Let’s Go Summer Scent Shopping: My Top Picks in Perfumes

From Marc Jacobs to Dior, I’ve picked out the best perfumes for women for 2016. These perfumes include summer scents from aqua to rose, citrus to woody!

Hey gorgeous! It’s all nice and summery now. Between the exhaustive heat-filled drives to and from the offices, and working up a sweat at the gym, and then lazying around in our three-hundred thread count cotton sheets, we wanna make some room for those fun lunches with friends and those sweet, romantic dinner dates! Perfumes are necessity in this scenario! They help uplift our moods and bringing freshness to our outfits, to our days and even to our personalities!! Don’t they just make everything better?


Looking for the right summer scent? I went to the mall’s perfume store, Parcos, and I tried EVERY top women’s perfume – all the latest designer ones and all the summery perfumes! In fact, I even looked up online to find fragrances I couldn’t try at the mall, and voilà! Here are my recommendations:

Best Perfumes for Women for Summer 2016

#1: Summer Scents I Tried

Chance Eau Vive – Chanel

Chance may not be as iconic as Chanel N°5, but it’s fresh and feminine in its own right. Chance comes in a round bottle and has many variations – Chance parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, Chance eau fraîche, Chance eau tendre, but the one I love the most is Chance eau vive. With its floral and citrus notes of orange, jasmine, lemon and cedar, the fragrance is delightful!

summer-scent-latest-top-fragrance-women-ladies-2016-chanel-chance-eau-vivreLove in Capri – Light Blue – Dolce & Gabbana

The set of newly released perfumes by Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue includes Love in Capri for women and Beauty of Capri for men. The women’s fragrance, inspired by the Springtime bloom of the island of Capri, is a mix of citrus and aqua. It’s androgynous but yet subtly feminine. Not exactly my taste, but I know lots of women don’t like floral and altogether feminine scents, so it’ll be a great choice for them.


Candy – Prada

As the name suggests, Candy did have the sweetness of candy in its fragrance notes, mixed with floral notes.summer-scent-latest-top-fragrances-for-women-ladies-2016-prada-candy-kiss-sweet-feminine-floral

Bright Crystal – Versace

Here’s one floral summer scent – reminiscent of red roses. The fragrance is very feminine and sensuous, but it’s balanced and not too strong. Amaze.


Eau de Parfum – Elie Saab

A mix of orange blossom, rose and jasmine, this perfume was another soft and feminine fragrance.


Coco Eau de Parfum Refillable Spray – Chanel

The refillable spray bottle comes both for Chanel N°5 and Coco and looks like a lipstick – great for traveling and work-to-drinks days when you just want tiny touches of makeup and perfume to reinvigorate yourself. Just use on the pulse points and it’ll last you 5-6 hours. Coco is lavish, long lasting and according to the Chanel website, “the fullest expression of the perfumer’s art”!


#2: Summer Scents I Haven’t Tried Yet

Extraordinary – Petale – Oscar de la Renta

Inspired by a botanical lace from Oscar de la Renta’s RTW collection, this women’s fragrance is listed on the company’s website as a mix of scents from rose, orange flower and jasmine, plus amber and vanilla – floral, feminine with a hint of citrus. Would love to try!

Daisy – Marc Jacobs

I haven’t yet had a chance to try this award winning fragrance by Marc Jacobs. The description on the website lists its scent as a mix of gardenia, jasmine, strawberry and slightly woody. summer-scent-latest-top-fragrances-for-women-ladies-2016-marc-jacobs-daisy-best-floral-feminine-soft

J’Adore Eau de Toilette – Dior

This mix of magnolia, vanilla and lemon is listed as a fresh, floral and seductive fragrance on Dior’s website.

#3: Summer Scents I Tried & Really Wanted to Buy

Well, every girl has different preferences, so what you may love is different from what I loved. Plus it’s all about the mood, and what you have in mind!

Daisy Dream – Marc Jacobs

Daisy Dream had mixed floral notes in its scent – the sample felt like I was holding a bouquet of mixed flowers! The scent was gorgeous, the best one I tried that day!

Dolce – Dolce & Gabbana

This exquisite bottle has a white rose-shaped cap, so I’ve been wanting to try it! And it didn’t disappoint. The scent was really fresh, and yes, it was just like smelling roses. Which I loved a lot!! Wow.

summer-scent-latest-top-fragrances-for-women-ladies-2016-dolce-gabbana-roseDior Addict Eau de Toilette – Dior

The Dior Addict is very fresh, floral and feminine and soft – great for summer dates. The fragrance is a mix of beautiful jasmine, sandalwood, fruity citrus notes. It’s a lot like Miss Dior.


Thanks to Parcos, Dior and Chanel for helping me try out so many different perfumes to write this article. Check out their collections here:

Parcos FB Page
Chanel Women’s Fragrance Online Store
Dior Fragrance

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