Tattoo Removal: Guide to Types of Processes, Cost & Pains Involved!

Inking a tattoo may be fun and interesting but removal may not be that easy a task! From various methods involved, to how painful they are, get to know everything about tattoo removal here!


Hey there! Tattoos have been super trendy amongst people of all ages especially youngsters. There is no restriction on any body part to get a tattoo inked. From hands to thighs to butt to ears, tattoo works well on every body part. While tattoos were once considered a permanent thing, these days it is even possible to remove them! While getting a tattoo inked is not an easy job and requires lots of patience, tattoo removal is equally tough and may be more painful!

With many latest tattoo styles and trends coming every day, people like to get rid of the older ones and get new trendier ones. Or maybe someone has got their special person’s name inked and that person is no longer special and wants that tattoo removed. Or maybe you just got bored looking at the same tattoo every day! There may be so many reasons why people may opt for tattoo removal.

That’s why I’m here with a guide on everything, from the safest methods of removal to whether the home removal methods are really helpful. Let’s get started with a complete guide to tattoo removal.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work

Earlier, methods like dermabrasion (scraping off the top layer of skin), cover-up (a new tattoo is inked on the top of older one completely replacing the old one), excision (cutting the tattoo) and few other risky techniques were implemented. The latest technique for tattoo removal is the laser method that breaks the tattoo pigment particles beneath the skin. This is a safer method and perhaps works more efficiently.

Home Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal at home may be as painful as laser technique. It may take days to weeks for removal at home! Few home tattoo removal techniques are below:

Note Before You Read

Home tattoo removal techniques work differently for everyone. So, please remember that everything I wrote here may not suit every skin type. Before you try out these home removal ideas, please consult with your dermatologist.

1. Salabrasion – Table salt and an abrasive device are used in this technique. The process involves mixing a spoon of salt in water and then rubbing this mixture with the abrasive material on the tattoo until the skin becomes raw! Many tattoo removal parlous says that the raw skin may be cured ointments and bandage, however, raw skin is prone to infection so we don’t recommend trying this method.

2. Magical Aloe Vera – In this process aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil and apricot scrub are mixed in equal amounts. Apply this mixture using a Q-tip and leave it for 5 minutes. Later rinse off with cold water. Try this every day for about a month. This may be safe as aloe vera doesn’t have any side effects.home-removal-tattoo-ideas-aloe-vera-gel- rubbing
3. Sand Powder Method – This method is considered as one of the effective ways to remove a tattoo at home as per Wikihow. In this sand powder and a sponge is used. Rubbing the sand powder with the help of sponge on the tattoo may help in getting rid of the tattoo.

4. Lemon Juice and Salt – Salt contains sodium and chloride ions which can easily penetrate the skin and hence in may be of the home tattoo removal ideas. In this process, half a lemon and one spoon of salt is mixed and applied using a cotton ball.lemon-salt-rubbing-method-home-tattoo-removal-ideas

All the tattoo removal methods at home are budget-friendly but also they may be risky especially for people having sensitive skin. I advise again to consult a dermatologist before you get started with these techniques.

Types & Cost of Tattoo Removal

From laser to non-laser to home remedies to using a cream there are many options to choose from! If you want to spend more on tattoo removal than on a tattoo, then go for laser technique!

Laser Tattoo Removal

The laser treatment for tattoo removal may sound relatively easy but it is not! Also, it is expensive and takes a lot of sittings for the entire process to wrap up. In this process, the laser heats the ink particles present in the tattoo that leads to slightly fading of the tattoo in each sitting. As the particles are broken into small pieces, these are identified by the white blood cells in the body as a foreign substance and are immediately absorbed and transported to the liver for further process.

laser-tattoo-removal-_clearroutink-technique-to remove-permanent-tattoosNon-Laser Tattoo Removal or Natural Tattoo Removal?

“Natural ways of removing tattoos are safer than choosing laser technique to get rid of it,” says Forrest Jeff, author of TattooArm magazine. All the home tattoo removal methods fall into the category of natural tattoo removal! So, make sure you consult tattoo artists or specialists before you do them at home.

Tattoo Removal Cream

These creams are better as an add-on after the tattoo is removed in which they help to slightly fade the tattoo. If you solely rely on the tattoo removal cream for the tattoo to be removed, then I don’t think that’s gonna help. So people who are looking to opt for tattoo removal creams don’t expect the tattoo to vanish overnight! And yeah, it’s not worth it for people who have the tattoo of their ex and are looking for a new partner. You don’t want trouble in your new relationship, do you?!

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Free Tattoo Removal

Many surgery centers and hospitals offer free tattoo removal schemes! All you have to do is sign up at these centers and keep checking with them!

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

Here are a few queries which people generally ask before getting the tattoo removed. Check them out!

1. How Painful is Tattoo Removal

This is the most common question people ask! The pain involved in tattoo removal is same as the pain a person feels when they get the tattoo inked. Don’t think too much when you’ve decided to get the tattoo removed. Just go for it boldly without a second thought.

2. Tattoo Removal Before and After

Having a clear picture in the mind is important before going for tattoo removal. Don’t expect that in one sitting or one-time treatment, the tattoo will fade completely. It may take a few days to months for the complete disappearance of the tattoo. Be prepared for swelling, redness and itching after tattoo removal!

3. Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Proper care is required to prevent infections. Avoid hot showers and any sort of physical activity for the next 24 hrs. Keep the treated area clean and dry. Using a cold compressor for some time may help reduce the pain to a certain extent. Also, avoid direct sun exposure for next couple of days. If itching or redness looks infectious or it is too bothersome, consult your doctor immediately.

healing-removed-tattoo-cold-compressor-permanent-tattoo-removal-ideas4. Swimming After Laser Tattoo Removal

Swimming is not advisable for a week after tattoo removal. As soaking the treated part for a long time in chlorinated water can take more time to heal. Also, the pool water may get affected and may spread the infection to the fellow swimmers too! So the best choice is to avoid the swimming sessions for a few days.

How to Remove Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a good alternative for people looking to change their tattoos every now and then. With time, the temporary tattoos fade automatically. Since the ink in temporary tattoos doesn’t reach the bottom most part of the skin, it takes less effort in removing them.

A few ideas to get rid of temporary tattoos include using a baby oil and wiping it off! Take a wet cloth and rub it off vigorously. Ripping off a clear tape and also applying cold cream and leaving it off for 1 hr and then washing it can help you get rid of temporary tattoos.

tattoo-removal-temporary-tattoos-baby-oil-wipingHow to Remove Henna Tattoo

Henna is a dye that is responsible for temporary coloring and is most popular in Indian weddings. The color of henna retains for about a week. Baking soda and lemon juice, bleach, toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide or nail polish remover are a few great ways to remove henna tattoo!

tattoo-removal-baby-oil-ideas-advice-tattoos-permanentHow to Remove Kid Tattoos

It’s always great fun for kids to get temporary tattoos. No harsh soaps or chemicals should be used when removing them, and it should be done without hurting the child’s soft skin. Scrubbing and using salt is a big no-no! Instead, use a cotton ball dipped in baby oil and gently rub on the skin. Later use a clean cloth to wipe it off.

So, all I suggest is think well before getting a tattoo inked because removal is so much pain and may take many days (or even months) to heal. If ever you had a tattoo removed, share your experience with us by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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