9 Stylish Bollywood Actors to Follow on Instagram

The easiest and most entertaining way to update yourself with the latest fashion trends? Instagram! Discover the most stylish Bollywood actors to follow on Instagram for the latest updates in men’s style. 


We all love to follow our favorite stylish Bollywood actors on Instagram so that we can keep an update of what they are doing, how they are doing, what interesting is happening, and more. We all have some favorites, but not everyone is equally stylish.

Whenever we talk about fashion trends, what people usually think about are Bollywood actresses – not fair, even Bollywood actors update you with the latest fashion. We all are always curious to know the latest Bollywood trends. Let us see the 9 most stylish Bollywood actors, who never step back from providing you with the latest updates about fashion.

Top 9 Stylish Bollywood Actors to Follow on Instagram

There are a few stylish Bollywood actors who keep us updated with their latest looks, upcoming projects, innovations, gym routines motivating you to be fit, and trendy. Read below our list of 9 stylish Bollywood actors we follow on Instagram, and why you should, too.

To add a fun element, I have also created hashtags best suited to their overall profile. I am also going to give them points out of five, based on their style quotient, frequency of updates, and entertainment. So let’s get on with our list of these stylish Bollywood actors.

1. Kartik Aaryan

Instagram Id – @Kartikaaryan

Kartik is the chocolaty boy of Bollywood with millions of female fans. His Instagram handle is filled his cute and melting posts garnering millions of likes. He updates his fans with every information from eating to gymming to shooting.


Kartik Aaryan is the latest of today’s generation, so he influences our generation a lot from shoes to hair. His casual style has started a new trend for all men. He is never overdone or underdone – just the perfect mixture. Just see how casually in a denim jacket he is slaying with his attitude and wavy hair. He is a style icon for men and admired by women – what a combination!



Recently he aired his show ‘Koki Poochega’ on YouTube and keeps posting updates about it on Instagram, in which he interviews the survivors and real-life fighters of Covid-19. A very entertaining show in such a dangerous time, makes people fall for him as he never sits back and is always there to make them smile. He always posts the latest updates of his movies and projects in his bio and includes the names of all characters he played. His posts also give out news about the industry – like the recent death of Rishi Kapoor and Imran Khan.

IG Stories

Most of his IG stories are about his upcoming movie trailers and their songs. Therefore, to get an easy update of his movies and tracks, you can easily find them in his IGTV section.

Instagram can provide so much entertainment – great. I recommend everyone to follow him for routine entertainment and the latest styles. He deserves a 5/5, because of the great package of style and entertainment he provides with rapid updates. #CasuallyinStyle.

2. Ranveer Singh

Instagram ID – @RanveerSingh

The most fun-loving and energetic actor in Bollywood, Ranveer always amazes us with his unique styles. His characteristics of loyalty, enthusiasm, and joy make him one of the most entertaining actors in the industry. When we talk about his Instagram handle, believe me, it is also filled with the same craze. Starting from his creative fashion styles to his love life and the upcoming movies, his IG feeds have it all.


When we talk about Ranveer Singh, we immediately get the idea in our minds of always being different, although some may find his style weird and some may find it cool. He has always been up-to-date with new and experimental trends, be it dhoti, salwar, palazzo, or others. Not everyone can pull off such styles. He updates us with all his latest fashion styles on Instagram.


Recently in this quarantine time, most of his posts are of his love life that how he and his beau Deepika are making this time of life a big fun. Entertaining people and making them aware of Covid-19 with their togetherness. He tries keeping his followers updated with industry news like he posted a photo with Rishi Kapoor and Irfan khan showing peace for their souls and condolence for their family.

Although he is usually a little late for posting updates, yet he surely does. My favorite is his posts with Deepika, which shows their great chemistry. Just have a look at their cute doodled photo being Mini Mouse and Mickey Mouse and cooking for themselves. The cute caption shows their compatibility with each other, “Dil ka Rasta pet se hoke Jata hai”. #CutenessOverloaded


IG Stories

His IG stories section mostly contains his upcoming movie trailer and what he likes to watch.

As you can see, his overall Instagram handle is full of with his style, romance, entertainment, and Bollywood news, giving him a 5/5 for it and hence making him a must followed celebrity on Instagram.#AlwaysUnique.

3. Vicky Kaushal

Instagram Id – @Vickykaushal09

A self-made and established actor of Bollywood. He fought a tough fight for achieving it, but today he stands with great stardom and fan following. Vicky is one of the most admired men of today’s generation, for his style, roles, and acting. He stands as an inspiration for youth who wants to start up with their Bollywood careers. When we talk about his Instagram handle, he is one of us with a simple and casual lifestyle. Depicting his journey from a normal person to a successful actor.


Cool, casual, with simple and cute looks. He carries a very ordinary and simple style, which is very relatable to the youth. Have a look at this one in casual black jeans and a t-shirt, paired with a black and red jacket, yellow shades, and a silver chain locket. You will find a lot more styles on his account.

stylish bollywood actors-must follow-Vicky kaushal


Recently, his posts contain information about how Bollywood stars are deciding to come together for ‘I For India’, a live concert organized to raise funds for Covid-19 relief and making people aware of what can be done by them. He also updates about his daily routine of cooking, cleaning, eating, and his overall lifestyle. As his dressing style inspires today’s generation a lot, he frequently keeps updating all his styles to his fans on Instagram.

IG Stories

This section consists of the trailers of his upcoming movies and the latest releases. There he also recommends his followers to watch or visit relevant sites for entertainment or awareness.

Vicky’s simplicity in style quotient, entertainment factor, and frequent updates give him a 5/5, and we recommend everyone to follow him on Instagram. #SimplebutStylish.

4. Ayushmann Khurana

 Instagram Id – @Ayushmannk

Struggle in his life made him quite a tough competition for many. He came to the industry long back but was not immediately successful. But today, he is one of the most trending actors of Bollywood. His attitude of taking things easy and always being positive is praised. Over time, he evolved his style and made it shine.


This cute and adorable man of Bollywood is always in an entertaining mode. He has set a trend in Bollywood of giving out social messages in movies, and hence you can see many blockbusters influenced by this. His style is purely original and highlights his success. Have a look at his this picture, where he is dressed in an all-black outfit with silver shimmered blazer and black shoes complete his look.



Recently, he has been taking a stand for spreading awareness to people about fake news and telling them it can be spread unknowingly. Hence with his campaign #MatkarForward, he has been urging everyone to avoid fake news. His account is frequently refilled with his romance and routine in his reel as well as real life.

IG Stories

He usually updates this section with upcoming movies and campaigns. He posts cute videos of him with his wife. Like recently, in a video, he was playing a fun game with his wife.

Surely, because of so much entertainment and updates on his account, he gets a 5/5 and should be followed on Instagram. #SelfMade.

5. Akshay Kumar

Instagram Id – @Akshaykumar

Not of today’s generation but Akshay is still loved by them. He is one of the never-aging actors of Bollywood. His style and routine is an inspiration for youth. I believe nobody can match him – the only Kumar actor in the industry. His Instagram contains all his routine and fitness tasks.


Being fit and young like you and me – this is what defines his style quotient. Have a look at this picture in a black suit with a white shirt and multi-colored tie accompanied with brown shades. Who can believe he is 50+? He gives major body goals!



Recently, he, too, posted for fundraising campaign ‘ I for India’. He keeps updating his followers with his upcoming movies like the latest Suryavanshi and spreading awareness of precaution to avoid Covid-19. You also get fitness advice throughout his handle. However, his updates are usually not frequent.

IG Stories

This section of his profile is filled with trailers of his upcoming movies and campaigns he supports. Like recently posting about Covid-19 precautions and fitness at home. #StayAtHomeSaveLives

He deserves a 4/5, not because he is less in terms of style quotient and entertainment, but because of his delayed updates, that is why he loses 1 point, so update more, Akshay! If you are a gym freak, then his account is a must-follow for you because of his inspiring videos and no one can teach you like him. #NeverAging

6. Shahid Kapoor

Instagram Id – @Shahidkapoor

The actor who perfectly shows that talents take time to give an output of success. The beginning of his career in Bollywood was not so successful but his hard work made him achieve the title of The Shahid Kapoor and gave him millions of fans.


An all-time favorite actor, he is just a perfect mixture of hotness quotient and adorable looks. His Instagram handle is filled with his hawt looks and pics with his cute adorable daughter Misha. If you like to keep yourself updated with fashion trends, then Shahid is a must-follow for you.


Recently in this quarantine time, he keeps posting funny and cute photos to keep his followers entertained. The posts of his wife and daughter depict his love for them. Keeps you updated about his latest upcoming movies, too.

IG Stories

You can find all his latest news in this section of his profile.

stylish bollywood actors-shahid kapoor-instagram

Shahid deserves a 4/5, as he is not very active in giving out information about the industry and more of his life activities, but yes, he keeps his followers well entertained. #DresstoImpress.

7. Varun Dhawan

Instagram Id – @Varundvn

The lively and cheerful personality of the industry with a great level of enthusiasm. Varun Dhawan is one of the most admired actors by many, especially by women.


Many love his ‘bindas’ attitude and hotness of his well-defined body. Just have a look at this photo where he is looking sizzling hot in checkered pajamas with a grey sweater, highlighting his abs – women, stare less!



He updates his followers with the latest fashion trends and recent Bollywood news in his feeds. He is not very quick with the updates of his upcoming movies and projects.

IG Stories

This section is filled with his naughty and energetic videos during shooting. Do have a look as they are quite interesting.

Varun deserves a 4/5 because of his fewer updates about his projects. In fact, he only posts updates once he completes them. So tell us beforehand as we wait for your posts eagerly.#PinchofHunk.

8. Sidharth Malhotra

Instagram Id – @Sidmalhotra

This is a ladies’ man, who can never be ignored when we talk about stylish Bollywood actors. He started as an ordinary person and achieved all his success with talent. His trendsetter song, ‘Munda kukkad kamal da’ is still hit in colleges.


Sidharth gives out major style goals to all men out there. Have a look in this post where is dressed in formals with wavy hair and beard, giving out hot vibes even while working.

sidharth-stylish-Bollywood-actors-to follow-Instagram


Sidharth updates us with his daily routines like cooking or working out with his dog. Of course, there are also his latest projects with news about the Bollywood industry, like recently he is promoting ‘ I for India’.

IG Stories

This section includes all the trailers of his upcoming and promotion of the content he wants to people follow. These days, you can find a #muskurayegaindia video there, motivating people that conditions will be normalized soon.

Sidharth deserves a 5/5 because he provides a full-fledged entertainment and style package to followers on his Instagram. #HotnessRevived.

9. Tiger Shroff

Instagram Id – @Tigerjackieshroff

Attention, all fitness freaks! Tiger is the most flexible actor with an exotic body structure. Mmm!


Tiger carries a very gentle style and polite nature. His dressing style displays his simplicity and makes him look like a boy-next-door. Have a look at this post where he is dressed in denim jeans and a black t-shirt accompanied by black shades and blue shoes. Definitely, hotness in simplicity.



Recently, his posts have been about his quarantine routine. The gym freaks can find a lot of motivational videos of fitness and gymming. He surely keeps his followers updated with fitness goals but he usually doesn’t keep them updated with the latest trends and news like other stylish Bollywood actors.

IG Stories

This section includes all his motivational and fun videos. What are you waiting for, gym lovers?

He deserves a 3/5 because of fewer filmy updates and style but his efforts to promote fitness among the youth are 5/5. #HotBoyNextDoor.


So these 9 most stylish Bollywood actors assure us that men are no less than women when it comes to fashion and entertainment updates. They all perfectly prove this statement through their Instagram handles. There are more stylish Bollywood actors to follow, like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham. But these 9 Bollywood actors are must follow because they give out a fully loaded package of style, entertainment, and trend updates, which are well relatable to today’s generation.

Do let us know your favorite stylish Bollywood actors in the comment section, or tag us in their comments on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom.

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