Hello, handsome! Last week, I watched the latest Hollywood movie, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and wrote an article discussing the women’s fashion in the movie. As promised, I’m writing about 60s men’s fashion today! The Man from U.N.C.L.E. features many male actors but I want to show the best looks of the two main characters who sport 60s men’s fashion!

Check out my previous post The Man From UNCLE Movie Fashion: 60s Style Dresses where I wrote about the movie plot. Here’s another trailer of the movie:

Long story short, the movie is about CIA agent Napoleon Solo and a KGB operative Illya Kuryakin. They are assigned on a mission to stop the threat of neuclear proliferation in Rome with the help of Gaby Teller. The two main men of the movie are the Superman guy, Henry Cavill, and the Winklevoss twins guy, Armie Hammer.

Both are gorgeous! As are the ladies and the locales of Rome! Here’s the poster. Both men have sharp 60s inspired looks:



60s Men’s Fashion in The Man from UNCLE

Both Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) and Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) have different personalities and different styles in the movie. Solo has sharp, classy fashion who wears suits, print ties and matching vests in fine cotton and silks. Lots of his prints involve micro-geometric patterns, fine checks and pin-stripe patterns. The color-palette is also classic – navy, sky blue, grey, white and black.

Ilya, on the other hand, wears a lot of casual and semi-formal outfits, with zipper jackets, turtle-necks and trousers with hats. His color palette consists of browns, navy and greys. He loves aviator sunglasses, too!



Henry Cavill – The Best Looks from The Man From UNCLE

This one is Solo’s typical looks. Here he wears a grey check suit with a printed tie and white shirt. Check out his pocket scarf! And his gelled hair look with side-combed hair!!


Here’s another pic of this look: He brings back the wide-tie. And check out his matching vest!


Here’s another similar look with a grey suit, printed violet-colored tie and white shirt. Check out his sunglasses which are very trendy this year. Pus, another gelled hair look, this time with hair up-combed.

Read about this sunglasses trend in my previous article: Men’s Fashion Trend: 80s Inspired Sports Sunglasses.

uncle_movie_fashion_napoleon_solo_grey_suit_tie_80s_sunglasses_latest_trendAnother one of his looks is where it’s slightly different. Instead of his usual 3-piece suits, Henry Cavill here wears a zipper-jacket with high-neck sweater and matching trousers. I love this look! And this vespa. SO Italian!!


Armie Hammer – The Best Looks from The Man From UNCLE

Armie Hammer’s typical look is this! Here he wears a zip-up suede jacket in mocha brown with a navy turtle-neck and tailored-trousers. He pairs it with (is it?) tortoise-shell sunglasses and a check ivy-cap.

uncle_movie_fashion_illya_mens_fashion_latest_trends_best_brown_zipper_jacket_ivy_cap_hatHere’s another very similar look. This time it’s in shades of charcoal grey and black.

uncle_movie_fashion_illya_solo_mens_latest_trends_jacket_black_fight_sceneThis is one of his sharper looks. Here Armie Hammer wears a dark brown suit with grey shirt. I love this suit and its color. Super classic!



Here’s another look at this outfit.


Check out this look where Armie wears yet another suede jacket (or is it corduroy?) with grey trousers.the_man_from_uncle_gaby_orange_casual_dress_white_hat_purse_bag_hairstyle_shoes_

And this one!the_man_from_uncle_gaby_illya_orange_dress_hairstyle_shoty_romantic_hote_scene


Did you love this 60s men’s fashion from The Man from UNCLE? And which look are you most inspired by? Lemme know!

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