Tattoos for Men: 50 Guy Tattoo Ideas for All Body Parts

From bold skull tattoos to small anchor ones, the options in tattoos for men are plenty! Here we’ve sorted the different tattoo trends based on the body parts!

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Hey handsome! I’m sure tattoos are one of the great ways to attract a woman’s attention. And not just that, they do wonders while portraying with the personality of guys. One of the trends which is equally popular amongst both men and women is tattooing. Both the genders love to get inked and never hesitate to try any body part.

I’ve researched both about men and women’s tattoo trends and the difference I could spot is that men’s tattoos are much bolder than those of women’s. And after seeing plenty of trends, what I took away from the tattoo trends is that the men’s tattoos are getting bolder every season. But from macho to meaningful, there is no dearth of ideas.

From arms to legs to ribs, there is not a single part where men do not like to experiment and get inked. So, keeping this in mind we’ve decided to write about the latest tattoos for men for different body parts.

1. Forearm Tattoos

The forearm is the best body part to get inked if you don’t want to hide your tattoo. Of, course if you want to look professional in office, a full sleeved shirt would be the savior.


The best forearm tattoo ideas for men are watercolor, 3d and blackout tattoos. As the name suggests, blackout tattoo is a huge amount of solid black on the body. Getting the bolder version of this could potentially be dangerous to skin, but subtle ones are good to go for.


2. Arm Tattoos for Men

Arm tattoos help you in showing off both your sexy biceps and the tattoo! Some of the cool men’s arm tattoo styles include cross tattoos, ace art and if you don’t want anything artsy, then try text or motivational tattoos. Wolf tattoos and other photorealistic animals are also popular on the biceps. But our favorites are cyborg arm tattoos. Biomech is certainly a creative men’s tattoo idea this year.


3. Chest Tattoos

Chest tattoos are easy to show off at pool parties or at the beach. Also, just go shirtless at the gym to look drool-worthy for the ladies!


Great ideas for chest tattoos for men are dot-work tattoos or trash polka ones – in which just black and red colors are used. Also biomechanical tattoos, owls, wolves or trees are great ideas for chest.


4. Stomach Tattoos

Stomach tattoos have been in trend for quite a few years now and are still trendy. Tattoos grab attention quickly and if on stomach would be more helpful as that would help you expose those six and eight packs too.


Skull tattoo ideas are super popular to get inked on your abs.


5. Sleeve Tattoos

If you’re looking to have a bold, colorful and huge tattoo, then go for the sleeve tattoos. Start from just below the shoulder and end it at the wrist. Roman numeral and mandala are a couple of men’s tattoo ideas. Or you can go for dragon or Japanese inspired tattoos.


6. Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos for men are something great to try for both bold and subtle look. The shadow effect tattoos are quite popular these days. Getting a 3d tattoo with shadow on the shoulder would be fun as that would give an effect as if something is sitting on the shoulder. It would make the viewer stare longer than he/she would otherwise. Good ideas are geometric cubes, insect or any object that has meaning to you.


7. Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos are perfect for men who like their tattoo to be seen by everyone! The side of the hand is a very conspicuous place, and your tat won’t be missed. Good ideas for tattoos for men are lion, wolf, lotus or a nice quote. I liked the one that says, “Fight to live” (check out below).


Wolf and white tattoos are pretty popular to get inked on the hands. Also, getting similar ones on both the hands is a good tattoo idea for men. Personally, I do not like the white tattoos as they don’t pop up much, unlike the ones done with black or bright colors.


8. Thigh Tattoos

There isn’t a body part of men that is off limits! Show off those toned tattoed thighs under your sexy boxers! Here’s an ethnic design.


Similar tattoos on both the thighs or a single large reptile tattoo on one thigh is also trendy! Dragons, wolves and snakes are also popular amongst men. Or you can go for a mandala design or compass.


9. Leg Tattoos

If you are confused on which part of body to choose, then getting leg inked is a better option. It is less painful and easy to show off too! You can try the cyborg tattoo style or the trend of 3d and semicolon ones.


10. Ankle Tattoos

The ankle is also one of the popular areas for getting inked. This is a cool idea where you can use both ankles or back of your leg to get a motivational quote, or two complementary symbols. If you want something subtle, go for a very minimal lion icon, lightening symbol or leaf.


Teeny-tiny ones like trees, anchor, wings of a bird are perfect tattoos for men. Also, anklet tattoo styles are super popular amongst both men and women.


11. Finger Tattoos

Fingers are delicate parts of the body and hence don’t try anything bold just go for a single thing inked. Here’s a badass tattoo idea. You can go for anything from a symbol to your favorite cartoon to an icon.


From lettering to numbers to quirky object images, all of these work well on fingers. If you want bold, try the multi-finger tattooing that is becoming quite popular these days. Or even you can go for a Lord of the Rings ring!


12. Rib Tattoos

Ribs are a great area to play with as you have ample space to try the larger ones. If you don’t want to have the huge ones then you can have the small or narrow ones at the sides of the ribs! Here’s a great idea you’ll love. Get a motivational quote or a saying that represents your inner self, right where no one will notice it. Of course, they’ll notice it when you take off your shirt at the beach or something!


Replicate your rib exactly by trying the 3d tattoos or biomechanical ones. Stars and roman numerals are cool tattoo ideas for men for ribs if you prefer something subtle. You can also try lucky symbols.


So, guys, these are the latest tattoo ideas for men. Which body part is your favorite to get inked? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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