Nexa X Shilpa Ahuja @ YouTube Fan Fest, Chennai!

Check out my collaboration with Nexa, featuring Ignis at YouTube Fan Fest, Chennai with Live FB video, carXfashion photo-shoot, and my experience!

Fashion and cars have a close relationship. Fashionable people seem to love cars! And cars seem to be promoted and photographed with hot models! And it’s no surprise that I was quite excited to get the opportunity to collaborate with Nexa at YouTube Fan Fest, Chennai that took place here last Sunday.

Being one of the main event sponsors, Nexa had a lovely stall there, with a brand new and blue model of Ignis, 2018’s It-car for the millennials. The event was going to be quite an evening, with some of South India’s top YouTubers coming for performances and meet and greet sessions. And as I can’t speak or understand Tamil, I wanted to get to know them, listen to their music and get this cultural experience. I was even excited to check the car out!shilpa-ahuja-ytff-chennai-nexa-ignis-collab-youtube-fan-fest

event-performance-ytff-youtube-fan-fest-chennai-indiafashion-lifestyle-blogger-car-shoot-shilpa-ahuja-nexa-ignis-indianPeople often think that being a fashion blogger is all about getting dressed, putting makeup on, taking selfies and putting them on social media for likes! But to me, that’s just 1% of my job. As an entrepreneur, it’s a 24×7 job in journalism involving duties from being a CEO to company spokesperson to HR head and mentor to your team to last-minute public appearances! And much, much more! None of that is complaint-worthy, however, when you love doing what you do.  interview-feature-tv-model-shilpa-ahuja-nexa-blogger

It’s quite a blessing, in fact! It was also so great to meet some of our readers, fellow media industry people and the Nexa team. interview-shilpa-ahuja-nexa-2018-youtube-fan-fest-chennai-blogger-collablatest-model-shilpa-ahuja-nexa-ignis-ytff-youtube-fan-fest-chennai-nexa-ignis-review-shilpa-ahuja-chennai-blogger-indiancar-model-shilpa-ahuja-nexa-ignis-ytff-youtube-fan-fest-chennai-2018

Have you been to a YouTube fan fest? And have you taken a test drive in Ignis? If you haven’t, check it out soon! And lemme know how it was in the comments below!

Also check out my Facebook Live video here. And don’t forget to connect with Nexa on Facebook, too!

Muaah 🙂