101 Style Quotes, Captions on Personal Style and Personality

From funny to sassy, here are style quotes and captions to help you express your personal style pics, for all moods & occasions! Enjoy.


Hey gorgeous! Are you ready to get your quote on? Because today, we’re talking all about style quotes, baby! Whether you’re a fashionista in training or a seasoned style pro, these little nuggets of wisdom can inspire and uplift your wardrobe game. So let’s dive in and get inspired!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love a good style quote. They’re like little mantras that remind us why we love fashion so darn much. So if you’re looking for a few words to express your style, you’ll find this collection useful. I’ve written loads of style quotes for your Instagram captions, tweets, and Whatsapp status! Just copy & paste and let your followers get inspired!

Funny Fashion Quotes Style ig captions

Short Attitude Style Quotes

Attitude is something that you express not just with your personality, and clothes, but also in your words. So here are some attitude style quotes that will help you express your personal style, and share the confidence that enables you to rock whatever look you choose. Let your IG captions serve as a source of inspiration, encouraging your followers to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone too!

Quotes on Style and Personality girls women
  1. Fashion game on ‘Rebel’ mode.
  2. Style game stronger than runway.
  3. Confidence is the ultimate accessory.
  4. Add some sass and you’ll turn heads.
  5. Attitude. It’s the ultimate power move.
  6. Channeling my inner fashion rebel.
  7. Style game strong. Attitude game stronger.
  8. Style is soft power, and attitude the weapon to yield it.
  9. Style is important. But attitude is everything.
  10. Something new, something crazy, ’cause basic is just not my thing.
  11. Style can turn heads. Make it count with a killer attitude.
  12. If you’re going to be a fashionista, you better have the attitude to match.

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Funny Fashion Quotes about Style

Want your funny personality to shine through your IG captions? As embrace your individuality and let your style show, why not show your funny side too? Funny style quotes will make your pic stand out, as showcasing the real authentic you is what makes you interesting. So here are some funny quotes about style.

Funny Fashion Quotes about Style ig captions
  1. My style: a perfect mix of ‘I woke up like this’ and ‘I tried’.
  2. My personal style is a mix of Kanye and Dora the Explorer.
  3. My fashion sense is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.
  4. My wardrobe is a mix of ‘What was I thinking?’ and ‘Nailed it!’ moments.
  5. Wearing the latest trends, while still questioning my life choices.
  6. Most days, I just look tired. On good days, I’m a fashion disaster waiting to happen.
  7. I may not have a fashion sense, but I do have a sense of humor. So there’s that.
  8. My personal style is like a blindfolded game of dress-up – anything goes.
  9. Dressing up is just my way of apologizing in advance for my awkwardness.
  10. I’m the Jedi of fashion, with my own style force.
  11. Even Thanos would be jealous of my style game. Every morning, half my wardrobe just seems to disappear.
  12. My personal style is a walking contradiction: equal parts ‘effortlessly chic’ and ‘laundry day chic’.
  13. My personal style is a fashion experiment gone deliciously wrong, and I love it.
  14. I dress to impress… myself, mostly. Others just benefit.
  15. My personal style is all about making people wonder if I’m rich or homeless.
  16. My personal style is like a treasure hunt—sometimes I strike gold, other times it’s just a questionable outfit choice.

Fashion Quotes about Self-Expression and Individuality

Making a statement with your fashion choices? Why not show off your individuality with your pic’s caption too? So here are some fashion quotes about just that!

  1. Style: your secret weapon in a battle of clones.
  2. Fashion lets you stand out. It also lets you blend in. Which one is your style?
  3. Fashion rulebook? Nah, I’m too busy writing my own stylish novel.
  4. Everyone has access to the same fashion these days. But individuality is the new wealth. It’s the new luxury.
  5. Fashion: my middle finger to conformity.
  6. Style is the power to express my badass individuality.
  7. Fashion is my playground, where I can be anyone I want, and I choose fabulous!
  8. Style: the heartbeat of self-expression.
  9. Fashion: the art of expressing ‘you’ through threads.
  10. Style: the silent language of self-expression.
  11. Style is not about following trends, it’s about creating your own.

Quotes on Style and Simplicity

Whether you’re looking for a cute Instagram caption or just need a little pick-me-up, simple style quotes are a great way to express yourself and show off your minimal sense of fashion. So here are some quotes about simple style for those days when you don’t want glam, or iconic. You just wanna be yourself!

Quotes on Style and Personality girls women
  1. Fashion speaks volumes in its subtle uniqueness.
  2. Less is more when it comes to style. Simple and chic always wins.
  3. Those who don’t know much, say a lot. Those who know a lot, say little. Same goes for style.
  4. Keep it simple and you’ll always be in style.
  5. The key to style is simplicity.
  6. Fashion trends scream. Simple style whispers.
  7. Minimalism is the new black.
  8. Fashion should be two things: simple and stunning.
  9. Simplicity is the ultimate form of rebellion in a world of excess.
  10. In a world full of noise, simplicity is a breath of fresh air.
  11. Simplicity is not a lack of creativity, it’s a form of art.

Quotes on Style and Personality

When you’re not afraid to be your own unique self, why be afraid to show it off on Instagram? So go ahead and express yourself, fashionistas! After all, as Iris Apfel says, “I’m not a minimalist. I like things that are a little bit crazy.”

And don’t forget to snap a pic and add a killer caption to show off your unique style on Instagram! Here are some ideas:

Quotes on Style and Personality girls women
  1. Style: the accessory that outshines even charisma.
  2. World is the runway where uniqueness steals the show.
  3. Who needs trends? I rock my own fabulous uniqueness.
  4. Personality may get you noticed, but style seals the deal.
  5. Style: Own it, flaunt it, and make it yours.
  6. Personality: the accessory that never goes out of fashion.
  7. The perfect outfit is one that speaks volumes in a whisper.
  8. It’s not a scarf, nor a scent, nor a necklace. Your personality is your signature style.
  9. Fashion is not about conforming to a trend, it’s about expressing your individuality.
  10. If you can’t be comfortable in your own skin, you’ll never be comfortable in your clothes.
  11. Shut up and let your clothes do the talking.

Quotes on Style and Attitude

Looking for some short, catchy phrases or sentences that express the sentiment or idea about fashion and personal style? From inspirational, empowering, to just plain fun, here are some quotes to use:

Quotes on Style and Attitude instagram caption
  1. Wear whatever with confidence and you’ll always be in fashion.
  2. I may be small, but my style packs a punch.
  3. Attitude is everything. It can turn a plain outfit into a fashion statement.
  4. Your attitude is like a sprinkle of magic, adding charm and sass to every outfit.
  5. Good clothes? Yes. Great style? Sure. But add a touch of attitude and you’re unstoppable.
  6. My style is a fierce blend of sugar and spice, with a pinch of sassy and nice.
  7. Everyone dresses to impress. But a real fashionista dresses for leaving jaws dropped and eyes popping.
  8. Some people conform. Some reform. Some don’t give a damn. Your style silently lets you show the world which one you are.
  9. My style is like a firework, exploding with attitude, leaving a trail of awe.
  10. Style slays, haters sashay away.
  11. I wear my attitude with style, like a boss in a candy-colored world of fabulous.
  12. Fashion may change, but a great attitude never goes out of style.
  13. Clothes can make a statement, but attitude makes a lasting impression.
  14. Fashion is an art, and your attitude is the paintbrush. Use it to create your masterpiece.
  15. Fashion is not just for the rich and famous, it’s for anyone with a sense of style and a love for feeling fabulous.

Short Style Quotes for Girls/ Women

Looking for some snippets of wisdom, inspiration, or insight on personal style? Here are some style quotes that encapsulate a powerful message in just a few words, making them easily memorable and shareable. And if you’re feeling extra stylish, add a cute hashtag like #StyleByMe or #FashionRebel to your Instagram caption.

Short Style Quotes for Girls Women
  1. Forget the runway, slay the streets!
  2. Style: a love language without words.
  3. I wear what I want, fashion rules be damned.
  4. In a world of followers, be the style trailblazer.
  5. Style: because life’s too short for fashion frowns.
  6. Fashion rebel – breaking rules with impeccable chic.
  7. Dress up, own it, let your personality shine.
  8. Let your style speak louder than words ever could.
  9. Invest in your wardrobe, and you’ll invest in your mood.
  10. Fashion: where colors and patterns dance in perfect harmony.
  11. Fashion may be tight, but style is love at first sight.
  12. Slaying my own unique fashion game, ’cause being basic is lame.
  13. A great outfit can change your mood, but a great shoe collection can change your life.
  14. Confidence is the best accessory a woman can wear, but a killer pair of heels comes in a close second.
  15. There’s no such thing as too much glitter or too many accessories.
  16. Style is not about age, size or budget. It’s about finding what makes you feel beautiful and owning it.

What is Your Own Style Quotes

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times, “What is my own style?” Well, your style is unique to you, and that’s what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

When it comes to fashion, most people mix it up. Sometimes you go for a classic, timeless look, and other times you go for something more edgy and daring. So if you want to express how fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself, here are some style quotes that will help you embrace your individuality and rock your own unique style!

What is Your Own Style Quotes caption
  1. Sorry, fashion norms, I’m too busy breaking rules and creating my own stylish chaos.
  2. Style: my unique fingerprint in a world of clichéd trends.
  3. Creating my own style, one outfit at a time.
  4. I mix and match like a fashion DJ, creating my signature groove.
  5. My style is like a fingerprint, uniquely me.
  6. I may not be a fashion guru, but I have my own style.
  7. Who needs a fashion guidebook when you can write your own stylish adventure?
  8. When it comes to style, I dance to the beat of my own fashion playlist.
  9. I slay the fashion game with my unique style recipe, seasoned with sass and confidence.

Side note: Why I Write Fashion & Style Quotes

Recently I have been asking myself – why do I spend my time writing quotes? Well, quotes have a lot of power, just like writing itself. Have you ever come across a powerful statement that resonated with you and made you think, Wow, that’s exactly what I needed to hear? Well, that’s what a quotation is all about!

In today’s fast-paced world, quotes actually provide us with a dose of motivation, encouragement, and guidance. They can uplift our spirits, help us see different perspectives, and inspire positive change.

In a world filled with constant information and noise, quotes cut through the clutter and deliver a concise message that speaks directly to our hearts. They have the power to spark conversations, create connections, and ignite movements.

Short Attitude Style Quotes

So, whether you’re scrolling through social media, reading an article, or listening to a podcast, keep an eye out for those powerful words that resonate with you.

Fashion quotes can help define and shape our personal style too. Whether it’s a quote about self-expression, individuality, or the simplicity of style, they can help shape how we see ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world.

For example, a quote about the beauty of simplicity may encourage us to adopt a more minimalistic style, while a quote about the importance of self-expression may inspire us to experiment with bold and daring outfits.

Fashion quotes can also help us to define our personal style by giving us new ideas and perspectives. They can help us to break out of our comfort zones and try new things, as well as remind us to stay true to ourselves and our unique sense of style.

Well, so I hope you found a quote today that was useful. If you use any of my style quotes, I’d love to check it out! So don’t forget to tag me on your IG pic @shilpaahujadotcom and I’ll be sure to like it! #KeepItStylish!



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