How to Tease Your Hair without Damaging it

From proper tools while teasing to do’s and don’ts for healthy hair, here’s a COMPLETE guide on how to tease your hair without damaging it.


Your hair says so much about your personality. Cutting and styling are just some of the things that you can do to it. These things make you gain more confidence in yourself. It is also a way to express yourself to other people without being afraid of who you are.

For men and women, hair plays a vital role in their lives (read more). Taking care of it is just one of the many things that they give attention to every day. They do this because they care about themselves, and it is essential for them that they look beautiful all the time. When they feel good about it, it radiates so much positivity in their lives.

Hair varies in length, texture, and color. It is pretty much like that all the time. Men and women have different preferences, which could bring effect to their way of living. But more than anything else, it contributes to one’s individuality.

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In this article, you will learn the benefits of having beautiful hair. Also, you will get to know the steps in taking care of your hair. Finally, you will learn how to tease your hair.

So, let us first discuss the benefits of having a beautiful one.

Benefits of Having Beautiful Hair


You might be asking yourself, “Why do I need one?” Most of the time, you do things not only because of yourself but also for other people. Aside from making yourself pleasant about it, it also gives you a better experience towards other people. Moreover, whatever they have to say even affect your actions. It is why it is better always to fix yourself.

  1. It builds your confidence and self-esteem

When you have a soft and beautiful hair, it affects the way you feel about yourself. You become more confident about the things that you do, especially at work. It is because you know that you look pleasing and neat. Because of this, you show more positivity wherever you are.

  1. Your life becomes healthier

A beautiful one should also mean having a healthy one. The more you take care of it, the less problem you are to fix. You do not have to worry about getting dandruff, split-ends, weak strands, and more. It keeps you away from having severe conditions to deal with in the future. 

  1. Your social circle becomes more prominent

People admire you more when they see that you know how to take care of yourself. You gain more friends, and your social circle becomes more prominent. People look up at you and even make you their role model. It is one of the reasons why your friends and workmates love you.

  1. Your relationship with other people gets better

Whenever you feel happy and satisfied with yourself, it reflects to other people. It makes them feel comfortable with you. Thus, getting to conversations with them is much more comfortable and pleasurable. Because of this, you build new relationships and strengthen the old ones.

  1. It opens new opportunities

You can attract more people because of your beautiful hair, and because of this, you can even get job opportunities from it. One example is being a commercial model for a product brand. It is because it adds to your overall package. Employers may see that you are the most fit to do the work because of your pleasing appearance.

This time let us enumerate steps in taking care of your hair.

Steps in Taking Care of Your Hair 

If you’re going to tease your hair frequently, it’s most important to take care of it. Here are some DIY tips to try before you tease your hair.


  1. Wash it using a gentle shampoo and conditioner

With the everyday dirt and oil that you get from pollution and sweat, you should wash it using a gentle shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo helps in removing the dirt and oil, while the conditioner makes it softer and shinier. Avoid using harsh products because it will ruin the natural oil. It will also make it prone to breakage or damage.

  1. Dry with towel

Remove the excess water by using your clean towel. Start at the top of your head, going down. Squeeze the excess water to the cloth. Avoid rubbing the hair because it can lead to breakage.

  1. Blow-dry it

After washing, blow-dry it. It will prepare your hair for styling. However, do not forget that excessive or prolonged blow-drying can damage it because of too much heat. Use your hairdryer not exceeding 15 minutes. Avoid the common mistakes while blow-drying your hair. 

  1. Use comb or brush

Now that it is dry because of blow-drying, it is time to detangle it and remove the knots. When you do this, use your comb or brush to separate hair strands from each other. It will also help in straightening it. Never force combing or brushing it. Do it gently, and if in case it is hard to detangle, use oil.

  1. Massage your head

Massaging your head or your scalp has benefits to your hair. It improves your hair growth as well as your well-being. It relaxes your senses too. Read here to know more about it.


Another Tip: You can also use a mask if you want to make it softer and silky. It adds more protection from getting damaged. Its use depends on your hair type. If you have a curly one, you have to use it often to improve its texture.

You might have other beauty techniques in mind, and you can include these things in your routine. Make sure that you will contribute to a healthier one. Remember that a damaged one is tough to treat. So, always aim for a beautiful one.

Now let us enumerate the ways on how to tease your hair.

What is “Teasing”?

It is how you comb your hair from the roots to the scalp. They also call it backcombing, where you put volume to it with the help of styling. People with thin hair, especially women, use this to put more thickness in their hair. It brings you a new and good look.

How to Tease your Hair Properly (Step-by-Step Guide)

I know that you just can’t wait to try your new hairdo. However, before you learn how to tease hair without damaging it, it needs pampering. It means you should wash it first by using shampoo and conditioner. Look for any damage when you tease your hair and fix it. Teasing it requires a lot of effort and patience to achieve the style that you want. Read below to know how to do it.

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  1. Prepare your tools

 In doing this, you will need the tools to help you achieve the look that you want. You can grab your favorite comb to start the backcombing. Get hold of your spray too, because it will hold the strands by giving more volume to it. Do not overdo it, or else it will damage your hair.

  1. Comb by sections

Since you have a lot of hair, it will be challenging to tease all of these simultaneously. It will not fit your comb, and it is ineffective. It is the reason why you have to comb by sections. You can start at the right by getting some strands and comb it backward. Then you go to another side of your head until you finish everything.


  1. Use hairspray

It is essential in teasing your hair because it seals it into a beautiful and stunning finish look. It adds volume with the right amount that you like. Right after you tease your hair, spray a small amount. Remember not to overdo it.

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2

So, you go to another section. Get a new set of strands and tease. After you tease, spray a little product to set. Again, do not overdo the use of hairspray.

Teasing it gives the volume that you want.


However, if you tease your hair, you should do this gently to avoid weak strands and to avoid further breaking because of the force. Do not damage your hair. It is challenging to return its natural condition.

At this point, let us try to talk about how you can make it healthier by following some easy steps that are discussed below. It may be challenging at first, but sooner or later, you will find it easy to execute. After all, it is all about yourself and how you want people to see you. It is too important not to notice.

How to Make your Hair Healthier

You do not only get healthy hair from the products that you use. You can also get it from the foods that you eat. Doing physical activities like exercising can give you healthy hair. Read below to know more about it.

  • Eat nutritious foods

Start a healthy diet by preparing and eating healthy foods. You can go for fatty fish and eggs to make for its growth. Salmon makes your it even shinier, well as in oysters contribute to its fullness. Keeping hair shiny is important as hair tends to get dull over time if you tease your hair. Avoid eating unhealthy foods like fried foods and soft drinks.

  • Take essential vitamins

If you want to have a beautiful and healthy hair, you can use vitamins like Vitamin A and Biotin. Vitamin A helps in maintaining its oil or serum. On the other hand, biotin strengthens and improves the growth, which is especially important. These vitamins help make you look beautiful too.


  • Particularly, Vitamin E

You can get vitamin E from foods like vegetables, sunflower seeds, avocado, and salmon. Vitamin E has antioxidant that helps in promoting healthy hair. It removes toxins in your body. Plus, it slows down the aging process.

  • Exercise every day

Running, jogging, and biking are just some of the physical activities that you can do. It does not only benefit your body and muscles, but it also helps in growing healthy ones. It removes the toxins in your body through sweating. So, I always find time to exercise every day.

  • Take time to relax

One thing that you get damaged or hair loss is because of too much stress. After doing your physical exercises, you can aim for a more relaxing way to end your day. It will surely relieve you from stress and anxiety. Meditation improves the blood flow, concentration, and feeling of a person.

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Read more here: Hair Therapy at Home: Tips & Masks for Dry & Damaged Hair

Things to Remember for Healthy Hair

Now that you know how to make it even healthier, let us add more precautions to help you maintain it and avoid further breakage, which is common is you tease your hair frequently. Here are some of the essential points that you have to remember before we end this article. Do not forget to take care of yourself. You will regret it when the time comes.

  • It is prone to damage, so it needs protection.
  • You can style it by teasing it.
  • Avoid getting under the sun for a long time.
  • Use gentle products for it.
  • Take vitamins to keep you healthy.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Use clean and soft cloth in drying it.
  • Avoid using intense colors to protect it.
  • Apply organic or natural products only.

Always keep in mind that your hair reflects who you are. The more you give attention to it, the more you attract more people to look up. It is also a way to be yourself and forget about what people have to say. It is something that you own, that you can use for your advantage.

On the other hand, having a messy and damaged hair takes its toll on your health and outlook. It does not bring you any excellent opportunities. People might also shy away from you. It gives an impression of a person who is uninterested and unorganized.

Not everyone is given a chance to take care of their hair. Some people are born without it. It is why you must be grateful for what you have and do something worthy about it. You have to be responsible for taking care of your hair.

People will look at you and judge you based on what they see. Make sure that you are pleasing in their eyes, whether you’re tease your hair or not! Take care of yourself by eating healthy foods, drinking vitamins. Lastly, take care of your hair because it will open more opportunities for you.

You can never ignore its importance to you and what you do.



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