Tattoo Styles: 16 Most Popular & Cool Tattoo Ideas

Thinking to get inked? Get some tattoo inspirations from here! From watercolor to small tattoo styles, plenty of options to choose from!

tattoo styles lates-new-tattoo-styles-tattoo-trends-women-trendy-ideasHey beautiful! Tattoos are a great way to show off your personality. You are free to express what you want and that stays forever. I love the inspirational ones like fearless, think positive, believe to achieve, etc. These not just work as tattoos but help us in having a much better day every time you look at them. They make you more confidence.

The world of tattoos is getting vast each passing day. Every day we see new tattoo styles popping up. Personally, I am a tattoo freak and got one inked. (I’m very choosy!). And of course, before I get my next tattoo, I have done tons of research about the new tattoo styles. Now after this research and taking a look at the infinite number of tattoos, I can’t resist getting another one. Tattoos look super stylish and help us look cool and edgy.

From small to big, bold to subtle ones, floral prints to biomechanical ones, there are so many new tattoo styles this year. It all depends on the look and size you want. Let’s take a look here at 15 most popular and trendy tattoo art for women.

15 Popular and Cool Tattoo Styles

1. Watercolor Tattoo

watercolor-tattoos-latest-trends-womens-hands-styles-trendyWatercolor tattoos are a resemblance to a classic watercolor painting. It doesn’t have specific borders and lines and is usually a mashup of different colors. In most of the common tattoo styles, black outline is prominent. But we see that in water color tattoo style, all colors and soft gradients are used. From watercolor flower tattoo to watercolor feather tattoo, go for the one that interests you the most as floral and animal prints are pretty popular amongst them.


2. Hidden Small Tattoos

jewelry-tattoo-ideas-tattoos-for-women-fineline-hidden-smallHidden tattoos remind me the latest hair color trend – underlights. They’re like you want to get them done but still hide them and show off just when you want to! Small tattoo ideas are more of a surprise to the first-time viewers! If you are one of them who likes to get inked but not with too much of exposé, then this one is for you! Good places to add hidden tattoos are back of the ear, sides of the neck, ribs or at the waistline that would pop up only when you flick your hair or wear a cut-out dress. If you want something minimal and special for just your special man to see, try getting it at the butt or inner thighs. Ooh! Sounds sexy, right?

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3. Trash Polka Tatoo

With many tattoo styles coming up, the tattoo artists come up with unique and distinctive designs every now and then and help us stand apart in the crowd. Trash polka tattoo is one of them! This style was developed by the two tattoo artists in 1998 in their Buena Vista Tattoo Club and they called them “Realistic Trash Polka”, according to Wikipedia. The tattoo style of trash polka involves just two colors – black and red! You can either try the bolder version of it or go for the really simple and cool ones like the butterfly and clock one!


4. Egyptian Tattoos

The name itself says it all – Egyptian tattoos symbolize the ancient Egyptian culture and civilization. If you’re a person who likes ancient art and culture then feel free to dwell on this tattoo style. Pharaohs, sphinx or pyramid-shaped are great ancient Egyptian tattoo ideas. You can try it at your arms, belly or back of the neck.

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5. Biomechanical Tattoos

steampunk-girl-tattoo-subtle-smaller-cyborg-tattoo-ideas-for-womenIf you’re a sci-fi fan, then this one is perfect for you! Show off your inner cyborg or sport a robotic arm! These are one of the creative tattoo styles which involve a lot of teeny-tiny work and double the effort. Biomechanical tattoos feature the robotic elements like getting a mechanical spinal cord or ribcage inked exactly as it is inside the body. It is interesting and unique tattoo style to try from the various types. Other steampunk tattoo ideas include circuit boards and gears.

biomechanical-tattoos-latest-trendy-womens-style-ideas-cyborg-syumpunk6. Botanical Tattoo

This is one of the most recent yet timeless tattoo styles. Botanical tattoo artists are going for ferns, wildflower, rosebush, lavender, cherry, iris and even turnips. If you’re in love with nature then, by all means, go for the botanical tattoo designs. The current trend in this style includes exactly replicating a flower or leaf or a tree. This is good for people who don’t want to get huge bold ones but just subtle ones.

botanical-tattoos-latest-trendy-ideas-styles-women-floral-styles7. Helix Tattoo

Helix tattoos are drawn at the rim of the ears. The ear has become a favorite body part for getting inked. Subtle tattoos or just inside the ears all of them are trendy. Try ear cuffs designs and save for what you spend on the cuffs. Also, try behind the ear tattoo to get that peek-a-boo look. This reminds me of Rihanna who has a small zodiac sign tattoo behind her ear.

helix-ear-tattoos-latest-trendy-women-creative-ideas8. Fine Line Tattoo

fine-line-tattoo-latest-trends-tattoo-stylesThis is a technique that is more precise and consists of thin lines. It is becoming increasingly popular amongst tattoo styles. Great for people who don’t want much bolder tattoos. These tattoo styles are also perfect if you love tattoos with meaning.

fine-line-tattoos-latest-trendy-womens-tattoo-artists-latest-trend9. Lace Tattoo

lace-tattoos-latest-trends-tattoos-for-womenVictorian lace tattoo sweeps us back to the 90s era and lace tattoos help us in getting the perf feminine look! Earlier, lace tattoo designs were common under the breasts, but now the underboob tats are out! Lace tattoos on the hips or arms are current Instagram favorites so go for it!

lace-victorian-tattoos-latest-trendy-styles-ideas-women10. Medical Tattoo

Medical symbol tattoos have been quite famous these days. Getting a stethoscope or a cross symbol is indeed fashionable! The Rx symbol or the symbol of medicine are also good ideas.

medical-tattoos-latest-tattoo-ideas-for-women-styles-traditiona;-cross-shaped11. Cross-Stitch Tattoo

Cross stitch on fabric is something we’ve been seeing for ages but cross-stitch tattoo has gotten trendy the last couple of months. It gives the exact same look as it does on the fabric. It is basically, embroidery on skin! Hats off the tattoo artists who come up with unique tattoo styles and give us plenty of options to choose from!



12. Jewelry Tattoo

ring-finger-tattoos-jewelry-tattoo-styles-latest-womenFrom bracelets to rings to necklaces to anklet tattoos, there are plenty of jewelry tattoo options to pick the best one! Instead of buying lots and lots of jewelry, just get it inked permanently on the body and you are done for life. 🙂 Just kidding but yeah, many people follow that! These days the multi-ring tattoos are becoming quite famous. Also, try a tattoo on the ring finger and surprise your boyfriend!

jewelry-tattoos-women-trendy-ideas-styles-tattoo-trends-necklace-bracelet-finger-ring-tattoo13. Gem Tattoo

In this tattoo style, different types of photorealistic gems are inked on the body. Instead of buying one, get it inked and yeah, there would be no chance of losing too, unlike the real one! Go for your lucky gemstone.


14. Mandala Tattoo

fine-line-tattoo-huge-ideas-for-women-latestMandala tattoo is a sacred religious symbol. Mandalas are often used in prayer rooms to get that spiritual calm. To get the same peaceful vibes, people get the mandalas inked on their bodies. This is more of a geometric tattoo style in which circles, squares and triangles are used. Or you can go for curvilinear mandala designs.

mandala-tattoos-latest-circular-women-ideas-trendy-styles15. Dotwork Tattoo

Dotwork tattoos are the ones in which dots are used to get the three-dimensional effect. Mostly it is done with just black color without any bright colors. Try the bigger ones to rock that perf dot tattoo trend.


16. Semicolon Tattoos

Semicolon tattoos have become super popular, especially ever since there was a movement a few years ago. The semicolon tattoos symbolize not ending your life. In English when the semicolon is used, it means the writer chose to end the sentence, but he doesn’t want to. In reality, the writer is you and the sentence is your life. So get this if you wanna remind yourself how speical your life is every day!

semicolon-tattoos-latest-tattoo-trends-ideas-styles-womenSo, these are the 16 trendy tattoo styles that we’re loving! Which style are you liking and which one are you planning to get inked? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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