The Man from UNCLE Fashion| Sixties Style Dress: Weekly Shopping Ideas

7 Must-Have Retro Items for a Gaby Inspired Look!

Hi, girls! It’s time for another look and more weekly shopping ideas. Lately I’ve been writing about the 60s style looks from the recent Hollywood movie, The Man from UNCLE fashion. So I decided to take inspiration from Gaby’s look for this week’s shopping ideas. I picked out a sixties style dress and retro/ vintage-inspired accessories to go with it!

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Now, I picked Gaby Teller (Alicia Vikander) for this week’s inspiration because her style in the movie was very feminine, cute and it could be so easily translated into modern-day looks! That’s why I styled today’s look with a mix of items that are modern, but have some vintage factors in them.

Here’s a collage of Alicia Vikander‘s looks from the movie. Her character’s looks revolve around sleeveless mini shift dresses. Some of her looks are monochromatic, and some use two colors. Mostly, her outfits don’t have more than two major colors.



Gaby likes to accessorize with matching or contrasting mini-handbags and mid-heel loafers. She likes to wear statement resin jewelry, mostly circular earrings and rings. Sometimes she adds hats, sunglasses or watches.


Sixties Style Dress

60s was a varied decade for fashion. Mid-sixties brought a mod structure to its style and shift dresses that were at or above the knee were in fashion. Geometric prints and color-blocking was also in vogue. Both bright colors and black and white were trendy. It was the time before boho or disco came into fashion.

So for this look, I’d pick a feminine shift dress with bright, contrasting geometric jewelry and thick heels. Perhaps add some false eyelashes and eyeliner for a 60s touch!


This Week’s Final Look

So I didn’t want to copy an outfit exactly as is from the movie. I wanted to create something inspired by her general wardrobe, but still wearable today. Something chic and modern but that has 60s elegance in it. I picked a baby pink shift Ann Taylor dress with a set of Marni resin jewelry. I paired it with Nicholas Kirkwood pumps, an emerald green Miu Miu bag to match the jewelry. The shoes have a retro feel but their cut-glass heels give a modern look, too! And of course, I added a ring. It’s a modern Michael Kors malachite ring but goes well with the emerald-colored resin jewelry!


Here are the item deets:
Ann Taylor Jacquard Sheath-dress
Marni Resin gold-plated brooch
Michael Kors Gold-Tone Malachite Ring
Marni Gold-plated resin earrings
Marni Gold-plated resin bracelet
Nicholas Kirkwood Carnaby Prism Pump
Miu Miu Leather shoulder bag

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