Slimming Fashion Shopping | 15 Must Have Slimming Clothes & Accessories

It can be tricky, but given the right outfit, you really CAN look a lot slimmer! Here are the MUST-HAVE slimming clothes & accessories every curvy girl must own.

Hey sexy! Summer is over and you can finally hide your extra calories behind those layers! I know it can be hard to look slim. That’s why I’ve been getting lots of requests to write tips on how to choose and style slimming clothes. And yes, they do work, if styled correctly!


And how do I know that? Because I’ve seen girls do it, and I’ve done it for my own friends! The good news is that slimming clothes work a lot easier with layers. I’m gonna write a few posts over the next few weeks on fashion tips for curvy women. Let’s start with the MUST-HAVE essential items every curvy girl must own. Whether you’re hip-heavy or bust-heavy, these 15 items will be great additions to your wardrobe if you want to look a size or two smaller!

15 Slimming Clothes & Accessories Every Curvy Woman MUST-HAVE

Body Shaper

Celebs and their stylists are always raving about these. And if you wanna look slimmer from outside, what’s underneath counts the most. Get a nice body shaper or spanx that’s high-waisted and covers the thighs, so that it instantly reshapes your stomach, hips and thighs.
2193669 Black?wid=800&hei=800&op sharpen=1

Lunaire Shapewear High-Waist Thigh Slimmer 3254HL – Women’s Plus Size, Size: 3X (Black)

Empire Waist Dress

The first step to choosing the right dress is to know your body type. If you don’t know what yours is, check this out: How to Find Your Body Type and How to Dress for It. Long story short, if you have extra belly-flab or heavy hips, empire waist dresses do wonders! They bring attention to the bust, balancing out the hips and hiding the belly! They look cute, too!


Sleeveless Cross-Back Knit Navy Gown

Black Dress with Ruched Middle

Black dresses instantly add a slimming effect. Get one with an interesting neckline so that the attention is driven away from the problem areas. Also try to find a nice dress that is structured but not too full or stiff. It should ideally have a ruched middle so that the detail hides the extra flab on the stomach (it really works)!

2007226?wid=800&hei=800&op sharpen=1Beaded Ruched Evening Gown, Blue

Dark Colored Wide Belt

Wide belts suit curvy girls more than they suit thinner girls. So avoid skinny belts. Get a 2-3 inch wide belt in a dark color like chocolate or black that can help cinch your waist when you’re wearing cardigans and dresses and act as a shaper! Make sure the belt is not too thick.
Suede Round Buckle Belt – Navy Blue

Shrug or Bolero

If you have heavy arms or extra fat near your underarms, a shrug or bolero will instantly help hide that. Choose one in a light-weight fabric so it doesn’t look stiff.


Chiffon Shrug

Semi-sheer Poncho Top or Caftan Sweater

Caftan tops look great on curvy girls because they help hide the belly-fat and look super-trendy! Get one with a V-neck or embellished neckline, in a floaty, airy fabric. For the Fall, you can also go for a caftan-shaped sweater. Ideally, it should be long enough to fall below your hips. Add a nice belt for cinching in your waist!
Hacienda Montaecristo Rocio Fringed Kaftan with Leather Belt – white

Structured Medium-Sized Top-Handle Bag

Avoid slouchy extra-large bags that look oversized. Instead, use a medium-sized bag to add structure. Instead of a shoulder bag that adds heaviness in the middle of your body, use a top-handle bag tha you can carry in your hands or on your arm because that’ll add the weight on the lower part of your body, balancing it all out.

Alexander McQueen Embellished Leather Shoulder Bag – black

Cowl-Neck Top

Cowl-neck tops look flattering on stomach-heavy women. They help take the viewer’s attention away from your belly up to your neck.

Rachel Zoe Silk Top – red

Long or Fringe Earrings

Again, long earrings steer the attention to your face. They also help slim your face, and make it look less round. Go for chandelier or fringe earrings.
1794803?wid=800&hei=800&op sharpen=118k Rose Gold Over Silver & Sterling Silver Fringe Drop Earrings, Women’s, Pink

Monochromatic Outfit

If you select your top in the same color family as your pants or skirt, it will give the illusion of a slimmer figure. Dress in shades of navy or black. If you want to go lighter, try all-white or tan outfits. Tonal colors help to appear slimmer. Add a bright belt in dusty purple, olive green or hydrangea – scarf or shoes if you want a pop of color. If you’re looking for different shades of the same color, make sure your bottoms are darker shade than your top or shirt.
1809183?wid=800&hei=800&op sharpen=1Studio Tahari-Levine Co. Solid Suit Jacket & Skirt Set, Black

Hip-Length Straight-Cut Jacket

For pear-shaped women, jackets shouldn’t be too short or cropped because they make the hips stand out too much. It can be either formal or casual. Ideally, your jackets should hit below the waist, in the middle of your hips. That will help them appear smaller than they are. Also, your jacket should not be tapered because that will make you look hip-heavy. Opt for straight cuts instead.
Just Cavalli Sequin Embellished Blazer – black

Long Belted Cardigans

These are my favorite on curvy and heavy women. Long cardigans will make your torso seem elongated and will balance the way you look from behind, hiding the extra flab in your hips. Add a cool belt. Wear over an A-shaped dress or a straight-cut skirt.
2381998 Eggplant?wid=800&hei=800&op sharpen=1AB Studio Solid Wrap Cardigan – Women’s, Size: LRG AV/REG (Purple)Suede Skinny Belt – Burgundy

Long Chain Necklace

Will elongate your torso and make you look trendier. Go for a nice iridescent bead necklace or statement necklace to divert attention away from your problem parts.
9088766803998Loganberry Bead Long Necklace

Thicker Heels that Match Your Skin Tone

Avoid lace-booties because they make the legs shorter and stockier, and completely avoid chunky sneakers because they will add heaviness to your feet. Instead, if you’re bare-legged, opt for chunky heels like pumps or peep-toes to match your skin-tone to help elongate your legs and add a slimming effect. If you’re wearing jeans or leggings, wear slim calf-length boots in a dark color. Avoid ankle straps because they will cut off the visual line.

Salvatore Ferragamo Patent Leather Platform Pumps – rose

Dark Mid-Rise Jeans

Avoid too high or too low jeans because they will highlight your belly. Go for mid-rise jeans instead that go up to just below your belly-button. It will help you be aware of your posture, too. Choose a dark color for slimming effect. Another good alternative is a pair of leggings, which you can wear with long tops!

Seven for all Mankind Roxanne Skinny Jeans – blue

So, did you like this list of slimming clothes? What items do you have out of these in your closet and what do you plan to shop? Also, what’s your slimming tip? Lemme know below!

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