Solar Nails: Everything You Need to Know About the Popular Nail Trend!

From how to DIY solar nails at home to nail art ideas, check out the new nail trend in town that’s giving acrylic nails a run for its money!

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Like with fashion, new trends pop up now and then in the world of nails as well. And solar nail is one of them. It’s not a new trend per se but it’s popular now more than ever! I’m loving this trend simply because of how natural it looks and how easy it is to DIY at home. And not to mention that it’s got more pros than standard acrylics. So keep reading as we answer questions like what is solar nail, what are some cool solar nail art designs, and how to take off solar nails!

What are Solar Nails?


A solar nail is a combination of an upgraded version of acrylic nails and a classic french manicure. They’re more long-lasting and realistic-looking than acrylics and use two colors – pink and white to create a french manicure look. Because of this, they’re also known as pink and white nails. And unlike regular acrylics, they only need refilling once in three weeks. Solar nails originally started as a brand but now, nail salons use the term to refer to pink and white french manicured nails

What is the Difference Between Gel and Solar Nails?

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Although they’re both artificial nails, they have huge differences. Firstly, gel nails are done using polymer resins and a UV top coat, whereas solar nails use a mixture of a powder and a monomer. Also, gel nails are set or cured under a UV lamp while solar nails are air-dried. The finish in gel nails is glossier than solar and it also has many color options. However, solar acrylic nails are much easier to remove than gel nails.

What is the Difference Between Solar and Acrylic Nails?


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The difference between these two types of fake nails is the way they’re applied. Solar nails are applied directly on to your actual nails but with standard acrylic nails, they’re applied using fake nail extensions.

Solar Nails at Home

Yes, that’s right, with the right tools and supplies, solar acrylic nails can be done at home all by yourself! Read everything from what you’ll need to tips on how to DIY solar nails at home and how to remove solar nails below!

Solar Nail Kit

1. Nail file and buffer
2. Acrylic liquid monomer
3. Pink & white solar nail powder
4. Nail brush
5. Base coat/ Primer

How to Do Solar Nails?

  • First things first, prep your nails. Trim them to your desired length, file them to the shape you want and buff them. They can be as short or as long as you want them to be. If you’re unsure of what nail to go for or what would suit you best, our handy nail shape chart will help you out!
  • Once you’ve got the shape figured out, apply two layers of base coat.
  • Now, take your monomer and pink solar nail color powder and place a small amount in separate containers.
  • Dip your brush into the liquid, then dip it into the powder and move it in a circular motion until it turns into a gel-like consistency.
  • Using a brush, pat down the mixture on to your nail beds and gently spread it out until it’s even.
  • Do the same with the white color as well, but just on the tips and wait for it to dry.
  • Use a nail drill or electric filer to smoothen and even out the solar nails.
  • Apply a top coat.
  • Finally, buff your nails to reveal shiny and pretty pink and white nails and you’re done!
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Best Way to Remove Solar Nails

The best and easiest way to remove solar nails by yourself at home is to pour some acetone into a glass bowl, coat the skin surrounding your nails with petroleum jelly, and soak in the liquid for atleast 10-20 minutes or until the solar nails have turned jelly-like. Once time’s up, remove the solar nails with the help of some kitchen roll. Keep immersing your fingers into the acetone and wiping it away until everything comes off. Be patient and don’t try to pry the nails off, it may seriously damage your real nails or lead to an infection. Once you’re done, rinse your hands well, moisturize them and treat your nails to some cuticle oil.
Patience is key.

Solar Nail Art Ideas

Solar nails don’t always have to be the standard pink and white french manicure design. There are so many fun variations to try. Check out some top solar nail design ideas below!

Solar Pearl Tips


Regular white tips are boring, try a pearly finish instead! This solar nail design would look great at weddings and formal parties.

Ombre Solar Nail


A solar nail doesn’t always have to be same old pink nail with white tip. Try a gorgeous gradient of pink to white from the nail beds to the tips!

Glitter Solar Nail Designs


Covering the just the tips or the entire nail in glitter is a trendy solar nail art idea. You could also try gems or rhinestones!

Colorful Solar Nail


As pretty as the pink and white may be, they can get a bit tiring, too. So try fun contrasting or complementing colors! Replace pink with other pastels, too, like mint green or peachy cream.

So that was all about the latest nail trend, solar nail. Did you like them? Tell us your opinions by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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