Summer Internship Program 2021 – Intern Profile

Summer Internship Program at Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media

Interns Profile: Jun ’21-Sep ’21 Batch


As the Coronavirus pandemic engulfs the nation, studies and job offers are disrupted for students and fresh graduates everywhere. We at Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media are trying to engage with the most talented students from all over India. And after successfully completing two Summer Internship Programs in 2020, we have just hired our interns for 2021.

Meet the new team members of – a diverse group of students from all academic backgrounds and cities across India. This unique assortment is one of the most important things that helps us create articles that are able to connect with a vast readership, and help our team learn from one another and understand different perspectives.


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Pre-Internship Exposure to Fashion


2021 Batch: Interns Speak

Your Personal Style?

“I either like to be comfortable in casuals or go all glam, there’s nothing in between.”
“Wearing what makes me feel good.”
“My style would be a mix of bohemian and loungewear.”
“I avoid following trends and wear what makes me happy because I believe that fun and fashion go hand in hand.”
“I switch between streetwear and the y2k aesthetic.”
“Casual chic/ vintage.”

Your Work Motto?

“Diligence and discipline.”
“Believe you can and you are half way there.”
“Work ethically and for as long as it takes to achieve the best result.”
“Unless you can give your all, don’t commit to something. If you do commit, then finish that task wholeheartedly and to the closest degree to perfection.”
“No substitute for hardwork.”

Your Expectations from Internship?

“Perhaps in 1 or 2 decades, print magazine may not even exist. Digital magazines are the future so I am so happy to start my career in a digital magazine. allows me to be productive and creative. I am looking to enhance my writing skills and learn work ethics.”
“I am looking forward to work on projects beyond my comfort zone.”
“Writing on topics that I’m really passionate about and believe in.”
“I am looking to improve my writing and tap into new topics.”

Your Goals?

“To become Editor-in-Chief.”
“In the next 5 years, my goal is to be working as a fashion journalist or a stylist for a fashion magazine.”
“I wish to write things that matter and create an impression or change in the society around me. Someday, I wish to write a book of my own, because it’s a great way to leave behind a piece of yourself.”
“To pursue my MBA and later have my own startup.”
“I want to be a fashion journalist and work at one of the renowned fashion media publications.”
“My main career goal is to learn something new everyday.”

How will this internship help you achieve your goals?

“Help me bring closer to the fashion journalism world that I’m passionate about.”
“It will give an amazing start towards my dreams.”
“Fashion and writing are two things I’ve always been interested in and have wanted to make a careers out if it.This internship has given me the opportunity to explore that arena.”
“Internship at ShilpaAhuja Digital Media will give a platform to express my views about the industry and help me share my ideas with the world.”
“This internship will give me a real glimpse into a fashion media publication which is not very easily available in India.”
“It’ll help shape me as a writer and I’ll learn how to make my writing engaging and interesting.”
“Criticism! It will help me to grow.”

2020 Batch: Ex-Interns Speak

Any advice for new interns?

“Have a learning attitude!”
“Be consistent, and learn from your mistakes”
“Don’t hesitate to try something new, be a little less lazy and complete the assigned work as soon as possible.”
“Don’t be scared to ask when you face any difficulty, feel free to present your views and it’s always fun to try something new. All the best.”
“Have fun while writing and try expressing yourself to fullest.”

What made you stick at

“Friendly environment and stress-free tasks” – Aayushi Berawala
“Dedication to learn new stuff.” – Rishika Agarwal
“The work environment, the type of work and the motivation to put up something that millions of people will read.” – Sadaf Naz
“Guidance of Shilpa ma’am and enjoyment of writing and expressing.” – Tania Malhotra

Favorite thing you learned here?

“I’ve learnt a lot during the internship both professional skills and soft skills. I learnt about SEO, WordPress, editing, and much more!”
“Designing graphics.”
“Writing on topics that are foreign to me.”
“Writing about beauty tips.”

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