Behind the Scenes of Fashion Shoot with Shilpa Ahuja


Get behind the scenes of fashion shoot for an intimate, on-location look with Shilpa Ahuja as she talks about what we do here and our blog’s credo!
shilpa-ahuja-glam-summer-casual-look-bright-makeup Behind the Scenes of Fashion Shoot

Behind the Scenes Video: On Location for a Summer Fashion Shoot

Hey gorgeous! To take you with us on location, we shot a behind the scenes vid while doing the fashion photography of our latest summer shoot. The fashion photo-shoot for the look will be releasing soon, but while you wait for it, check out this video of me posing! Also: I talk about my work, a bit about the philosophy behind and what I think personal style is!

Here’s the transcript:

“Hi! I am Shilpa Ahuja and today we’re shooting for a casual look. The mood of this shoot is tropical, natural, with a lot of trees, flowers, butterflies. Very zen! We’re in Auroville, ten minutes away from Pondicherry, in south of India. is all about inspiring confidence through fashion and lifestyle. I believe that fashion is for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, skin color and body type. That everyone has the right to style without being judged.

Fashion trends are not meant to make you spend a lot. They just give you a lot of options to experiment with, so that you can spend wisely and choose what suits you best.

I don’t think of myself as a fashion influencer. I am just a style BFF for my readers. Our team does a lot of analysis of runway fashion and we give our own opinion from a fashion outsider’s perspective so that we can help you create your own personal style. For me, personal style is what makes you feel your best, chicest and most confident self. It helps you be happy.”

Who is a Style BFF?

Don’t we all have that one friend in our lives (or at least we need that friend) who gives us honest opinions on our fashion, who we wanna take shopping with us because she always knows what would suit us best, and who we always call for fashion emergencies (what should I wear to meet this new guy?)! Well, that’s what we at want to become for you all – your style BFFs. So think of SlubTeam as your style confidantes. We want you to feel your more beautiful self. We don’t want to make choices for you, we don’t want to force any opinion on you. But we want that you should always feel confident about whatever you love to wear. And we love your opinions, too!

So, my angels, I hope you had as much fun watching our behind the scenes video as we had shooting and editing it. Should we make more such behind the scenes vids? Let us know your thoughts @shilpa1ahuja or by commenting on the video. Please do like and share our video. To see more, subscribe to our YouTube channel! Check out the fashion shoot final images at Fun Summer Outfit for a Vacation Party + Colorful Makeup Look.

Muaah 🙂

Dive into the Water | The Great Barrier Reef, Australia – A Music Video


Discover our latest music video, Dive into the Water, which is full of inspiration, fun, and adventure!!

Shot at the Great Barrier Reef (coral reef), Australia, this video is about taking the plunge – not just into the water, but into anything in life that you really want to do but are scared to! Hope it motivates everyone to dive in head first – as it did us!

Production: Shilpa’s Lifestyle Blog
Cinematography: Guy
Editing, Styling by Shilpa Ahuja
Music: “Dive Into”
Music Composer: Johannes Hager, Voice Artist: Viktoria Glans

Shot in Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Tropical Zoo, Holloways Beach, Queensland, Australia. This video also features my nautical-boho look featured in recent article Nautical Boho Look: Beach Maxi Dress Outfit, so make sure you check that out!

Hope you enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed filming and editing it!! Doesn’t it happen with all of us – we keep planning for months, or even years that one day we’ll do something we always wanted to, but somehow can’t find the courage to. If there’s anything that you really, really want to achieve in life, but are too chicken to – starting your own business venture, fighting back a bully, quitting your job, asking out that cute crush of yours, trying out an adventure sport, or just being a bit more stylish – do lemme know in the comments below. I’d say don’t overthink it, just do it, it’s worth a try. Life is too short for regrets.

That’s what this video stands for – #noregrets #diveinto. I really wish you all the best, and hope feel inspired after watching this video!! 🙂
I was wearing:
Coral pink dress: Ann Taylor
Bandanna: Kuranda bazaar, Kuranda, Queensland
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