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Sophie Chennell is our SlubBlogger of the Week! She’s a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and loves to cover topics about skin and haircare regimen. Get set to know about Sophie’s journey here!

sophie-chennell-slubblogger-of-the-week-blog-competition-fashion-influencer-styleHi, my lovelies! My name is Sophie Chennell and I’m a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. I am currently studying photography at university, I will be graduating next year, which is a very scary thought! I live in Portsmouth, United Kingdom although my hometown is East Preston.

My blog will be one on the second of July, it’s been such an amazing journey so far. I’ve had the pleasure of working with such amazing brands such as Botanics UK and Sportfx Cosmetics. I am honestly grateful for everything that I have achieved over the year. I believe that in this day and age it is so hard to not compare ourselves to not only bloggers, but celebrities as well as peers. We always have something to think negatively about ourselves, which is why I find it so important to empower each other.


I have done a few blog posts called Self Love Sunday, which is focused on women’s representation in the media and how to love yourself for who you are. There is only one you and we are all special. I also love to write about drugstore makeup, skincare routines as my skin is a most important to me as I used to suffer from acne. I include high-end makeup brands too, although I tend to talk about drugstore as its more affordable for me and my audience.

My skin and hair are probably two of the most important features for me. As I said above, I suffered from acne and still to this day have scarring and breakouts. So, it’s vitally important that I keep my skincare routine going. I have lived off acne skincare products ever since it helped my acne, honestly, it was a miracle for my skin.

I also use a lot of the products that have natural ingredients such as exfoliating scrub, toner spritz and day cream. My hair is a massive challenge for me, not only is it curly but is silver/blonde, too. Nightmare, I know!

I’m being honest here, I only wash my hair once or twice a week. I use purple shampoo to keep any brassiness out of my hair. For my daily routine, I use, I use is coconut milk shampoo and conditioner and then I use a hair mask once every two weeks. Since this routine, my hair is in such good condition and has grown so much.

sophie-chennell-blog-fashion-blogger-of-the-weekAre you a blogger? Do you wanna inspire others with your journey?! Share us your story by reading about  Slubblogger of the Week here.

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