Spring 2018 Fashion Trend Analysis Part 2: #SlubAnalytics

Discover all the styles spotted in the New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. Here’s our part 2 of Spring 2018 fashion trend analysis!

Spring 2018 Fashion Trend Analysis fashion-trends-spring-2018-tods-ralph-lauren-versace-designersSpring 2018 Fashion Trend Analysis


  1. Matching set, peplum top, lace, sheer
  2. Pussy bow, sheer sleeves, pencil skirt
  3. Pant suit, embellished, bow detail
  4. Crop top, floral appliqué, well fit trousers
  5. Kaftan dress
  6. Bell sleeves, embellished maxi dress
  7. Poncho, feathers
  8. One shoulder dress
  9. Fringed maxi dress
  10. Sheer gown, poncho, floral appliqué
  11. Ruffled gown
  12. Belted mini dress, off-the-shoulder

Max Mara

  1. Pant suit, sheer trousers
  2. Fringed skirt, matching set, tank top
  3. Long jacket, sleeves with color blocking, sheer skirt
  4. Jumpsuit
  5. Cut out sweater, skirt with pockets


  1. Oversized tee shirt, high waist jeans
  2. Baggy jeans, button up shirt, half sleeved
  3. Denim dress with cut outs and slit, dress with tights
  4. Matching set, extra long sleeves, extra long top
  5. Bell sleeves, different patterned sleeves
  6. Dress with pants
  7. Denim set, kaftan dress
  8. Extra long sleeves, fringes, matching set


  1. Asymmetric jacket, ripped jeans, cropped
  2. Skirt suit style asymmetric dress
  3. Pencil skirt, oversized sleeves, button up shirt
  4. Fringed skirt, logo tee shirt
  5. Logo sweater with cut outs
  6. One shoulder top, slit
  7. Extra long sweater, slit sleeves
  8. Cropped slouchy sweater, fringed skirt
  9. Button up shirt, different patterns on each side, color blocking
  10. Off-the-shoulder sweater, different patterned sleeves, pencil skirt
  11. Fringed metallic top, loose trousers
  12. Slit trousers, asymmetrical formal jacket, pants with side stripes


  1. Cropped leather jacket, half sleeved, belted skirt, feathers
  2. Graphic print crop top, tutu
  3. Studded leather jacket
  4. Off-the-shoulder leather top, high low skirt
  5. Logo tee shirt dress
  6. Patchwork jacket, athleisure, tutu, jogger pants with side stripes
  7. One sleeved leather top, leather trousers
  8. Sleeveless cropped jacket, asymmetric zipper
  9. Leather mini dress with zipper detail, dress worn over a tank top
  10. Extreme crop jacket
  11. Layered, off-the-shoulder, full sleeved, high low dress
  12. Floral appliqué dress
  13. Kaftan dress
  14. Poncho with knot detail, maxi dress

Naeem Khan

  1. Laser cut outs, lace detail
  2. Sheer top, bell sleeves, high waist pants with side stripes
  3. Metallic jumpsuit
  4. One shoulder sheer gown, patterned, slit
  5. Sheer top
  6. Fringed jacket and dress
  7. Fringed top, jogger pants with side stripes, athleisure
  8. Long sheer jacket, half sleeved, mini dress
  9. Crop top, layered skirt
  10. Matching set, sheer trousers, appliqué
  11. Metallic gown
  12. Fringed layered gown

Oscar de la Renta

  1. Extra long sleeves, shirt dress, button up shirt
  2. Matching set, cropped trousers
  3. Matching denim set, midi skirt with front slit
  4. Asymmetric button up shirt
  5. Sheer dress, patchwork
  6. One shoulder dress, slit
  7. Shoulder pad, logo jacket, one shouldered bodysuit
  8. Metallic top, cropped trousers, pantsuit
  9. Metallic sequin slip dress
  10. Sheer embellished gown

Prabal Gurung

  1. High waist mini skirt, shoulder pads, bar jacket
  2. Sheer slip dress
  3. Leather midi dress with slit
  4. Matching set, asymmetric skirt
  5. Sheer top, turtleneck, slit skirt
  6. Dress with cut outs, patterned, plaid
  7. One sleeved top, high waist loose lreather trousers
  8. Belted two tone gown
  9. Metallic, one sleeved dress
  10. Leather dress with cut outs


  1. Dress with pants, poofy sleeves
  2. Long coat worn over shorts
  3. Embellished formal jacket
  4. Graphic print tee shirt, skirt with front slit, metallic top, top on top
  5. One shoulder dress, button up shirt, dress worn on top
  6. Bold patterns on button up shirt, top with front slit, folded hem trouser, dress with pants, shirt dress

Rahul Mishra

  1. Sheer skirt, slip maxi dress
  2. Sheer panel, maxi dress
  3. Asymmetric cut out dress
  4. Layered jacket
  5. Peplum top, floral appliqué, asymmetric skirt
  6. Sheer maxi dress

Ralph & Russo

  1. One sleeved dress, cut outs, fringes
  2. Sheer coat, feathers, coat dress
  3. Ruffled crop top, pencil skirt, matching set, cold shoulders
  4. Metallic matching set, skirt with slit, shoulder pads
  5. Sheer maxi dress, embellished
  6. Silver metallic cropped jacket, matching set
  7. Fringed feather dress
  8. Mini dress with pockets, cut out
  9. High waist metallic trousers, full sleeved top with cut outs
  10. Pleated maxi dress
  11. Peplum top, gown with double slit, ruffled top
  12. Cropped metallic jacket, feather hemline

Ralph Lauren

  1. Pantsuit, plaid, strapless peplum top
  2. Oversized jacket, loose trousers, high waist
  3. Grey jumpsuit, belted
  4. Double breasted coat
  5. A-line midi dress
  6. Poofy skirt, metallic top, turtleneck
  7. Leather top
  8. Full sleeved leather dress
  9. Red tulle skirt, strapless patent leather top

Roberto Cavalli

  1. Cold shoulders
  2. Sheer gown with cut outs
  3. Sleeveless long top, matching set, animal print
  4. Off-the-shoulder gown, full sleeved
  5. One shoulder mini dress
  6. Asymmetric dress with pockets
  7. Animal skinned leather pants
  8. Double breasted leather jacket, leather matching set
  9. Asymmetric dress

Roland Mouret

  1. One sleeved dress with slit
  2. Gown with pockets, fringed hemline
  3. One sleeved dress, belted
  4. Fringed top, cold shoulders, cropped flared pant
  5. Bell sleeves, jumpsuit

Salvatore Ferragamo

  1. Belted dress, front slit
  2. Slip top, skirt on skirt
  3. One shoulder dress
  4. Half sleeved top
  5. Laser cut jacket
  6. Asymmetric belted long top worn with asymmetric skirt
  7. Slip dress
  8. Feather slip dress
  9. Strapless gown with slit

Simone Rocha

  1. Layered midi dress, poofy sleeves, ruffles
  2. Half sleeved jumpsuit
  3. Peplum jacket, sheer skirt
  4. Bold print midi dress, layered
  5. Floral print midi dress, poofy sleeves
  6. Floral print jacket, layered dress


  1. Short suit
  2. Mini skirt suit, belted
  3. Matching denim set, cropped jacket
  4. Asymmetric, jumpsuit, suit style, shoulder pads
  5. Slouchy top
  6. High waist trousers, tank top
  7. Denim jacket, matching denim set
  8. Midi dress, bell sleeves
  9. Asymmetric maxi dress, poofy sleeves
  10. Athleisure, bomber jacket


  1. Scarf top, cropped trousers, folded hem
  2. Matching set, asymmetric skirt, button up shirt
  3. Leather top, pleated skirt
  4. Matching set, folded hem trousers, metallic, loose pants
  5. Button up shirt
  6. Metallic jacket, cropped trousers
  7. Button up shirt, graphic print skirt, bell sleeves, oversized sleeves

Tory Burch

  1. Loose trousers, side stripe, button up shirt
  2. Matching set, loose trousesr, scarf style collar
  3. One shoulder top, matching set
  4. Baggy jeans, striped sleeveless top
  5. Asymmetric kaftan top, loose pants
  6. Kaftan dress, poncho, fringes, logo
  7. Bell sleeves, fringes at the hemline
  8. Extra long striped tee shirt, sheer skirt
  9. Extra long button up shirt, patterned pant


  1. Nude vinyl jacket with extreme cropped poncho
  2. Belted mini dress
  3. Metallic top, oversized pockets on trousers
  4. Sequined embellished jacket, shorts
  5. Matching set, long slit top
  6. Gown with pockets
  7. Double breasted down jacket, asymmetric
  8. Leather jacket
  9. Metallic sheer top, loose trousers
  10. Oversized leather jacket, sheer top, turtleneck
  11. Cold shoulders, mini dress
  12. Knitted oversized sweater
  13. Embellished mini dress
  14. One sleeved gown, floral appliqué
  15. One shoulder gown, ruffle detail


  1. Matching set, cropped jacket, cropped pant, patterned top, animal print
  2. Extra long sleeves, luxury lounge wear
  3. Belted mini dress, embellished, shoulder pad
  4. High waist trousers, embellished jeans, matching set, embellished, bralette top
  5. Dress with pants, shoulder pads, pleated, belted, matching set, scarf print
  6. Cropped leather jacket, cigarette leather pants
  7. Leather matching set, leather button up shirt
  8. Slip dress
  9. Cropped denim jacket
  10. Pleated midi skirt, formal bar jacket
  11. Fringed asymmetric skirt
  12. Fringed, studded leather jacket
  13. Laser cut leather pant
  14. Logo tee shirt
  15. Embellished leather jacket, graphic print tee shirt
  16. Patterned pants
  17. Embellished leather jacket, sheer, pleated skirt, slit
  18. Double breasted coat

Versus Versace

  1. Matching set, plaid
  2. Sleeveless long coat
  3. Extra long shirt dress, asymmetric, plaid
  4. Belted dress
  5. Sheer dress, button up shirt
  6. Logo sweat shirt
  7. Metallic tee shirt
  8. Matching denim set
  9. Turtleneck, patterned
  10. Metallic jacket
  11. Extreme cropped top, cropped vest, skirt with double slit

Victoria Beckham

  1. Extra long sleeves, sheer skirt, button up shirt
  2. Pencil skirt with front slit, half sleeved shirt
  3. Extra long shirt, oversized pantsuit, loose trousers
  4. Striped skirt
  5. Liquid metallic dress
  6. Extra long sleeves, belted dress
  7. Sheer top, culottes
  8. Slip peplum dress

Zac Posen

  1. Matching set
  2. Floral appliqué skirt
  3. Bell sleeves
  4. Off-the-shoulder top, poofy sleeves, ruffles
  5. Short suit, patterned
  6. Patchwork jacket
  7. Velvet, floral appliqué dress
  8. Embroidered gown

Zuhair Murad

  1. Studded, leather mini dress
  2. Pant suit, peplum top
  3. Metallic jacket, asymmetric zipper, pleated skirt
  4. Embellished dress
  5. Fringed leather dress
  6. Pleated gown
  7. Fringed mini dress
  8. Bell sleeves, belted gown
  9. Full sleeved gown, cold shoulders, sheer, fringes, cropped pantsuit
  10. Cape top, belted, ruffles, flared
  11. Bell sleeves, embellished
  12. Sheer gown
  13. Fringed gown
  14. Full sleeved patterned gown
  15. Long top with pants, fringes
  16. Embellished jacket

So, these were our Spring 2018 fashion trend analysis for the next set of designers.


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