Tangled Hair Don’t Care: Audrey O. Illustration

Lying down in the summer – big, big problem. I know you thin-haired-girls are always complaining how you wish you had thick hair. But even a lot of hair isn’t perfect to have. Honestly, I hate lying down (unless I’m asleep), because I have to keep adjusting my hair constantly so it doesn’t get under me and scratch my neck, creepily caress my cheek, get in my mouth or worse, get its spiky ends all over the back of my neck and shoulders.

Back in college, one of my dorm-mates used to have lovely long hair and once while walking over to the bathroom, I saw her hair softly cascade down to the floor as she slept. So I try to push mine behind me before sleeping, hoping it would cascade down too. But no, my hair just doesn’t like to do pretty things like cascading: it spreads all around me. And not making Kendall Jenner-like hearts around me or anything. But in a tangled mess. More Medusa-like than anything.

Oh, well. I’ll love this tangled mess anyway.


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