Is the Military Diet Really Helpful? Get to Know Everything Here

Wanna you lose weight without dieting all the time? Sure! Here’s a guide to the military diet which will help to have your yummy food and stay on diet!

the military diet military-diet-weight-loss-program-calorie-count-three-day-diet-planHey there! Most people who wish to go on a diet give up the thought when they realize they will have to give up on all the high-calorie yummy food! Most of the dieting plans work in this way! You are forced to give up on all the calorie-rich food and this, in turn, helps you lose weight. But following this pattern of dieting for days and months together may increase your food cravings more. And that’s the real reason the best diets fail, and no one ever ends up losing weight permanently.

So, forget all about giving up on your fave food and try the military diet. So, what the magic diet all about? And how does it work differently from other diets? From how to be on it to its menu to results and reviews, find out all about it here!

What is the Military Diet?

Military diet is also known as the 3-day diet because in the military diet you need to follow it for 3 days and then take the rest of 4 days off! Sounds interesting right! And yeah it has nothing to do with, military or the army.  If followed for a month, the military diet can help in losing weight. Once you get used to it you can start implementing the diet every day. I’m super excited to try this diet as it will allow me to have my cakes and pasta while also following the healthy diet!

How Does the 3-Day Military Diet Work?

The food combinations in the diet matter a lot. The ingredients should be combined in such a way that you burn fat, increase your metabolism and also be full of nutrients. As the military diet doesn’t restrict you from having all types of food, you can be pretty sure that it will not affect your metabolism rate and you will not feel weak.

It is also known as an emergency diet. Suppose, you have a wedding or meeting someone special or a holiday party coming up and you wanna lose weight fast, then sure the military diet is gonna be handy. So, become the best, healthiest version of yourself by following this diet!

However, the military diet is not advisable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. As the baby gets the nutrients from their mother, it is not a good idea to follow any weight loss diet. While all other people of all ages can give it a try! You can try for a week if you are not feeling comfortable or uneasy about it you can just skip it as there are no side effects associated with it. Also, especially if you have a pre-existing health condition, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before you start any sort of dieting plan.

Military Diet Calorie Count

The best part of the military diet is that it is a low-calorie diet plan and so you need not worry about the calorie intake at least for 3 days. The food prescribed for the military diet itself is low calorie and it comes around 800-1100 calories per day.

Goals of Military Diet Plan

Make sure not to have very high-calorie food for the rest of the 4 days, this will accelerate your weight loss goals and will help you get into the habit of eating healthy permanently. Ultimately, any healthy diet should make it your habit to start enjoying healthy and good food so you can make it your go-to-meal.

military-diet-salad-3-week-diet-army-salad-healthy-foodDoes the Military Diet Work: Military Diet Reviews

Any diet we follow focuses on the calories we consume and the military diet also helps us in doing so! Well, we actually saw mixed reviews of this diet. Blogs like CalorieBee, support the military diet saying that, “In other diets, it turns out that not eating completely seems easier than eating small meals, this makes sense though.”

Some blogs like VeryWellFit, say that it is not helpful in losing weight and once you start having the normal food again you’ll start regaining weight.

But what makes me interested in this diet is that while it allows you to have the normal food for four days a week, technically, if you’re doing it right, it should help you avoid putting on weight as long as you continue the good-food habits. The military diet is basically a combination of low-calorie and high-calorie food. So, if you wanna lose weight fast, have the low-calorie food even the rest of the four days and stay fit and healthy.

Military Diet Shopping List

1. Get loads of fruits like apples, grapes and banana. Grapefruit juice or banana shake are good ideas for breakfast as that will make you full.

2. Add green leafy veggies, cauliflower and even pulses to your kitchen. Veggies like carrots, broccoli and green beans are a good idea, too!

3. Stock up on whole-wheat bread, hot dogs without buns, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese and saltines.

4. Guess what, you need to stock up on vanilla ice cream. 🙂 Yeah, you read it right, the military diet says that as you’ll have a low-calorie food the entire day. So, it’s good to have a scoop of ice cream at the end of the day to keep up your normal metabolic rate.

Military Diet Menu

It is important to have a fixed 3-day menu in order to keep a check on the calories.

Day 1

– I slice of toast with or without peanut butter
– 1 glass grapefruit juice or an equivalent quantity of grapes.
– 1 cup of preferred caffeine (tea or coffee)

– A half cup of tuna or equivalent protein rich food
– Bread or a sugarless protein bar or yogurt

– 3 ounces of meat or tuna
– 1 bowl of boiled green beans or any veggie in the shopping list
– A small apple or banana
– 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream or Greek yogurt

sushi-military-diet-food-3-day-dietDay 2

– 1 egg
– Half banana
– Tea or coffee

– 1 cup of cottage cheese
– 4-5 saltines
– 1 boiled egg

– 2 hot dogs without the bun
– 1 cup broccoli or 1/2 cup carrot
– An apple or banana
– 1 scoop of ice cream

Day 3

– 1 slice of cheddar cheese
– 1 small apple
– 5 saltines

– 1 egg
– 1 piece of plain toast

– Half cup tuna
– Half banana

– 1 scoop of ice cream

vanilla-ice-cream-military-diet-dinner-food-dessertThe rest of the four days you are free to have your normal diet!

Military Diet Substitutes

In case if you don’t have a liking or allergic to any of the things in the list, then you can opt for substituents! For example, if you are allergic to grapes, then you can opt for any berries. If you wanna go gluten-free then instead of bread you can have a protein bar, a cup of yogurt and 1-2 spoons of flax seeds, which will be a source of fiber.

flax-seeds-military-diet-substituents-3-day-dietFor caffeine-free options, you can have green tea or a sugar-free drink once in a while if you’re planning the military diet in the long run. If you don’t wanna have an ice cream, greek yogurt would be the best substitute. In this way, you can replace a few ingredients on the menu with similar calorie food.

For vegetarians, replace the meat with protein and iron-rich substitutes like pulses, spinach, sprouts or kidney beans.

Military Diet Results After a Month

If followed precisely, the military diet is gonna help you lose weight within a month. The idea of having low-calorie food for half of the month and the normal diet the other half sounds interesting to me. It is advisable to try for a month to start getting the best possible results.

Hope you liked our guide to the military guide. So are you gonna try the military diet for a month or just put an end to it after a week? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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