Snapchat Filters & Best Snapchat Effects That Drive Us Crazy

From the flower crown to dog face filters, the Snapchat app makes us fall in love with it instantly! Check out the most popular, some of our favorite (and not so favorite) Snapchat filters here!

snapchat filters snapchat-filters-best-crazy-social-media-app-effects-celebrity-effectsHey buddy! The most popular app which is currently taking people of all ages (especially youngsters) by storm is Snapchat! Snapchat is an app which lets you share your whereabouts through photos and videos with your friends or followers! You can also explore things happening with your fave celebs and discover news too! When you start living life in the moment, it’s more lovable and Snapchat helps us achieve it.

Snapchat filters are a favorite time pass for people. New ones come up frequently and trying them is fun! Many celebrities are also into this and by following them, we can also track their latest updates. Snapchat has dominated the runways too. In a show by Desigual, paper versions of flower crown and doggy Snapchat filter painted on the models were seen. In this way, it has been popular in pop culture too! Sometimes we’ve even seen branded Snapchat filters. Check out the best Snapchat filters list here!

Best Snapchat Filters

1. Snapchat Dog Filter

Doggy or puppy face filter is one of the best filters on Snapchat. Many celebrities are often seen trying this filter. Amongst the celebs, this one is Kylie Jenner’s favorite and we have seen many snaps of her trying out this filter. Also, the best part is you can also try it with a friend. Yeah, one of my personal best-loved filter too!

2. Butterfly Filter

This filter gives you a crown of butterflies around the head. The golden colored butterflies are so adorable.

snapchat-filters-app-butterfly-filter-shilpa-ahuja3. Flower Crown

Look like a princess with a flower crown filter. It’s been super popular and is still on the filters list with many new ones coming each day!


shilpa-ahuja-fashion-blogger-flower-crown-snapchat-filter-effects4. Face Swap

Face swap is one the funniest Snapchat filters! This filter allows you to pick any image from the phone’s gallery and swap it with your face. Famous standup comedian/actor Varun Thakur keeps experimenting with this filter a lot creating a whole new character with a silly face swap. He looks super funny!

varun-thakur-latest-swap-face-filter-trending-filters-on-snapchat5. Seasonal Filter

Snapchat also gives us the festive vibes! From Christmas to Holi to Diwali to Easter, there’s hardly any festival that we don’t find a filter in the app. Last year, I couldn’t celebrate Holi and yet I could get the feeling of being colored with the Snapchat Holi filter app. That’s so nice!

filters-on-snapchat-festive-season-filters-social-media-app6. Pink Hearts Around the Head

This filter is subtle yet takes the fun part to another level. Also, depending on your mood you can use the filters. This one is perf for setting a romantic mood!

pink-hearts-around-head-latest-new-snapchat-filters-app-kim-kardashain7. Big Mouth Filter

After face swap filter, this is one of the hilarious filters. While using this filter, the mouth widens and the teeth appear really big, scaring people and also making them laugh! Kim Kardashian looks quite funny in this filter.

kim-kardashian-big-mouth-snapchat-filter-latest-filters8. Cat Filter

Many cat filters pop up every other day on the Snapchat app. Filters with tiny cat ears and nose are something you can try. Also, there’s another feature in which tapping on the phone screen helps us change a few tiny details.

9. Indian Filters

These days, new Snapchat filters like the Indian ones with all the bridal accessories are popular.They also add on to your ethnic look. This is one of editor Shilpa’s new favorite! She says it gives perfect precision.

10. Voice Changing

Voice changing filters are not my favorite yet many of my friends keep on trying them. This filter helps you change your voice to something funny along with your picture. You can try it when someone is mad and scolds you so that you can record and make the situation light and funny!

Crazy Snapchat Filters

While there are many best Snapchat filters, there are a few which are bonkers. They may be funny but at times you’re like what the hell is this filter doing! Below are a few not so popular Snapchat filters.

1. Dancing Filter

This is one of the filters I would never try! Firstly, it makes me cramped and secondly, it makes me dance like crazy which I don’t. So, that’s my pick!

2. Beard Filter

Perfect for boys who don’t have a beard and wanna know how they look and if they can pull off this style! Bad idea for girls unless you wanna try something really bizarre!

cara-develngaline-moustache-app-snapchat-filters3. Tiger Face

This filter is not liked even by celebrities! Ashley Tisdale in a snap says, “What’s this filter”? While on the filter, we see two leopard print ears and then asks us to open the mouth, after opening we see a mouth mask! What the hell does this filter even do?! Sorry, we’re not using it!

ashley tisdale-tiger-mask-filter-latest-snapchat-filter-celebrities-trending4. Toast Filter

Bella Hadid was seen trying this filter! But still didn’t convince us to become a breakfast item! Plus, there’s also the Snapchat hot dog filter.


5. Rainbow Vomit

This is one of the stupidest Snapchat filters according to me! “Rainbow vomit”, what even is that? Why would people even like to take an image of them vomiting of something similar to it? Although little kids are loving it!

6. Eyes Popping Out

This is another crazy filter in which the eyes pop out! It is commonly known as googly eyes filter. It’s similar to Snapchat ghost filter.

7. Honeybee Filter

Fulfill your non-existent fantasy of becoming a honey bee with this crazy Snapchat filter! This is another one we’ve seen comedians use.

So, these are a few trending Snapchat filters! My favorite one is the flower crown one! Which filter do you often use and love the most? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja. You can also follow us on Snapchat @shilpa1ahuja. Also, share your Snapchat code if you would like us to see your crazy filter usage!

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