Apart from SPF creams and bikini ready body, summer beach reads should be on your bucket list this summer! Discover the best chick lit books here!

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Summer is here and what could be better than spending some time on the beach? Apart from chilling and tanning, you can indulge in some summer beach reads. So, when Shilpa asked me if I would like to write about the best chick lit books this summer, I couldn’t be happier! I, too, wanted to make a list of books to start off this summer and the opportunity knocked on my door.

So, I looked for the bestsellers on Amazon – romance, light summer reads, comedies, I checked them all out and read some reviews to create this reading list for you!! So, here’s our list of best chick lit books for 2017!

Summer Beach Reads for 2017

1. Ella’s Ice-Cream Summer by Sue Watson

This book is on the top of my list. Summer and ice-cream is the perfect combination, right?! So, this is a story of a single mum Ella and her journey of re-living her youth. She claims her portion of the family ice-cream business in a seaside town. One of the reviews on Amazon said that the book sticks to the title and there are yummy descriptions and ice cream recipes. Slurp! This book is so perfectly suited to start my list of the summer beach reads.

1-ellas-icecream-summer-sue-watson-chick-lit-books-2017 Shop here: Ella’s Ice-Cream Summer: A laugh out loud romantic comedy with extra sprinkles (The Ice-Cream Cafe Series Book 1)

2. Rome Is Where the Heart Is by Tilly Tennant

Kate heads to Rome after being dumped by her husband. She falls for a sexy policeman Alessandro. Can the love last forever? Well, one review on Amazon read, “Alessandro is my new book boyfriend”. Now I’m curious to meet Alessandro.

2-rome-is-where-the-heart-is-tilly-tennant-best-chick-lit-books-2017Shop here: Rome is Where the Heart is: An uplifting romantic read, perfect to escape with (From Italy with Love Book 1)

3. The Stylist By Rosie Nixon

“A must read for Devil wears Prada fans,” read a review on Amazon. So, I was curious to know more. The Stylist is about Amber Green who is a stylist (of course!) for the Hollywood A-listers and she’s in the limelight. How will she balance her love life and career when she gets hold of one of the biggest occasions – the Oscars? I’m eager to read this one and yes, because it’s related to fashion!
Shop here: The Stylist

4. Life Swap by Carol Wyer

This book had mixed responses on Amazon. However, I loved the title and the story line sounded interesting, too. Life Swap is a story about the girl Polly who’s fed up with her life – failed relationships and debt – and she would go to any extent to change her luck. And when she’s given a chance to swap her life for luxury, she happily accepts it! She couldn’t be happier! All that is missing is her love life. She meets the man of her dreams, Matt. But can money buy happiness? I feel that most of us can relate to this book. I would love to swap my life, too, for few days!!
Shop here: Life Swap

5. Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

A typical love story set up in the city of New York. It’s about Paige who has a wonderful life in New York with great friends, amazing job and apartment. Her life falls upside down when a disaster strikes and she has to quit her job. Her brother’s friend Jake is the only person who can bring things back together. Jake is also the boy Paige spent her teen years with and she doesn’t want to repeat her past mistakes. But after spending more time with Jake, she realizes the one thing missing from her life was him. Aww!
5-sleepless-in-manhattan-sarah-morgan-summer-beach-reads-2016Shop here: New York, Actually

6. A Venetian Summer by Juliet Michaels

I’m listing the kindle edition of A Venetian Summer here, although it is available as paperback too. The story is about Daisy who is a carefree and single girl spending her summer teaching English in the beautiful city of Venice. She meets an older man from a wealthy family and things heat up between them. She also has a past relationship with an Italian student Alex. Daisy needs to decide whom she will choose as her suitor.
6-a-venetian-summer-light-romance-juliet-michaels-reading-on-the-beach-best-chick-lit-books-kindleShop here: A Venetian Summer (Light Romance)

7. What Happens at the Beach by T. A. Williams

Here’s another Kindle edition. What Happens at the Beach is about Natalie who had a bad life with her fiancé. She ditches her engagement ring and sets off to a beach in Southern France. She wants to avoid men in her life but she bumps into a rich millionaire, Mark. Natalie finds herself in her dream job, working with her dream man. But does it last forever?!
7-kindle-what-happens-at-the-beach-ta-williams-good-summer-romance-booksShop here: What Happens at the Beach…

8. The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close

The Hopefuls is about a young wife who follows her husband to Washington, D.C. to follow his political dreams. The book talks about the young and ambitious couple’s marriage and complicated friendship in the city. “The book is hilarious and gives a realistic portrayal of a young Washington couple,” says a review on Amazon. I was hesitant to pick this book because of the political background, but after reading the synopsis, I loved the concept of marriage. I can relate to it!

8-the-hopefuls-2016-jennifer-close-reading-on-the-beach-reads-summer-chick-lit-booksShop here: The Hopefuls
Did you love our list of this year’s best chick lit books? Which books are going to be on your list of summer beach reads? Let us know in the comments!
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