi brown outlets. Also at Sephora stores and Shopper stops stores. It’s also available online at Nykaa and Sephora.

8. Smashbox

The lipstick brand feels amazing, and it does not feel dry all day long. These lipsticks are infused with primer oil, which keeps your lips conditioned and vibrant for hours and hours.

festival shades ,colours

One lipstick is all you need to get ready for all your hangouts.

Gulabae is a cool rose shade from their liquid lipstick range. It is also infused with primer oil and feels weightless when putting on. It is perfect for a transfer-free pout!

Pricing and availability

Smashbox: ₹1900- 2200

Available at Sephora stores and at,, Amazon.

9. Clinique

nude lipstick

This is not only famous for its skincare products, but also has a great lipstick collection. The texture feels so good when you apply it. It’s one of the best lipstick brands whose lip colors are light but super nourishing and even after trying many shades of this brand in such a short space of time, my lips actually felt like they had a treat! In terms of wear time, this is best. If you need to pamper your lips, making them glamorous, this is one for you.

Pricing & availability

Clinique: ₹1650- ₹1950

Available in Sephora stores and Shoppers Stop, you can also buy it online at

10. Guerlain

The lipstick itself is enriched with mango butter and jojoba oil to give it a creamy, moisturizing formula, and it glides on like a dream. Their Instagram handle claims the brand to be the Persian alchemist of beauty.

red lipstick ,party,glam look

By using this lipstick, lips are intensely colored, perfectly smoothed, moisturized, and plumped up. For excessively perfect lips! Guerlain lipsticks come in 20 colorful shades.

beauty,gorgeous shade

Availability & pricing

Guerlain: ₹2325- ₹3700

Available in Sephora and online on

11. Givenchy

summer look shades,makeup

It is very comfortable to wear. The finish is a very creamy semi-matte and the lipstick glides on the lips easily. The texture of this lipstick is so smooth. The creamy texture gives a lot of nourishment to my dry lips .

The formula is, according to their product descriptions, supposed to have an “intense color” with a “semi-matte finish.” Most shades are opaque with a few falling short of full coverage that apply evenly and last between four and six hours. It has a floral scent, so next time you don’t need to keep wondering how it smells so beautifully like a flower!

Pricing and availability

Givenchy: ₹3225

Available in Sephora stores and also at

12. Stila

This brand has already been very popular in the US, and when Sephora entered the Indian market a few years ago, it’s been becoming people’s favorite here, too.

Recently I explored this brand on Sephora online, it had great reviews and here it goes. They are creamy textured lipsticks and the one I tried didn’t dry at all after hours of application.

You will have the ultimate power pout with Stila’s bold, long-lasting shades that stay up to 6 hours of continuous wear. It’s one of the few lipsticks you don’t need to touch up on throughout the day. So next time you are planning a road trip or a long weekend, it’s the one for you.

red lipstick,makeup,matt lipstick

Availability & pricing

Stila: ₹1760- ₹2000

Available at Sephora stores, also So have a great experience shopping and add these beautiful lipsticks in your handbag or makeup kit.

13. Huda Beauty

These are super lightweight and comfortable on the lips. Favorite of all beauty bloggers! You can say it is one of the best lipstick brands to offer so much variety and texture. The most famous type in this range is their liquid matte lipstick.

lipstick ,huda beauty,shades,makeup

Huda beauty created hype in the market since it launched its very famous matt lipstick range from perfect nudes to bold pops of color. All occasions and you have it all. Not just in lipstick but their makeup products are used by many now and it looks pretty much perfect when applied.

Pricing and availability

Huda beauty: ₹1650- ₹2990

These lipstick brands Available online on, Amazon, and Flipkart

14. Estée Lauder

Whenever you buy a lipstick, keep two things in mind: how much it lasts on your lips and the pigmentation it gives. Estée Lauder is a high luxe brand and Kendall Jenner is the brand ambassador, so she wears the brand’s lipsticks in most of her runway looks. The red color lipstick of this brand is lustrous and beautiful that you can add for that glam party and date night look.

red lipstick,date night look, moisturizing lips

Availability & pricing

Ranges from ₹1950- ₹5850

You can find these in Sephora stores, online on

15. Maybelline

glamour,party look ,red lips,lipstick brands

One of the most used lipstick brands by young women, as it’s affordable, long-lasting, and good quality. It is easily available in all stores and online websites as well.

According to my personal experience, I have been using the Maybelline makeup products for long now, and one of the lipstick shades that is my favorite is a nude nuisance as it is nude (obviously!) and gives a fresh look or no-makeup look. Also, my skin tone is fair with yellow undertones like many of the Indian women.

Maybelline is one brand you can go for with any look. Affordable, great shades, and long-lasting – what else you need in a lipstick!

different shades lipstick,glossy lips

Pricing and availability

Maybelline: ₹299- ₹699

Available in almost every cosmetic store and online at Nykaa, Myntra, Amazon.

The range starts from ₹299, which are pretty affordable to add to your makeup closet right away. Some reviews of costumers from Nykaa said, “It’s perfect for those who love to keep their lipstick for a long-lasting experience. Its color is so lovely and pigmented. I loved the quality and color of the lipstick. I found it to be totally worth buying.”

16. Lakmé

bold shades, lipstick brand

Lakmé is the country’s first cosmetics and lipstick brands, with over 50 years of experience under its belt. Plus it’s very affordable. Just two to three swipes of the lipstick are enough to carry on for three to four hours. So for all those endless meetings and coffee dates, keep a few shades of this brand in your bag and keep your lip game on point.

Pricing and where to find

Lakme: ₹270- ₹899

You can buy them at any makeup store or online at Nykaa, Myntra, Flipkart or Amazon. It’s one of the easily available brands in India. It is one of the most famous lipstick brand used by a lot of women.

So, these were the top 16 lipstick brands we came up with for making your lips look more beautiful than before. Other lipstick brands are also available in the lower range, including Street Wear, Color bar, etc. which you can try. However, we prefer quality over quantity, so not every brand gets to be on our roundup! Let us know if we missed any of your favorite brands or maybe something you wished should be on the list!

So put on your favorite lipstick, click a selfie and tag us on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom. Let us know below your thoughts on these brands or share them by tweeting us @shilpa1ahuja. We would love hearing from you!

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