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Fringes and bangs are very trendy, especially unevenly cut or sideways bangs, longer ones that reach the bottom of the forehead and going down to the chin. Cropped hair, and long bobs are also super-in, either straight or wavy.

For styling, messy, beach-wavy is the most trendy look right now, but if you want straight, go for super-sleek!

Women’s Latest Hair Cut and Style Trends for Spring Summer 2015


As it’s the summer, we want ponytails and braids. Fish-tail braids are very popular, and messy, mixed-style braids that sometimes may start from the top or side of the head. Messy buns are also hot this season.


Glamour Hungary July 2015 cover featuring the braided trend + amazing makeup

20 Latest Women’s Hairstyles for All Hair Types, Lengths | Casual, Office, Party

Bandanas, Turbans and Flower-Bands

Oh, I can’t have enough of this cool trend. It’s comfortable and yet so chic! And you can do so much, combine a bandana with buns, or wrap your head-scarf like a turban with your maxi-dresses, or wrap a flower-band like a bandana with your messy braids. You can really adapt it to your personality for any occasion, or personalize it.

Turbans and Bandanas : Spring Summer’s Hottest Trend + Tutorial

Hair Colors

In most popular hair-colors this season are bronde (some sort of mixture of blonde and brown), honey, rich caramel and cherry. For highlights, ombre or its sublte little brother, sombre are the thing to go for.

Latest Hair Color Trends and Color Styles for Summer 2015 | Best Ideas

Phew, so that was a lengthy one, but hey you ask for it, you get it! Hope you liked this collection of all major trends for this season and are all set for dressing yourself up! Lemme know which trend is your favorite and least favorite below! 🙂

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