Here’s putting the spotlight on the top Spring Summer 2017 shoe trends. From the newest statement shoes to the hottest classy ones, check ’em all out!


Hey gorgeous! It may still be winter in many parts of the world, but I’m already enjoying the most beautiful weather here in Chennai. Fresh new leaves have started sprouting on trees and the birds have been chirpier than ever this past week. And that’s why I’m so excited to share the latest and hottest Spring Summer 2017 shoe trends. Why, you ask? Because the season’s latest shoes are not only flowery and pretty, but also bright! Just like spring! It’s like wearing spring on your feet!

Okay so, as per uzhe, I went through all the latest runway collections from the London, Milan, Paris and New York fashion weeks SS17, and sifted through all the looks to see their shoes. And I rounded up the 13 latest shoe trends I think will be super, super big this year. What’s more, we’re already seeing some of these on celebs! Let’s take a look!

Latest 13 Spring Summer 2017 Shoe Trends

1. Embroidered Shoes

Alexander McQueen

My favorite amongst all the latest Spring Summer 2017 shoe trends is embroidered shoes. So gorgeous and delicate – we saw lace, threadwork embroidery, brocade and sequined shoes on the runways. Go for embroidered brocade slip-ons like Dolce & Gabbana, or mixed media booties like Alexander McQueen. Or even embroidered flats like Versace for a cool look!

Embroidered Shoes

US, Australia

2. Chunky Heels

dolce-gabbana-ss17-spring summer shoe trends-red-chunky-heels-pumps-embellished2017
Dolce & Gabbana

Chunky heels are back, and thankfully the ugly kitten heels are out! Way more comfy than both kittens and pencil heels, chunky heels look more powerful indeed. We saw chunky heeled pumps, booties, platform heels and even over-the-knee boots. This trend is gonna rule the shoe section in 2017!

Chunky High Heel Shoes


3. Patterned & Printed Shoes

Marc Jacobs

Another alternative to the embroidered shoe trend is printed shoes. If you feel embroidered shoes are too delicate or high-maintenance, go for patterned ones. We saw floral printed over-the-knee skintight boots in Balenciaga, and hand-painted platform shoes in Dolce & Gabbana, and studded printed flat booties in Alexander McQueen, and my favorites – print patchwork silver booties in Marc Jacobs. Floral, underwater, abstract pop art and mythological art – these are the It trends in patterns for shoes.

Printed Shoes



Dolce & Gabbana Printed Shoes


4. Metallic Shoes


If the Spring Summer 2017 collections are any evidence (and yes, they’re ALL the evidence), the metallic shoe trend isn’t going anywhere in 2017. We saw the classic metallic shades – silver, gold, copper and bronze in boots, slip-ons, booties and pumps. Try gold slip-ons, silver knee-high boots, copper studded booties or bronze pumps!

Gold Metallic Shoes


5. Nude Shoes

Louis Vuitton

The classic nude shoe is gonna continue being one of the hottest Spring Summer 2017 shoe trends. We saw all sorts – nude pumps, stilettos, flats and boots. Pair them with soft pastels or nude colored clothes, or just create an elegant outfit with black or white clothes.

6. Platform Heels


Thankfully, platform heels are back! Comfy patterned platform slip-ons by Dolce & Gabbana are really fun, as are embroidered platform sandals by Versace! Perfect for college and Fridays at work. Want!

7. Matching Shoes

Elie Saab

The matchy-matchy accessories trend was one of the top for Fall/Winter 2016, and it sure continues in Spring 2017. Match the texture and color of your dress exactly with your shoes. Brownie points for matching your pattern (see Elie Saab and Mulberry below!)

8. All White Shoes


2016 was all about white sneakers. But 2017 is giving way to not just sneakers but also all sorts of all-white shoes. Try bold white over-the-knee skinny boots like Balenciaga, or cool white slip-on sneakers like Dior!

All White Sneakers

US, India

9. Boots and Booties

Marc Jacobs

These runway collections showed that booties and boots are not just a spring thing. Pair them with your spring-summer dresses and skirts, too, to create a celeb-like statement. Too hot in boots? Try cage booties like Giorgio Armani!

10. Two Tone Shoes


Two-tone – yes, that’s a trend! Try heels in a different color and straps in another, or striped shoes this year. Or go for contrasting embellishments like the Gucci pearl-embellished pumps.

Embellished Pumps


11. Tie Up Shoes

Alexander McQueen

Laced and tie-up shoes were seen in nearly all the major runway shoes for Spring Summer 2017. Lace up booties and boots are especially very much in vogue. Or try tie-up wedges!

12. Shoes with Logos

Dolce & Gabbana

Wear your favorite designer logos proudly this season, because that’s what the designers are recommending! We saw this logo shoe trend in the collections of Dior (logo slip-ons and sneakers), Dolce & Gabbana (hotel slippers with logo!) and Moschino (logo boots).

Logo Shoes


13. Studded Shoes

Alexander McQueen

We’re seeing less of sequin and other embellishments and more of studs this season. But instead of the large pointy studs, try smaller ones. We saw studded booties, studded fringes and studded patterns too.

Studded High Heels


So which of these Spring Summer 2017 shoe trends is your favorite? And which your least favorite? Lemme know below![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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