How to Wear Palazzos: Ultimate Guide with 11 Palazzo Pants Outfits


From how to choose the right palazzos for your body type to selecting and styling the top, here’s the ULTIMATE guide on how to wear palazzos + discover my 11 palazzo pants outfits!

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Hey gorgeous! You’ve see palazzo pants on celebs, in movies and TV shows. But if you’ve ever wondered how to wear palazzos in a way that can actually suit you, you’re in the right place! Today we’re gonna try all sorts of tops to see what looks good and what doesn’t with palazzos. So from accessories to hair and makeup, to even how to choose the light palazzos for your body type, we’re gonna cover it all. So are you ready for the ultimate guide on how to style palazzos? Let’s go!

Selecting Palazzos for Your Body Type

First thing you wanna know when learning how to wear palazzos is choosing the right palazzos. You want to choose the right pair for your body type, otherwise not even a good top or accessories will be able to save the outfit. And an unflattering pair will only go to the bottom of your closet and stay there forever!!


Generally, palazzos look the best on tall and thin girls. Since palazzos are flared right from the hips, they can add a lot of bulk to your lower half.

  1. If you’re curvy or pear-shaped, go for dark colors and flowy fabrics for a slimming effect.
    how-to-wear-palazzo-pants- CURVY-PEAR1
  2. How to wear palazzos if you’re short? Go for striped or pleated palazzos that’ll elongate your silhouette.
    how-to-wear-palazzo-pants--SHORTFringes also help to add more vertical lines as well as dynamism.5-latest-fashion-trends-fringe-palazzos-summer-fashion-dresses-shilpa-ahuja
  3. Find flowy palazzo pants for short height. Go for flowy, light-weight fabrics, since stiff fabrics will add a lot of bulk, making you look stumpy.
  4. Also if you’re short, avoid ankle-length palazzos and go for longer ones that can cover your heels to look taller.
  5. If you’re short, or don’t have a flat tummy, avoid palazzos that have a thick belt or a lot of fabric in the waist
  6. Try with the right shoes before you buy them so that you make sure that you like the overall look.

What Tops to Wear with Palazzo Pants

1. Type of Tops

How to wear palazzos with the right kind of top? Tucked-in, well-fitted tops generally look the best as they mimic the hourglass shape. Sleeveless tops are great too. Tees, crop tops and even button-up shirts can work.


Fit matters a lot. You don’t want something that adds bulk or folds in the tummy area, since it will ruin the silhouette, making you look shapeless.
So avoid stiff fabrics like heavy cotton, silk or organza for your palazzo style.

how-to-wear-palazzo-pants- FABRICS-AVOID-3

2. Color

how-to-wear-palazzo-pants--UNDERTONESContrasting tops that have the same undertone work the best with palazzo pants outfits. Like gold, apple green or maroon with olive green.

4-advice-guide-tips-style-palazzos-summer-casual-fashion-Palazzo Pants Outfits-shilpa-ahuja

You can also go for a matching top for a jumpsuit-like effect.


Or a lighter shade of your palazzos like grayish silver with black. Pastels work, well, with pastels. Like white with sky blue or peach with cream.


3. Fabric

For a rich, well-put-together look, go for a fabric of similar texture and weight. Like flowy with flowy, crepe with chiffon. Cotton blends, satin and lycra are good options, too.


4. Length

Go for tops that can be easily tucked in, or well-fitted crop tops. Long tops don’t really look as flattering, but A-line tops may work well, especially with the belt.
Even loose crop tops may be okay. Peplums may or may not look good, so they’re worth a try. Also try palazzo pants with long tops. Maxi tops with a front slit can look great, especially on pear-shaped girls. You can also add a belt to give structure.



Palazzos are generally for summers only but they may work in transition seasons like early fall with a full sleeve top, a cropped denim jacket or well-fitted tucked in sweater. You can also add a scarf.

How to Wear Palazzos: Accessories

1. Handbags for Palazzos

For casual palazzo pants outfits, go for a tote bag or cross-body bag. And for an elegant look, you can try a clutch, a sling bag or a large structured bag. Micro bags look the most elegant. Match the bag and shoes either with your top or with your palazzos.


2. Shoes with Palazzo Pants

For shoes, it’s best to add height with pumps, platforms or wedges.


Flats, of course, also work with palazzo pants outfits. And even sneakers, for an experimental look, especially with crop palazzos.

11 shilpa ahuja fashion blogger tips college teens style ideas

3. Jewelry

Long chains, beaded necklaces, chokers – all are great ideas. Or long tassel earrings. Stacked bracelets or rings work well too.


Hair and Makeup

A side fishtail braid, wavy hair or top knot look perfect for a casual, boho look. For a party, you can even wear a chignon or ponytail with palazzo pants outfits. Keep the makeup minimal for a summer look. Or add some color to match the top or palazzos like in the eye shadow or lipstick.


So I hope these tips and my ideas on how to wear palazzos were helpful. Now you can style your palazzos in so many ways. They’re really comfy and if styled right, they can really look great. So what would you like me to style next? Let me know below! And do tag me in your palazzo pants outfits on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom. I’ll definitely like them! Muaah!

My 11 Palazzo Pants Outfits

Behind the Scenes of Fashion Shoot with Shilpa Ahuja


Get behind the scenes of fashion shoot for an intimate, on-location look with Shilpa Ahuja as she talks about what we do here and our blog’s credo!
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Behind the Scenes Video: On Location for a Summer Fashion Shoot

Hey gorgeous! To take you with us on location, we shot a behind the scenes vid while doing the fashion photography of our latest summer shoot. The fashion photo-shoot for the look will be releasing soon, but while you wait for it, check out this video of me posing! Also: I talk about my work, a bit about the philosophy behind and what I think personal style is!

Here’s the transcript:

“Hi! I am Shilpa Ahuja and today we’re shooting for a casual look. The mood of this shoot is tropical, natural, with a lot of trees, flowers, butterflies. Very zen! We’re in Auroville, ten minutes away from Pondicherry, in south of India. is all about inspiring confidence through fashion and lifestyle. I believe that fashion is for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, skin color and body type. That everyone has the right to style without being judged.

Fashion trends are not meant to make you spend a lot. They just give you a lot of options to experiment with, so that you can spend wisely and choose what suits you best.

I don’t think of myself as a fashion influencer. I am just a style BFF for my readers. Our team does a lot of analysis of runway fashion and we give our own opinion from a fashion outsider’s perspective so that we can help you create your own personal style. For me, personal style is what makes you feel your best, chicest and most confident self. It helps you be happy.”

Who is a Style BFF?

Don’t we all have that one friend in our lives (or at least we need that friend) who gives us honest opinions on our fashion, who we wanna take shopping with us because she always knows what would suit us best, and who we always call for fashion emergencies (what should I wear to meet this new guy?)! Well, that’s what we at want to become for you all – your style BFFs. So think of SlubTeam as your style confidantes. We want you to feel your more beautiful self. We don’t want to make choices for you, we don’t want to force any opinion on you. But we want that you should always feel confident about whatever you love to wear. And we love your opinions, too!

So, my angels, I hope you had as much fun watching our behind the scenes video as we had shooting and editing it. Should we make more such behind the scenes vids? Let us know your thoughts @shilpa1ahuja or by commenting on the video. Please do like and share our video. To see more, subscribe to our YouTube channel! Check out the fashion shoot final images at Fun Summer Outfit for a Vacation Party + Colorful Makeup Look.

Muaah 🙂

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