The Power Woman: A Strong yet Fashionable Business Look

Discover a casual business look fit for a strong power woman. This trendy summer business outfit is great for a woman who wants to look sexy and confident!


Some professions call for pant suits at the workplaces, and some call for ripped and faded jeans. But some are just different, which call for a very fashionably well put together look. And it can get tricky to strike a balance between looking stylish yet authoritative.

That’s why in this new business look I tried going for a look that commands power but also looks well-groomed.

My Power Business Look






Here are the things I kept in mind while creating this business look of a ‘power woman’ character-of-sorts for my look:

1. The power woman needs to create a strong impression, so her business look is bold, but at the same time she wants an unfussy outfit that requires the least maintenance and stays put all day long. So I chose a tailored dress in a classic style and simple cut. I chose a dark colored leopard print for a low maintenance look that exudes domination.

2. A professional woman has minimal prep-time, so the hair and nails are kept low maintenance too.

3. A woman on the go is always busy, so the accessories is kept minimal, without bling or layered jewelry. Just a matching set of pearls and bold sunglasses are used for a classy and quickbusiness look.

4. Makeup needs minimal drama for a professional woman, so as to create an appearance that looks crisp but not too distracting. So false lashes, excessive contouring and smokey eye, etc. are avoided. Just solid eye-shadow and lipstick to match the dress are used. Concealer and a well-prepped face gives a fresh look.



I’m wearing:
Purple leopard print pencil dress with belt: Van Heusen
Black pumps: Apostrophe
Deep purple nail polish: M.A.C.

Makeup: You can also check out the makeup close-up pics of this business look at my Picture Gallery.


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