Wanna know the secrets of being a fashion it-girl? Here are the basics on how to be the most stylish girl in your college! 

how-to-be-the-most-stylish-girl-in-college-how-to-be-fashionable-student-what-to-wear-classPersonal Style

This is the first step to being stylish, whether you’re in college or not. Decide on your personal style. This should be irrelevant of what college you go to and what kind of people your college has. Personal style is, as it sounds, very personal and it’s something that reflects your personality. It may evolve during your time in college, but overall, it’ll define you, and set you apart from others. Try to define your style in one word – it could be cute, sexy, cosmopolitan, classy, nerdy or whatever you want it to be. And that will help you style your outfits and create your wardrobe.

how-to-be-stylish-whats-your-personal-style-how-to-be-fashionable-barbie-typesFashion Trends

Keep up with fashion and lifestyle trends, especially those that help you evolve your style every season, like eye makeup, jeans and shoes, etc. But wear only what suits your body type and what makes you comfortable.

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Signature Item or Perfume

If you have a personal style, chances are you’ll be wearing something that’s really your signature. It could be a pendant, or a handbag or even a perfume. It should be something that’s an integral part of your wardrobe that people can recognize as yours.

Start With Your Lingerie

You’ll feel sexier! College is all about new beginnings and exploring your personality, so start with your lingerie, because that’s the most intimate clothing. Wear what makes you feel sexy and confident.


Pay attention to the details of your outfits – hair, accessories, makeup, etc. Don’t ignore any part of your outfit. They should all be in sync with your clothes, and should speak about your personal style as much as your clothes do. Your glasses, handbag and even your book covers, laptop case and phone covers should be in tune with your style.
Don’t wear clothes, wear outfits.

shilpa-ahuja-fashion-blogger-college-fashion-how-to-be-the-most-stylish-girl-teen-styleShould You Wear Heels?

Often, if that’s your style. If not, wear whatever makes you feel most stylish and most confident. And while you’re at it, wear statement shoes every one in a while and carry the season’s it-bag!


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Hairstyle is one of the first things you should consider. If you’re the most stylish girl on campus, keep your hair clean, healthy and well-groomed everyday. That doesn’t mean having to blow-dry it everyday, but it means that your hair should look presentable and trendy. Take good care of your skin and nails, too.


Work on your posture, walk and voice. Body language is an important part of how people develop a perception towards you, so appear confident. Don’t try too hard and smile a lot. Look natural and work on maintaining eye contact during conversations.

how-to-be-stylish-whats-your-personal-style-how-to-be-fashionable-college-classroomFashion Risks

Don’t be afraid of risks. Try new things and have the guts to wear something unexpected every now and then. Some may like it and others may not, but you should always like it and that’s most important.

Fashion Authority

Participate in or initiate style or fashion related activities in college. Be at the forefront of fashion shows, fashion conferences or networking events on campus to set yourself apart as a trendsetter and to mark your fashion ‘it-girl’ authority.

Thick Skin

Develop a thick-skin. Style risks and popularity often come accompanied by not just compliments, but also by bullying and mean remarks from peers and faculty alike. It may also get lonely, especially if your friends don’t care about fashion, or if they are threatened by you. But your real friends will support you if they love you!

Grades and Smarts

Being the most stylish girl in your college will take up a lot of your time. So don’t forget to keep up with your grades. Smart is the best type of stylish because it gives you confidence, which is the key to style.


Health, Mind and Body

Work out regularly to stay fit and keep in shape. If you have unflattering parts, try body-shapers. Whatever your body type is, eat healthy and stay happy to look and feel your best!

Cultural Appropriation

Every country, city and even college has its own culture and its own set of unwritten rules about what’s normal and what’s shocking. Being stylish and a trendsetter requires that you take fashion risks, and not everyone will be pleased by them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and you don’t have to please everyone. But make sure whatever you do or wear doesn’t hurt the sentiments of the college population, or doesn’t annoy your professors.

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